Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot Details

Today we will be talking about the Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot Details and when it will be released online.

Darwin’s Game is the 3rd most popular anime of the Winter 2020 season, beaten only by Haikyuu Season 4 and Ishuzoku Reviewers. Haikyuu has been a sensation for years now with widespread acclaim.

Ishuzoku Reviewers is softcore hentai anime that received fame due to a prank by Youtuber NuxTaku. So technically, Darwin’s Game is the most popular anime of Winter 2020.

Darwin’s Game is a shounen action anime that ran from January to March 2020. It had 11 episodes, with the pilot being an hour long.

The manga of the same name, published in Bessatsu Shonen Champion, is made by Gingko and Takahata under the name of FLIPFLOPs. It belongs to the Game archetype, using the Battle Royale format.

Darwin’s Game has been compared to similar battle royale series like Juuni Taisen and Mirai Nikki and Sword Art Online. However, compared to them, it has a lot more going for itself and its amazing pace manages to pull off a huge amount of events under just 11 episodes.

Darwin's Game Season 2

And since it is completely plot-driven, it manages to out-do Juuni Taisen in thrill department, it shatters Mirai Nikki with superior fighting and a compelling main character. As for Sao, it is completely different from it. Sao is an Isekai, which takes the main character from his world into a different game world.

Darwin’s Game, on the other hand is actually a game existing in our world and manipulates it; so it is definitely not an isekai.

Darwin’s Game has received generally favorable reception from the audience. New anime fans, especially those who are young, have been noted to have a great liking of it.

Its mysterious nature, the creative powers, and the bonds of love and friendship inside a death game has mesmerized lots of people.

People are eagerly waiting for the release of a Season 2 just like One Punch Man Season 3 and Dr. Stone Season 2.

Premise Of Darwin’s Game

Kaname Sudo is a normal high school student, who receives a game recommendation from a friend. Little did he know that his friend sent the app to him during his last moments and that the app is actually an infamous death battle, named Darwin’s Game.

It pits the player against a player as they kill each other to earn points, which in turn, works as currency to buy what they desire. The game also awards the players with Sigils, which are abilities unique to each player.

Kaname is extremely pissed at the game maker and decides to defeat the game and remove it from its roots. Using his power and quick thinking abilities, he beats another player only to allow her to live at the last moment. He resolves to not kill unnecessarily and gains a very strong ally, Karino Shuka

Kaname starts his journey to eradicating the game and gains more allies and enemies as he moves. Season 1 has Wang as its main antagonist. Wang is a merciless killer who forms a gang of strong members and dominates other players. They’re particularly known for their cruel and ruthless methods.

The main cast consists of:

Protagonist Sudo, a person with a mysterious sigil, about to revolutionize the game.

Deuteragonist Shuka, a strong player who fell in love with Sudo after he decided to spare her life.

Tritagonist Rain, a master analyst who joins the protagonist during a game event and they form a deep bond.

Other side characters like Ryuji, a gunman with lie detection, Sui, a layer with a split personality, Liu, the top-ranked player who joins the protagonist, Ichiro, the doting father who turned into a great ally and so on.

Darwin’s Game Season 2

Season 1 covered more than 30 chapters of the manga. As of March 2020, Darwin’s Game manga is deep into its final arc. We already have more than enough source material to make a new season.

Darwin’s Game Season 2 is expected to have the same cast, with Kobayashi Yusuke, Ueda Reina and Oomori Nichika reprising their roles as Kaname, Shuka, and Rein respectively. Yusuke is famous for Arslan Senki and Dr. Stone.

Reina is not very well known yet and hopefully, Darwin’s Game will have her noticed more. Nichika is known for its main roles in Nisekoi and ReLife.

Release Date Of Darwin Game

While it’s not set in stone, director Tokumoto Yoshinobu will return once more.

He has directed multiple episodes in a huge range of successful anime, including heavyweights like  Bakemonogatari and Re: Zero. After the airing of Episode 11, he tweeted how much he enjoyed working on the project. Fans have already praised his handling of the source material and the great action sequences.

What is the official Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date?

As of now, there is no news on the Darwin’s Game Season 2. However, based on prior cases, we can assume that season 2 will start airing in 2021.

It usually takes this much time for season 1 to get widespread popularity and the anime is released in blu-ray or similar formats.

Hopefully, the project won’t be ditched, such as Drifters or Coppelion or Btoom! Anime. Darwin’s Game’s popularity does speak positively of its new season. Aniplex and Nexus will reveal more information about the future of this anime after the end of the Spring 2020 season. Keep an eye on our site and we will keep updating it as soon as new information is released.

Where to watch Darwin’s Game Season 2?

Currently, Darwin’s Game is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation and they are one of the legal sites to watch anime online. The former has released the English subbed version and the later is releasing the English dubbed version.

Both sites are region locked in multiple areas so we do recommend using a VPN.

The cast for English dub includes Stephen Fu, Alexis Tipton, and Tia Ballard as Kaname, Shuka, and Rein respectively.

Spoilers For Darwin Game Season 2

At the end of Darwin’s Game Season 1, we saw the battle between clans Eighth and Sunset Ravens with the later emerging as victors.

We also saw widespread popularity of the Tokyo Ravens as they have banned the game in their territory to protect people.

In Darwin’s Game season 2, we can expect a large influx of players in the Sunset Ravens clan. It may have genuine players who aim to get higher, out of the box people, who plan to quit the game or psychopaths, who plan chaos. How Sudo and Shuka handle their newfound powers and responsibilities is a major attraction.

We saw the police getting slaughtered mercilessly by the Eighth. Season 1 excluded the Police Investigation arc. Now that they are more active with more proof, we can expect a small Police arc at the beginning of season 2. With the police, the public too will get knowledge of this game and they will probably be prohibited from playing it.

There are multiple dissimilarities with the manga but the core plot will stay true and follow the chain of events properly.

We saw Sudo inside a forest during the final moments. This is a teaser for the next season. It is probably hinting at the Shibuya Treasure Hunt Arc of the manga. It might be another event of the Darwin’s game and Sudo winning it will only bring him closer to the maker.

We expect Liu Xuelan to be a core character of the next arcs with her power being necessary to win events. We also expect Hiiragi’s daughter to have a part, given how deeply characterized her father was even with the limited screentime.

Other than that, we believe more characters will be introduced and we will get to know more about Sudo’s sigil and why it is special.

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Review of Darwin Game Season 1

The anime follows a very rigid and fast-paced plotline. The pacing sometimes feels rushed while at other times, it feels awkwardly slow. Its as if they have chosen only peak moments and explanation sequences from the source materials.

Still, it creates a nice flow which makes it a great choice for binge-watching.

The plot of Death Game is neither new nor a great one. While is it good for beginners and first timers, a person who has seen anime like Fate will probably exclude it from their good graces. It is mostly generic and the plot contrivances often make it annoying.

There is often over-explanation of occurrences and the dialogue fails to be intriguing. However, the continuous revelations are enough to reel in fans and keep them hooked till its end.

Being highly plot driven, the characters are mostly bland and unimaginative. The main character is another one fulfilling the ‘edgy’ cliché. He is constantly favored and despite any real practice, he gets his own way.

At the end, a simple 2 month training put him at the next level. The female lead and her infatuation trope is actually great eye candy and diverts the viewers from realizing how shallow her characterization is.

The side characters are nothing great and they are mildly interesting or hyped at best. There is one character who was well developed and his presence added more depth to the show.

The animation was decent with fluid movements and occasional sakuga. Its not too flashy but it manages to visually capture the audience despite the low tier, uninspiring character designs.

Music is mostly fine but there was nothing very memorable about it. It doesn’t manage to elevate the anime to another level but it doesn’t hold it back either.

Darwin’s Game is a fine show which can be good for the majority of newbies. Belonging to the very bland Winter 2020 season, it does set itself above the rest but anime like Dorohedoro and Haikyuu are better for the veteran watcher.

Stay tuned, we will get to you the latest details regarding the release date as soon as it is released. Make sure to check our One Piece theory on Luffy vs Kaido while you wait.

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