One Piece Manga 985 Spoilers Finally Released Online!

One Piece manga 985 spoilers have finally been released. They are absolutely insane and this chapter can potentially become one of the best chapters in Wano. The amount of information and hype included here is mind-numbing and we can’t wait for the translations to arrive.

Following last week’s break, we get a deluxe tier chapter. There were no early spoiler this week, which is, sort of a good news. Unfortunately, we have another break ahead of us due to Weekly Shonen Jump. The original date for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is this week so WSJ has scheduled a break.

One Piece manga 985

One Piece 985 will have its official release on 19th July 2020 and One Piece 986 will be released on 2nd August 2020. July has had only 2 chapters – but August will reward us with 4 chapters. Let us now get to the spoilers.

We will have a short discussion below but the main portion is coming in our main article, that will drop day after tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it.

[Note: We’re calling Yamato by the female gender, but we have no standing in the gender discussion.

One Piece Manga 985 Spoilers:

The New Onigashima Island Project is introduced by Kaido. He gets rid of Orochi, since he’s useless luggage. Kaido and Big Mom alliance will start the greatest war in the world and destroy all peace. For this, they will capture the ancient weapons. They will also find the One Piece.

Yamato will be the new Shogun of Wano! Wano will become the base of operations for the Kaido-Big Mom alliance.

The Samurai will be forced to become pirate warriors and all of Wano will become a haven-type land for Pirates. Onigashima will be moved to Flower Capital as the whole land is a natural fortress.

It turns out, Yamato has been abused all her life. She was chained up, tortured and kept captive by Kaido. Her dreams of being like Oden weren’t taken lightly and she suffered.

She tried to escape in Ace’s ship but failed. Luffy offered to remove Yamato’s exploding cuffs and they plan to defeat Kaido together. Luffy frees Yamato after 20 years of captivity.

The scabbards meet up at the destined place and move to assassinate Kaido. Kanjuro confronts them and talks about Momonosuke. The scabbards cross a bridge that is made of 2 huge swords. The Oniwabanshu ninjas haven’t discovered the samurai infiltration.

Read One Piece 985 Discussion:

Years ago, Oda said in an interview that there will be an upcoming war which will make Marineford War look small and inconsequential. Its turning out to be absolutely true!

In fact, he has made story characters discuss it too. Doflamingo knew about the impending war. The high rankers knew that finding One Piece will lead to warfare.

Lastly, this is something we all knew was coming but it is still shocking. We knew Kaido is amassing his army for a future war. But we didn’t realise that he will wage it so soon. Right in the midst of Luffy’s Wano saving operation, the matter gets complicated.

Most fans thought Yamato is simply cosplaying Oden. But things seem so much crueler for the poor girl. From a delicate age, Kaido has tortured her physically.

Her life seems quite hellish as a life without freedom is bad. Luffy is the exact opposite – someone who strives for freedom and so, Yamato and he can get along well!

Lastly, the fated Kaido assassination is upon us! Orochi is dead or incapacitated. This leaves Kaido. The scabbards are reunited; they’ve successfully infiltrated Onigashima. Now they will face the toughest challenge, which is to kill Kaido.

We are ending this today. A great discussion awaits us this week – we will check all the points in detail and what possibility they hold in the future. Wano is turning up the heat and so will we.

One Piece Episode 932 will be releasing soon and also check our theory on Luffy vs Kaido fight while you wait for the spoilers to be released.

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