One Piece Manga 980 Spoilers Released: Check Now!

The wait for One Piece Manga 980 spoilers to be released is finally over, the spoilers have finally been released online.

Those of you who were waiting for the spoilers and wanted to know what will finally happen at Onigashima, the wait is finally over and as we expected, Luffy finally goes on a rampage.

It’s just what Law predicted, Luffy and Kid are not someone you can control and have gone on a rampage against the beast pirates.

Will Luffy and Kid going on a rampage finally alert all the beast and Big Mom pirates about the ongoing raid? Will this raid fail because of this and will Kinemon and others have to retreat?

One Piece Manga 980

I don’t think Kinemon will stop the raid because of this and retreat, so what will happen? The full on war will start from the One Piece 981?

Fans believe that Yamato, Kaido’s son will finally be revealed in the upcoming Chapter but we are sorry to say that Yamato will not be revealed in Chapter 980.

Luffy will be fighting the beast pirates who were playing with Oshiruku and Zoro joins in too. It seems the fight will be finally starting and we are here with all the spoilers before the release of the finally chapter..

One Piece 980 is finally going to get released, after a week break and we can’t wait to read what happens next.

Black Clover 251 Spoilers and My Hero Academia 272 will be releasing soon so check them out also if you have time.

So without wasting much time let’s move on to the spoilers.

One Piece Manga 979 Spoilers

To all those who were eagerly waiting for the spoilers, here’s what is going to happen in the One Piece Manga Chapter 980.

These spoilers were leaked by Redon on APForums and then shared on One Piece Subreddit for everyone to read.

Since all the spoilers released by Redon in the last few weeks were true, we believe the ones released this week to be real and official as well.

So here they are:

Luffy is pissed at the beast pirates and starts going on a rampage. Zoro notices this and tries to calm down Luffy because if their raid plan gets leaked out, all will be ruined.

Zoro moves in to calm Luffy but after seeing how the beast pirates were wasting Oshiruko, Zoro gets furious as well and starts helping Luffy.

Luffy suddenly gets spottted by Scratchmen Apoo. Scratchmen reports this to queen and this is where Queen decided to take action.

Queen is tired of the Flying six and there’s one person he wants to get rid of specially and thus offer Apoo an offer that if he manages to capture Luffy, he can be one of the Flying six.

Having being promoted to the ranks of Flying six, from being a number is a big thing and Apoo jumps on the chance.

Apoo attacks Zoro and Luffy, Apoo sends a sonic wave to Luffy’s face and then cuts Zoro using his attack.

Kid is present there and remembering his past about how he got captured by Kaido and how Apoo betrayed him, Kid jumps off but Killer tries to stop him.

Kid now starts fighting Apoo and uses his attack named Punk Gibson on him. Meanwhile Luffy and Zoro are surrounded by multiple smile users from the beast pirates.

So in a sense the fight finally starts at the Onigashma island. But will Kaido do something about this?

I don’t think so, Queen will not forward this information to Kaido for sure. Kaido is worried about Yamato and from these spoilers one thing that is sure is that there will be a fight between the flying six and the all stars.

The One Piece Manga 980 spoilers are still getting released, so there are more to come. So stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

Who Will Queen Fight?

From the recent One Piece 980 spoilers it is certain that Queen will be the one going against one of the flying six members.

So who will Queen fight? Who’s who or Sasaski? I think it will be X-Drake, maybe Queen has caught up to X-Drake working silently with the Marines.

There are many new things to come in the upcoming One Piece Chapters and we can’t wait to read One Piece once it finally gets released.

One Piece Anime Got Delayed

Yes, the One Piece Episode 930 still is on an indefinite hiatus with no set release date. Because of the ongoing pandemic, One Piece anime, as well as Manga, are getting delayed and you guessed it right, Chapter 981 is on break next week.

Let us know what you think will happen in the comments below and don’t forget to check our One Piece theory on Luffy vs Kaido and our list of best sites to watch anime online free.

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