Luffy vs Kaido: How Will Luffy Defeat Kaido? (Fan Theory)

The Defeat of Kaido, a One Piece Theory: Luffy vs Kaido

The fight between Luffy and Kaido has been under wild hype and spans for many years. It was in the Punk Hazard arc, back in the year 2012, when the idea of defeating Kaido was revealed. Since then, Luffy vs Kaido has been subjected to anticipation.

And now, 7 years later, we are finally within earshot! The third arc of Wano has begun, the flashback arc has ended, plunging us fans into the present timeline.

We are here to provide a One Piece theory, that takes into account, multiple fan theories, all over Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and so. Let us take a look.

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Why Kaido will be defeated

In the latest flashback arc, Oden met his death at the hands of Kaido. In his final moments, he mentioned ‘A certain Individual’, who will arrive at Wano and he will bring back peace to the nation. Oden warned Kaido to build his strength while he still had the chance.

From this, we know that Kaido will have a confrontation with this figure and it will lead to his defeat. By Oden’s words, this individual is appearing after 800 years, which means he is a reincarnation of Joyboy.

Luffy is the one who will find the One Piece and since Joyboy was the one who left the treasure in Laugh tale, we can speculate, that this individual is indeed Luffy.

A fan theory, credits to Youtuber Nuxtaku, states that the events surrounding Kaido and Law are a direct reflection of our real world, the war between Napolean and England’s allied forces per se. Law is known to be a person of keen intellect and there must be a deeper reason behind him targeting Kaido.

If his plan was simply to dethrone a Yonko, Big Mom was a far more obvious choice, seeing how Kaido is the strongest creature in the world, and Luffy massacred a major portion of Big Mom’s crew with just half his forces. So there must be an underlying reason for Law targeting Kaido.

Kaido can be seen as Napolean, someone who was feared to be undefeatable and he was allied to Doflamingo. Dressrosa is very similar to Spain, given the names, the clothing, the setting; in retrospect, Napolean was allied to Spain during his reign. On the other hand, we have the Ninja-Pirates-Samurai-Mink alliance, which is similar to the Coalition forces of Britain which took down Napolean.

In that war, the key victories were achieved at “The Battle of Trafalgar” and “The Battle of Waterloo” and which has a stunning resemblance to the Law’s full name – Trafalgar D. Water Law!

So, we can conclude that Oda has been inspired by this historic battle to write the event of the Yonko Saga. The fall of Kaido is close.

The credits to the above theory go to the Youtuber “Anituber Nuxtaku”. Make sure to check his work out on youtube.

The fall of Beast Pirates

Reaching Kaido is not an easy feat. He is heavily guarded by his troops. His crew is teeming with at least 500 SMILE-enhanced Zoan warriors. These warriors live up to the expectations of Kaido and so, they must be incredibly strong.

They also have a huge number of grunts and low-tier men. Then there are the allies – Supernovas XDrake, Hawkins and Apoo, Big Mom Pirates and Orochi’s men.

The Scabbards will deal with the Kurozumi Family. Franky will help them with the directions as he has all the blueprints. They will take down the Oniwabanshu and the Mimawarigumi. Shinobu and Raizo will lead the charge. They will be aided by the Kyoshiro family.

In One Piece manga 973, it has was released that Denjiro has been masquerading as Kyoshiro for 20 years and he will finally get his chance. With the end of Orochi and his tyranny, they will avenge Oden.

Since Kyoshiro is trusted by Orochi, his betrayal will severely upset Orochi’s ranks. Orochi has scattered the alliance and it will be Kyoshiro, who will reunite them. Kyoshiro will put them back on track and together, they’ll open Wano borders.

To pass through these numbers, Luffy needs help. The borders of Wano being opened, the alliance will have further addition. Members of the Straw-hat Grand fleet will show up. The CP-0 will act. Jinbe will arrive with the fishmen.

The repressed Supernova Captain Kidd and his crewmate Killer will arrive; they are both prejudiced against Kaido and will help in battling him. The remaining members of the Whitebeard Pirates will show up.

Oden made a mistake when he didn’t ask his former crewmates for help. The mistake won’t be repeated. This time, Oden’s allies will come to save his nation. The war for Wano will be immense.

Luffy will use his Conqueror’s Haki to knock out most of the weaker ones, just like he did in Fishman Island.

He will get a lot of Haki practice as he fights, further polishing his prowess in the Advanced Armament.

Most of the Gifters and Headliners will be taken down by Whitebeard’s crew, Grand Fleet, Samurai Rebels, and Supernova crews. They will beat the SMILE-warrior army.

The leaders of the Grand Fleet, like Cavendish, Bartholomew, Don Sai, Hajrudin, will fight against the numbers, aided by Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Brook.
In the midst of all this chaos, Robin, Nami and Chopper will make their way into Kaido’s castle and retrieve the Poneglyph reading.

Who will defeat Jack?

He is the weakest of the All-stars. Shutenmaru, Neko, and Inu, aided by some Straw Hat members will fight him. That will complete Jack’s duel with Shutenmaru and Inu-Neko will get their revenge for Jack plundering Zou and taking their limbs. The CP-0 will provide help here with Rob Lucci striking the final blow. They will prove that the marines should not be messed with.

Who will Defeat Queen?

Queen is one of the strongest members of Beast Pirates. Defeating him is a major objective. Queen was involved in torturing Kidd and Killer. Luffy, allied with Kidd will take down Queen. They will get revenge for the hardship they faced in Udon.

Queen’s cybernetic arm will be a worthy challenge for Kidd’s metal-attraction arms. As for Luffy, the defeat of Queen will prove his capability with his new techniques.

Who will defeat King?

King will be defeated by Zoro and Sanji. They will see past their differences and fight together. They will be aided by Law and some members of Whitebeard Pirates like Jozu or Vista.

Luffy vs Kaido

While Law is the brains behind the plan, Luffy will be the brawn. Luffy will be the juggernaut that will crush Kaido. Luffy has come a long way since the time skip.

Luffy has grown incredibly stronger since his training. He has polished his Haki, especially the Armament and Observation Haki, creating the new Gear 4: Snakeman.

Luffy has defeated countless opponents; used G4: Boundman to defeat Doflamingo, G4: Tankman to defeat Cracker and G4: Snakeman to defeat Katakuri. However, in Chapter 922 and 923, Luffy faced Kaido head-on and suffered a crushing defeat.

Luffy pummeled Kaido’s dragon form with Gear 3 Elephant Gatling and when Kaido transformed into human form, Luffy hit him with Boundman’s Kong Organ The attacks were ineffective and Kaido retaliated with Raimei Hakke, rendering Luffy unconscious with a single blow.

After that, Luffy went through training again, this time, under Boss Hyogoro. Hyogoro taught Luffy an advanced form of Armament Haki. In his battered, strengthless state, Luffy managed to learn it. After a week of training, Luffy became quite efficient in the technique.

And since he accomplished all that in his weakened state, we know that in his normal state, he will be several times stronger.

So, currently, Luffy has a new technique that allows him to send Haki into his opponent’s body and damage them from inside. This technique will help him fight Kaido.

Kaido has a nigh-indestructible exterior. His only scar is from Oden, a man who could fight on par with Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger. So, this new technique, that destroys the opponent from inside, will definitely work against Kaido.

Unfortunately, 100 beasts Kaido can’t be taken down so easily. After all, Luffy has only practiced the new technique for a week.

Luffy has gained immense mastery over his devil fruit. From the very first arc, he has been constantly using it in more creative ways and after nearly a 1000 chapters.

He will soon awaken his Gomu Gomu no Mi. Since it is paramecia, we can assume far greater control over his fruit, environmental manipulation, increased power and so.

Therefore, using his Awakened Devil Fruit and his advanced Armament Haki, Luffy will be a worthy foe to Kaido. Unlike the previous clash, this time he will damage Kaido and weaken him to a huge extent. We saw Oden could easily damage the Dragon form. Kaido himself stated that Oden might have defeated him.

Kaido is stated to be nearly immortal. He is the strongest creature. He survived a 10000-meter fall, survived countless torture and execution methods and no once, was he harmed.

Kaido himself tried to commit suicide but failed. Eiichiro Oda stated that if it is a 1-on-1 fight, Kaido will win.

So even if Luffy manages to fight Kaido on equal terms, even if he does injure Kaido, he can’t defeat Kaido.

Kaido will, once again, beat Luffy. But, we also know in the past, Kaido had been captured 18 times and he suffered 7 defeats. So this all-powerful Yonko will certainly be defeated.

Luffy Vs Kaido will be one heck of a fight and I am sure that all of us are desperately waiting for the inevitable fight.

The Defeat of Kaido

Even though the Kaido vs Luffy battle is happening, it’s not a 1-on-1 fight. Luffy is not alone. Behind him, stands a lot of support. As stated before, Napolean fell before the Coalition Army. During that battle, Napolean was betrayed by his own people. Kaido will face the same.

The oppressed people of Wano have already stood up against him. But the main betrayal will come from Supernova X Drake.

Drake is an undercover Marine and he will betray Kaido. He has been in cahoots with Law for a long time. Law has included the betrayal of Drake in his plan. For years, Drake has been strengthening his alliance to Kaido and he will backstab Kaido at the right time.

The borders of Wano will be opened and the alliance will have further addition. Members of the Straw-hat Grand fleet will show up. The CP-0 will act. The repressed Supernova Captain Kidd and his crewmate Killer will arrive; they are both prejudiced against Kaido and will help in battling him.

The alliance will beat the Beast Pirates. The strongest members will fight together to defeat Kaido. Law is a master strategist and he will formulate a plan that effectively utilizes everyone’s strength.

There will be a situation, where Law will have to sacrifice himself. Using his remaining strength, and his ultimate Devil fruit, he will power up his allies and trust them to finish the task. The final strike will be delivered by Roronoa Zoro.

The full strength of Zoro is still unknown in the new world. He will go all out in this fight. Using his new blades, Enma and Nidai Kitetsu (and Wado Ichimonji), he will strike Kaido. Another swordsman, someone who will wield the Ame-no-Habakiri will assist him in delivering the final blow.

Thus, Kaido will fall to the blades of Oden, putting a worthy end to Oden’s Legacy.

Kaido will fall and Orochi’s reign of terror will end. Luffy, the man who was destined to arrive, will bring peace to Wano.

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