Read One Piece 980 Spoilers, One Piece Chapter 980 Raw Scans

Fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting to read One Piece 980 spoilers and One Piece Manga Chapter 980 raw scans in English when it gets released.

Today we will be sharing all the details regarding the upcoming One Piece Chapter and will also let you all know the official release dates for the spoilers and raw scans.

If you are someone who doesn’t like reading the spoilers before the official chapter release, please click away from this article so that you don’t accidentally read any spoilers.

The raid has finally begun, Luffy and the alliance of over five thousand has already reached Onigashima and even though there is a long way to go for the Luffy vs Kaido fight, the initial stages of the raid have started.

One Piece 980

Now all depends on Kinemon’s information gathering, Law’s sneak attack and Luffy or Eustass Kid not messing anything up.

We all know how crazy Luffy and Kid are and they are known to get in trouble without much effort and the last chapter indicated that Luffy will be starting something with the beast pirate soldiers in the upcoming One Piece Manga Chapter 980.

Will Luffy ruin the cover that Kinemon and others have worked hard to build till now? Will the fight finally start in the upcoming chapter or we will have to wait for a few more chapters?

The answers to all this will be available in the upcoming chapter and that is why fans can’t wait to read it when it gets released.

Today in this article we will be sharing the spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming chapter. The chapter is again on a break this week, we have shared the official release date below as well.

Because of the pandemic, many manga titles and animes are being delayed. One Piece Episode 930 has been delayed because of that as well.

Black Clover Episode 133 has also been delayed with no release date in sight, we are fortunate that the One Piece manga was not put on an indefinite hiatus, otherwise, I have no idea what we would have done.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 205 and Black Clover 250 are some of the few to not have been delayed, so make sure to check them out as well.

[Update]– The One Piece Chapter 980 spoilers will be releasing this wednesday for everyone to read. Search for Yamato starts!

Spoilers Finally Released!

Law and Zoro start fighting the beast pirates. Queen gets the news and sends Apoo to take care of the situation.

You can read more of the spoilers by clicking the link down below.

One Piece Manga 980 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 979 Recap

The title for the One Piece 979 was “Family Problem”. The Chapter starts with Orochi showing his smug face and enjoying the banquet.

Because of Kanjuro feeding all the raid related information to Orochi, and Orochi thinking that he had taken care of all ships and the samurai’s, he believes that he will no longer get tormented by the red scabbard ghosts.

The party is going at full swing and without anyone noticing the alliance has made their way into the Onigashima island.

Kinemon is leading the eastern forces and Denjiro is leading the southern forces. Law is carrying the rest of the red scabbards using his submarine from under the sea towards Kaido’s castle.

One Piece Chapter 980

Kanjuro still haven’t reached the castle and reported about the raid to Orochi and that is why he must hurry. It looks like he got lost in the tunnels below as its his first on the island as well.

The beast pirates and Orochi’s underlings still think of Kanjuro as enemy and attacking him when they see him. Momo is with him as a hostage and finds a knife lying on the ground.

Will Momo use the knife to escape? What will happen? Everyone on the island is partying without any shred of knowledge about the upcoming raid.

Chopper, Robin, Sanji, and Franky are getting ready with the preparations for the raid.

We get to see Kaido arriving in front of the flying six. Kaido reveals that it was not him that summoned the flying six members, it was King who did it.

King says that if the flying six knew that Kaido was not the one who summoned them, most of them would not have arrived because some of them used to be captain of their own pirate crews.

Kaido reveals the real reason behind the summoning, “Yamato” the son of Kaido has went missing and if the flying six manage to find hin in time, then they get a right to challenge the all stars to take their position.

Upon the arrival of the Big Mom pirate’s ship, they will announce the alliance between the beast pirates and Big mom pirates, thus making them the strongest pirate alliance ever.

Luffy went on his own looking for Kid and stumbled upon beast pirates having a feat and wasting Oshiruko on the ground and talking how the people from the Okobore town will die for food like this.

This makes Luffy angry and this is where the last chapter ended and now fans can’t wait to read One Piece Manga Chapter 980 spoilers and raw scans.

Read One Piece 980 Spoilers & Predictions

The spoilers for the Chapter 980 will be available on 20th May 2020, so if you are here before that, you will not get official spoilers to read because the have not been released yet.

When the official spoilers are released, we will share them here for everyone of you to check. So stay tuned and meanwhile, check our predictions for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 980.

The last chapter ended with an angry Luffy staring at the laughing beast pirates who are wasting food. Luffy remembers Tama and the hardships the people of Okobore town has to go through for their daily food needs.

Luffy and Kid

Luffy is sure to go on a rampage in the upcoming chapter, or will Luffy hold himself off for the first time and not start a fight?

I think that Luffy will beat them up instantly while no one is watching and stash them somewhere. Kanjuro will be reaching the castle soon and what will happen once Orochi hears the news?

Orochi will go into a stage of fear again and ask Kaido to strengthen the forces and start looking for Luffy and the others but I think Kaido will ignore him.

Kaido’s son Yamato is the priority right now and all the flying six will be looking for him now. I think before the actual raid begins, we will get to see the flying six vs the all stars.

If any of them gets injured, this will make it easier for the alliance as there will be fewer people to fight now.

Law and rest of the Red Scabbards will be reaching the back of the island and their sneaking will begin in the next chapter. I think the next few chapters will all be about intel gathering and taking Kaido’s head without getting into an all out fight.

So what do you think? What will happen in the upcoming chapter 980? Let us know in the comments below.

One Piece Chapter 980 Raw Scans Release Date

One Piece is a weekly series, but because of the ongoing pandemic, there’s a week break between every two chapters and this is why the release of the raw scans is always late.

The One Piece 980 raw scans will be released around 19th May 2020 and once it gets leaked, the translation process starts instantly.

After mangastream stopping their scanlation for the One Piece manga, new teams have popped up who release their own translated versions of the raw scans and you can easily find them on the web.

The Flying Six vs The All Stars

So if the flying six members manage to find Yamato, they will get the right to challenge the all stars.

King is not very happy with the proposal and seems to hate all of the all star members, especially Sasaki and Who’s Who.

But since it’s an order from Kaido himself, King has agreed to the plan. So who do you think will fight whom?

Page One doesnt seem strong enough, Ulti is most likely to stay out of it, and Drake is not interested for sure.

Sasaki and Who’s Who are the two to most likely fight for a position to become the all-stars. Sasaki will take on King and Who’s Who might fight Jack the drought.

Who do you think will win if a fight like this occurs and who do you think will win and how will it help the raid?

One Piece Manga Chapter 980 On Break This Week

I am sure you must have heard about this by now, the upcoming One Piece chapter is on a break this week and will be released next week.

Every two chapters from now on will have a one week break in mid so that everyone from the manga drawing staff is secure and in quarantine.

What is the One Piece 980 release date?

One Piece Manga 980 will be officially released on 24th May 2020.

Where can we read the upcoming One Piece Manga Chapter 980?

You can read the upcoming One Piece Chapter on Viz or Mangaplus official website.

One Piece official twitter handle released an offical message from Oda sensei where he tells us what has been going behind the scenes and more information about the One Piece anime and manga future releases.

Oda sensei message

So this was our article on the upcoming One Piece 980 spoilers and raw scans and we will be sharing all the links here as they get released.

Comment what you think will happen in the comments below and don’t forget to check our article on Solo Leveling Anime and Best Anime 2020.

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