Haikyuu 398 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 398 Release Date

The fourth set is just as intense. Haikyuu 398 will bring us a fantastic showdown between two very strong characters. Fans are exhilarated by this game and its constant unpredictability.

Hinata is now a complete player. He doesn’t need Kageyama to carry him forward anymore. He is great at positioning, defending, bumping, setting, and a new overpowered spike. He is a great player now. How much do you think he will improve before Haikyuu ends?

Ushijima Wakatoshi is the greatest volleyball player in Japan and a part of the All-Japan team. His spiking prowess is unmatched and his passion is immense. He keeps improving. In the past, his team did lose to Karasuno, but he was able to dominate Hinata. Will history repeat itself?

Haikyuu 398

Haikyuu, wriiten and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, is an ongoing sports shonen serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Shueisha. It is considered to be one of the best sports anime out there and it is definitely one of the most popular sports series.

It tackles volleyball and depicts a realistic version of it. The 4th Season of the anime is ongoing, with the second cour coming soon.

With Haikyuu 398, we are slowly reaching the finale. We are in the final arc of the series, where rival and former teammates, Hinata and Kageyama have a great showdown in the Pro League Volleyball of Japan!

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What happened in the last chapter?

Chapter 397: Load Save

The Adlers vs Jackals game continues into the fourth set. Miya’s shot is bumped by Hoshiumi and spiked by Romero. It is deflected and the Jackals execute a Synchro Attack. It is bumped and this time it’s the Adlers’ turn to do the same. Ushijima spikes it and it hits the court. The Adlers tie the point with Jackals at 9-9.

Next, Kageyama spikes it but it is barely outside the, allowing Jackals another point. It went in between Hinata and Kiyoomi and they both thought that if it was inside, Kiyoomi would have received it. Jackals get another point.

Next up, Bokuto serves. It is bumped well and Ushijima spikes it down. However, Meian is able to intercept and deflect it. It goes back to the Adlers and Kageyama sets it to Hoshiumi on the other side. However, Hinata appears out of nowhere to stuff Hoshiumi. The attack fails and Jackals get one more point.

With the score at 11-9, everyone is amazed by Hinata, who came from the other side of the court to assist in the block. Hoshiumi is amazed too. He is short and so, he never had to look down. Hinata being shorter, came from below and blocked. Korai’s former teammate Hakuba watches the match and reminisces the time when he wanted to face Hinata.

Hinata’s old coach realizes how much he has developed in his beach volleyball training. Hinata has sharply developed his positioning abilities – he is a complete player now. He remembers how hard it was for Hinata to face Ushijima and how he was dominated as a spiker.

Kageyama sets the ball to Ushijima who spikes it past Sakusa and Tomas. But before it hits, there is another player swooping in to bump the ball – Shoyo Hinata!

Haikyuu 398 Spoilers:

Ushijima vs Hinata. Will Hinata manage to bump the spike who’s spin is considered to be the most wicked and unmanageable? Or will he crumble in front of the shot? The upcoming chapter will demonstrate to us an amazing showdown between two very promising players – our protagonist and the best in the nation.

But this bump might not be the only option. Since this week we got to see more of Hinata, Haikyuu Manga  398 might show us more of Kageyama. He is considered to be the king of the court and the king has not been in the limelight for a while.

After Ushijima versus Hinata, fans want a direct confrontation between Kageyama and Hinata. A satisfactory conclusion to their battle is required before Haikyuu can end. While they are in different teams, their love for the game has kept them together.

Haikyuu Manga 398 and onwards, we might get more insight into characters like Meian, Romero, Sokolov and so on. They have all performed well and it will be interesting to see their back stories. We are expecting this set to end within three more chapters. The score stands BJ 11-9 AD and it will decide how long this game can continue.

As we said, either BJ will win the set, thereby winning the game, or AD will win the set, extending it to the fifth and final set to decide the winner. Haikyuu will probably end after this game so we believe, it will extend to the fifth and final set. The long length assures that the victory for either team will be bittersweet but still, relieving.

Haikyuu Chapter 398 Raw Scans:

Haikyuu manga is initially written in Japanese; so it needs to be translated. The raw scans for Haikyuu 398 will available soon. We are doing our best to get these scans for you. Please remember to keep an eye on our site as we often post spoiler articles.

The Japanese need to be translated to English for most fans to read. Various scanlators get the raw scans and do it for us before the official release. They upload it on their site or on Imgur. We will get these links to you. Meanwhile, visit ‘r/Haikyuu’ subreddit for more Haikyuu Chapter 398 related discussions, arguments, fanarts, etc.

Haikyuu Manga 398 Release Date:

Haikyuu 398 raw scans will be available on June 17, 2020. The fan translated versions will be available within 20 June, 2020. We often find French, Spanish, Korea and more versions alongside English.

The official English translations and the HD version of Haikyuu Chapter 398 will be available on Viz, Mangaplus, and Shonen Jump app on 21 June 2020.

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