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Today we will discuss one piece 987 spoilers and its raw scan release date but before that let’s talk about chapter 986. The first thing we should have to address here is the quote from one of the oda’s editors in a recent live stream.

Basically, the editor said that reading the latest One Piece chapter he got from oda made him cry and this was the first time that this ever happened. But the chapter is speaking for themselves.

Now that we are one the same page we believe that this chapter was probably not the chapter oda’s editor was talking about and that it will be most likely 987 or 988 and we should look out for.

One Piece 987

Nonetheless, 986 was a fantastic and strongly entertaining chapter with incredible climax, without any doubt had some serious emotions in it. Chapter 986 is important, since this chapter is a big moment in Momo’s character.

Did Luffy used kenbunshoku haki (future sight) like katakuri?. Does scabbards really has a chance against kaido this time? Why kaido flashback oden’s image while scabbards attacked him?

One thing for sure from this point each chapter gonna epic.

What Happened in Chapter 986?

The chapter  starts off with Denjiro and Kinemon at the back entrance to the skull dome. Kanjuro lies on the ground, unmoving and in a puddle of blood. Denjiro and kinemon walk over his body with a pained look on their face, a flashback to theirs past old times with oden and everyone.

We can clearly see how much kanjuro meant to all of them and how hard it must have been for them to kill a man, whom they believe to be a part of their family. Izo has joined kinemon and others. Kinemon’s and Izo’s handshake looks fantastic.

Their faces carry such a great amount of appreciation for each other, that its hard not to crack a smile at this moment. The reunited scabbards head into the dome and towards the plaza.

Next scene, kaido granted the samurai to consider their fate have seemingly run out and he asks them to choose right now: Die by the side of their master, or take over the world with him.

Without hesitating much even a second Fukurokujo from oniwabanshu ninja squad and as well the former leader of the Yakuza and  general of the samurai Hotei, pledge their loyalty and 5000 men each to kaido and his course.

At the bottom of the stage Nami and Carrot have been brought before Big mom. However, Shinobu has somehow managed to escape the emperor and is now on her way towards Momo.

Similarly as Oden had said, she recognizes that just taking out orochi would change nothing. Right from the start Kaido had been the one that had wano in his grip.

Kaido tells Momo that he could never believe that he was the son of The Kozuki Oden. However, if Momo is truly be oden’s heir, kaido would end Kazuki right now with his execution.

However, if he were not kaido would stop the execution. Once again kaido asked the question he asked Momo back in the castle, “what is yout name?”. Because back then Momo was too scared to answer. In the present moment, Momo remembers the past.

His mother telling him that he will be the one to carry wano in his back and his father revealing the meaning of his name to him. Momo the one who is unequaled and peerless. Momo shouts out his name and reveals that he will the future shogun of wano. Despite of fear of dieing in hands of kaido.

Now, at the same time we see straw hats, the scabbards, the flying six, law and kid all on the way to the stage and Ussop leading the charge into battle. Next scene goes to Luffy and Yamato, where Luffy finally has the chance to take off her handcuffs.

Yamato tells him to throw the cuffs incase they might explode and it blows a hole in the wall of the arena. These cuffs seems to have way more powerfull than the ones worn by the slaves on sabaody and Yamato is shocked that her father would have actually killed her. Yamato calls kaido a Bull-gorilla, a name that is weirdly fitting to kaido.

Izo disarms king with one shot, while Nekomamushi slams. Kaido’s club from his hands. And with that all of the scabbards charges towards kaido, with three things in their mind: “abandon your name” , “discard your wits”, “put your life on this single blow”. And with that they push kaido from the stage screaming – ‘sunacchi’, while one of the beast pirate cried ‘it’s a raid!’.

One Piece chapter 987 release date

One Piece 987, leak released on August 8, 2020. And the official release date is on August 11, 2020. There will be no official break this week.

When the official chapter releases, you can read it on the official Viz website and you can also download the Shonen Jump app on your smartphone to read it on your phone.

Black Clover 260 will be released on the same day as chapter 987, so check it out as well.

One Piece 987 spoilers and previews

No official spoilers have been leaked yet for One Piece chapter 987, as soon as some new information comes out we will notify on our website.

So far chapter 986 ( My name) was a fantastic with great climax. Kanjuro’s death nevertheless was a emotional moment for scabbards. But kanjuro’s character is way too interesting to kill off right now.

On kaido’s proposal Fukurokujo and Hotei joined kaido. It becomes very clear, just how little any of them truly cared for orochi and that none of them held any true loyalty whatsoever for him.

Pretty un-samurai behavior considering honor and loyalty is so important for a samurai. This scene even more comical however is that kaido apparently expected something different from samurai’s. He was aware of the deep loyalty samurai have and would praise them for challenging him.

This makes their immediate response more hilarious. This shows the worst version of samurai which is basically the opposite of what the scabbards feel for Oden and Momo. However, it also falls back to the difference in leadership between Orochi and Oden. And how one of them managed to inspire trust and loyalty in their men.

Momo shouting his name remembering his parents words is really a powerful scene. Momo has truly grown with the situation and has managed to defy Kaido and fill Oden’s shoes a little bit more. Momo has become a bit like a samurai, behaving brave and saving his honour, despite risking his life.

On a quick side note luffy calls Yamato as “yama-o” which is the same naming schemes he does with kid and law. This means that luffy has already started to like her.

Before Yamato storms toward kaido, luffy stops her. He figures out that the battle is about start but not by them. It seems like Luffy had used future sight haki here similarly like katakuri, luffy could tell that the scabbards are here.

The chances of kaido being killed are nearly 0. Even with perfect circumstances and United attack they will be not able to take kaido down. This really makes us think what will happen next. Will there be a real big battle? Or will it be a quick defeat for the alliance?

Things are getting more and more unpredictable and given statement from the editor, something major will happen next chapter!. Will someone die? Or there will be several deaths.

To find out we have to wait for one more week. All the One Piece manga 987 spoilers will be released here when available so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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