Read One Piece Manga 988 Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Release Date

The full moon shines bright and clear, and with that fans are eagerly waiting to see all the mink tribes in their Sulong form in the upcoming One Piece manga 988 chapter.

The day we have waiting for so long has finally arrived, the samurai, pirate, and mink alliance has swarmed the Onigashima island and finally declared the war.

The raid has officially begun, all the sneaking has finally come to an end and even the beast pirates are aware of the raid now and Kaido accepted the challenge by calling out Strawhat Luffy.

Kaido never believed that the red scabbards survived that dreadful day twenty years ago and even though Orochi kept crying by the fact that the scabbards will return, Kaido never believed him and now that they are in front of him, Kaido has no other choice but to acknowledge the red scabbards resolve.

One Piece manga 988 Spoilers

The pace at which the things are moving in One Piece manga is somehow looking hurried. The raid just started in the last chapter and somehow Kaido, Big Mom all have gotten mixed in it and are now aware and ready for the fight.

Chapter 987 of One Piece manga started with Kaido’s old scar aching and the flashback of when Kaido was going to execute and how Oden spoke highly about his samurai’s.

All the red scabbards charged at Kaido with their swords and throw Kaido out of the banquet hall window and their swords start penetrating Kaido’s body and even Kaido is astonished.

He can’t understand how their swords are able to penetrate his strong body, are they also using Ryou?

Kaido cries out in pain and all the beast pirates are in a disarray. Boss Hyogoro finally make an appearance with the samurai and even Big Mom finally notices the chaos.

She asks if Kaido is dead? Why does she ask that? So Kaido can be killed by the fact that Big Mom speaks about it so casually.

The myth of Kaido being the strongest creature is soon going to end. He will soon get defeated and we know of it, but how? Does Luffy has what it takes to defeat it or will it be a team effort?

Luffy and Yamati make it to the scene as well but Ulti stops Yamato midway and their confrontation starts. Even the beast pirates ask Yamato for his/her help but she makes it clear that he is no friend to them and she will be going against Kaido.

Fights are continously going on at different fronts, scabbards are fighting Kaido, Yamato is going against Ulti, Hyogoro and samuri going against the low tier beast pirates.

Law, Kid, and Zoro are fighting as well. Scabbards have cornered Kaido and Kaido speaks out that he never though they will side with Luffy as he is a pirate and an alliance with a pirate never works out.

Kaido believes that he has broken Luffy’s spirits by beating him down once but Kinemon disagrees and announces his loyalty to Luffy and how one day Luffy will be the man standing at the pinnacle one day.

Luffy declares an all-out war and Kaido answers with transforming into his Dragon form and the scabbards hold on to him and land on the roof top.

It’s the same as twenty years ago, the only fact is that Oden is not here. It’s the night of the full moon and now that the whole mink tribe is here, it’s time for them to transform in their sulong form and go on a rampage.

The destined day has come, the upcoming One Piece Chapter 988 will mark the start of the fight against Kaido and the first ones to fight Kaido will be the scabbards and fans can’t wait to see how this goes.

Since we know WSJ is on break, there will be no One Piece chapter this week and that is why fans are eagerly waiting for the One Piece 988 spoilers and raw scans to get translated so that they can get all the information early.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the spoilers and official release date of upcoming chapter 988 and don’t forget to check our article on Black Clover 261 as well.

One Piece Manga 988 Spoilers

As we all know, for the spoilers to be released the raw scans needs to be leaked and then translated first and only then spoilers are shared over the Internet.

Make sure to join the One Piece subreddit to stay updated on the raw scan translations and raw scans release and ongoing discussions about the chapters.

Mink Sulong Form in One Piece 988

While we wait for the One Piece 988 spoilers to get released, let’s take a look at what fans think might happen in the upcoming chapter.

After Kaido’s body got pierced by Kinemon’s sword, he has gotten angry and transformed into his dragon form and announced that now he will show them what the world’s strongest can do.

Luffy has gathered a great team and the war seems to be going good but the two people who can change the tide of this war in seconds are Big Mom and Kaido and both of them are at the center of this raid, so we will have to see how things turn out in One Piece chapter 988.

Who will Big Mom fight? If Luffy and others want to fight and take down Kaido, they must deal and subdue Big Mom first. It doesn’t matter if they take her down or put her to sleep for some time by some means, Big mom must stay down for some time or someone needs to step up against Linlin.

Will Luffy be the one to fight Linlin? I don’t think so, because Luffy can’t handle both Big mom and Kaido in the same day.

The main spectacle of the upcoming chapter will be all of the mink tribe warriors transforming in to the sulong form and maybe that can be the turning point of this war.

In the past, we have seen Carrot turn to her sulong form during the full moon and how strong she got and if the whole mink tribe transforms into their sulong form, then they will be undefeatable.

Red Scabbards have a big role to play and they will be the ones to guide Momonosuke in the future and that is why they cannot die here.

According to me, the scabbards will wear down Kaido while the sulong turned mink tribe will take care of of the beast pirates and the initial Big mom pirates so that Luffy can fight Kaido without worrying about others.

As we mentioned, there are a lot things to watch out for in the upcoming One Piece chapter and it will be a big chapter since it will the chapter that decides the course of this war.

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date

As we mentioned above, the WSJ is on a break this week and this is why no manga chapter will be released on Viz website and that includes One Piece 988 as well.

According to the Viz website, the One Piece manga chapter 988 will be officially released on 23rd August 2020 and will be available to read on the Viz and mangaplus website.

We will keep you updated with all the latest spoilers and raw scans release news so stay tuned and don’t forget to share this article on social media and with all your friends.

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