Haikyuu 390 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 390 Release Date

This article is all about the upcoming Haikyuu 390 raw scans and Haikyuu manga Chapter 390 spoilers and release date.

The official spoilers will be shared here when released, so if you don’t want to read the spoilers, please close our site.

Haikyuu Chapter 389 just released and we saw the rebirth of the King of the court Kageyama Tobio.

Kageyama has finally found his groove in the match and attacking Jackals mercilessly with his serves and defenses but the one thing giving the Jackals the most trouble is Tobio’s sets.

Kageyama Tobio has reverted back to his old habits where he toyed with enemy with his ridiculous high precised sets.

Even before entering the pro scene, Kageyama had the finesse and technique and now that he is a pro, he has the confidence as well.

The match between both the teams is heating up, the score is almost equal but the one in control is Kageyama tobio.

Haikyuu 390

Miya and Kageyama are locked in a setter battle, Hoshiumi and Bokuto are fulfilling their roles of attacker but somehoe Kageyama seems to be dominating the other side.

Atsumu Miya is blaming Hinata for all this because Hinata is the one who encouraged and gave more confidence to Kageyama in the high school days and it has made Tobio more confident and more free.

According to Atsumu miya, Karasuno taught Karasuno to be free and do whatever he wants and get away with it.

With trust in his one hand and pride in the other, flanked on all sides by his so powerful and faithful hitters, Kageyama Tobio once again stands tall as the king of the court.

The score is 17-20 in the favor or Adlers and it seems like the second set will end soon in the favor of Adlers if Hinata and team doesnt do anything about it.

The upcoming Haikyuu Chapter 390 will show us who really wins the second set, will it be Adlers or Jackals? Who will prevail?

There is no break because of the Corona outbreak and the chapter will be released on the usual dates, the Haikyuu anime will go on as usual as well.

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Haikyuu 390 Spoilers Releasing Soon

The second set of Adlers vs Jackals is almost at end and Adlers is in the lead with a gap of three points between them.

Kageyama is dominating Jackals and if Hinata, Miya and Bokuto doesnt do annything soon they will lose the second set for sure.

We all knew that Kageyama will be exerting his dominance in the second set and Adlers will win the second set so that the match moves on to a third set.

Hinata is getting blamed for Kageyama dominance in the second set and I think Hinata will try his best to end the match in the second set by winning it.

Bokuto and Hinata will lead the charge of attacking while Miya will do the setting and if they wish to take the third set, they must get even in the points first.

The Haikyuu Chapter 390 spoilers will be released soon and it will show us who finally takes the second set. We all know Adlers will be the one to take the second set and the match will move to a third set for sure.

We will share the official spoilers as they get released. So make sure to check back on 9th April 2020.

Haikyuu Chapter 390 Raw Scans & Release Date

The raw scans for the Haikyuu 390 will be released on 9th April and we will share the links to the raw scans once they are available in English.

The Chapter might get translated by Mangastream, there are no official news yet. So stay tuned and we will keep you updated with all the latest news regarding the upcoming Haikyuu chapter raw scans and spoilers.

The official release date for the upcoming Haikyuu Chapter 390 is 12th April 2020 and the chapter will not be delayed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

You can read Haikyuu Manga on the Viz website and if you want to watch Haikyuu anime, check our list of sites to watch anime online free.

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