Haikyuu 391 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 391 Release Date

The Haikyuu 391 spoilers and Haikyuu Chapter 391 raw scans and release date will be revealed soon and we are here to share all those details with you here.

Because of Corona outbreak, there is a one week break for all of the major Shueisha titles like One Piece and Black Clover, and Haikyuu is one of those.

This is why the Haikyuu Manga Chapter will not be released in the third week of April, the official release date will be shared below for everyone of you to check.

The Haikyuu 390 just got released and it looks like the second set of the match between Adlers and Jackals is over and Kageyama wins the second set of the game for the Adlers.

Adlers win the second set of the game by the score of 21-25, Kageyama’s service ace streak was a big part of Adler’s maintaining their lead and finally winning the second season.

Haikyuu 391

The third set has started and Kageyama seems to be on his best, he has been dominating the game with his jump serves and unmatched setting skills.

Kayeama together with Romero, Hoshiumi, and Ushijima make a strong team and any team would have problem taking them on and that is exactly the case with Jackals right now.

On the other hand, Jackals have a formidable lineup of their own. With Miya, Sakusa, Bokuto, and Hinata Jackals are ready for all the challenges.

Jackals are wary of Kageyama going on a service ace streak again and that is why they want to stop it as soon as possible.

As we all know Service balls are a huge part of the game, and getting a service ace puts you on an unending lead and that is why Kageyama going on an Service ace streak might hurt Jackals chances in the third set of the game.

The third set starts with Kageyama’s serve, Jackals manage to intercept it but their spike gets stopped by Adler’s committed block, thus the point going to the Adlers.

Then comes Kageyama’s service and there’s one more ace coming from him once again, giving Adlers the lead starting the third set.

The match continues and it looks like it’s a battle of setters. Atsumu Miya is dominating the third set with service aces as well and before he only had two types of serves to intimidate, but now with another four step jump floater, he now has three types of serves.

Atsumu Miya is not a dual wielder now, with a new hybrid serve at his disposal, he is now a tri-wielder.

The score is 4-2 in the favor of Jackals and that is where the last chapter ended and now fans can’t wait to read Haikyuu 391 online.

Today we will be sharing spoilers and raw scan details of the upcoming Haikyuu chapter, so stay tuned.

Haikyuu Season 5 anime will be releasing soon, and fans who love to watch anime must be overjoyed with this news.

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Haikyuu 391 Spoilers & Predictions

The match has finally reached its third set, which meanns that the end is very near and one of them will emerge the victor very soon.

So who will win? Jackals or Adlers? Everyone is excited to know who will win the first ever professional game between Kageyama and Hinata.

Even though we all would love Hinata to win it as he is the main protagonist, I believe that Kageyama’s team will emerge the victor.

Adlers have the momentum and eventhough Atsumu Miya is on a roll with his Service aces, Adlers have many talented players that are capable of turning the game around anytime they want, as we saw in the second round.

Hinata has been silent for the better part of the second set, but if he wants to win, Hinata must dominate like he did in the first set.

The third set will surely be intense and we can’t wait to read what happens in the upcoming Haikyuu manga Chapter 391 and that is why we can’t wait for the spoilers to be released.

We will be sharing the spoilers here once they get released, so keep a close eye on this page of ours for all the upcoming Haikyuu spoilers and also check Kimetsu no Yaiba 203.

Haikyuu Chapter 391 Raw Scans

Since all of the major Shueisha titles are on break this week, there will be no raw scans leaked. Which means no spoilers for the upcoming Haikyuu manga for this week.

The haikyuu manga 391 raw scans will be releasing by 23rd April 2020 and might get translated by 24th April.

We will be sharing the links to the upcoming Haikyuu chapter raw scans once they get leaked online.

When Will Haikyuu manga Chapter 391 Officially get released?

Since there is a one week delay, the Haikyuu 391 chapter will be officially released on 26th April 2020 and will be available to read on Viz website.

You can download the Shonen jump app if you want to read it on your smartphone.

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