One Piece Episode 931 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions

Finally the fans will be able to watch One Piece Episode 931 English sub online and the official release date has been announced as well.

Fans are filled with joy to see the return of the One Piece anime after more than a month. The wait has been long, especially since we were all enjoying the anime, finally. Wano’s colorful setting and vibrant style have been a boon for the anime.

Did you enjoy Queen’s concert? Apparently he remains fat by choice! And he is all muscles! So strong indeed! Fans are loving Queen’s funky nature and making memes out of him. Lets hope we get to see more of his concerts later.

One Piece Episode 931

One Piece Episode 931 takes us deeper scenes of Wano Country arc Act 2. With the manga being into Act 3, the anime has ample material to flow smoothly. What awaits us in this arc?

One Piece Manga 984 will be releasing this week on the same day as anime, if you are excited about the wano arc, you should check out the manga.

One Piece Episode 930 Recap:

“A Lead Performer! Queen the Plague Emerges!”

In Udon, Raizo plans to release his allies. He disguises himself and goes to the Udon executives quarter, hands them a key, and waits until the sea prism key box is opened, then robs them off the main keys and defeats the lackeys. He effortlessly defeats the flustered Crab-model Gifter and escapes.

Nearby, old man Hyo defied the prison guard and ate the dango offered to him by Luffy. Even under torture, he refuses to give up Luffy’s name. He praises the chivalry of Luffy and is ready to face death. He declares that he is Hyogoro of the Flowers and says that it will be nice to meet a certain someone after death.

Luffy was angry to see Hyo’s torture. But the speech Hyo gave before dying, brought a smile to Luffy. With his spirits uplifted by Hyogoro’s words, he effortlessly defeats Gifter Prison Guard Daifugo. The prison guards get ready to execute Luffy.

At Udon HQ, Vice Warden Solitaire, a Headliner and Monkey Fruit user, is informed of the stolen keys. She issues a search for Raizo. Raizo flees from the guards using various ninja techniques. Meanwhile, a big man named Queen arrives at Wano, in a hog-drawn chariot. He is greeted by Udon Guards.

The prisoners think Luffy will die, but Luffy is ready to fight. Despite being weakened by sea-prism shackes, he beats the prison guards one by one. The guards are shocked that Luffy can defeat them even he barely has any energy.

Warden Babanuki arrives. He is Elephant Smile user and a headliner. He says that Luffy can fight due to his immense will. Luffy is only seeing this as training. He proceeds to attack Babanuki but is pushed back by Babanuki’s Elephant Marchoo attack, that acts like a bomb. The fight is interrupted by Queen’s arrival and Babanuki leaves.

Queen loves Komamurasaki and wants to take her from Orochi. The guards wonder if they should tell him about her death. Queen performs a song and dance ‘funk’ show for the guards. He has 1.32 Billion Bounty. Using this chance, a tired Luffy escapes with Hyogoro. He climbs a mountain with Hyo on his back.

Babanuki meets Queen and informs him of the top 3 troubles. Third is Eustass Kidd escaping. Second is Sea Prism Stone Cuff keys getting stolen. First is Straw Hat Luffy being on the run. Queen is utterly shocked by this and declares a search for Luffy immediately.

One Piece Episode 931 Release Date

One Piece Episode 931 will be releasing or airing on 4th July 2020. It might be on 5th July 2020 for many people because of the different time zones.

The anime will now release smoothly – its hiatus due to quarantine did disrupt it but also, a lot of work has been done beforehand.

Where to watch One Piece Episode 931?

One Piece is currently broadcasted by Fuji TV in Japan, Korean Broadcasting System in South Korea and Spacetoon elsewhere. It has been moved to Primetime in Japan, which increased viewers. Other than this, it is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Funimation has licensed it and you can watch there as well. However, both these streaming sites can have it geo-locked.

The One Piece Episode 931 English Subbed episodes will be released this Sunday but it will be some time before we get to watch the dubbed episodes.

You can also find it on Netflix US. If you know Japanese, you can access the whole show on Netflix Japan. But US Netflix only has the first 2 sagas.

For more One Piece information, you can check our articles on sites to read One Piece and sites to watch one piece.

Spoilers For The Upcoming Episode 931

One Piece Ep 931 is titled ‘ Climb Up! Luffy’s Desperate Escape!’. The preview shows that Luffy is prevented from climbing due to Babanuki’s bomb. Luffy has to fight Daifugo again while protecting Hyogoro. Eventually, he is caught and Queen puts a new shackle on his neck. Its said that Queen will give him a horrifying sentence!

Elsewhere, Nami, Robin and Shinobu go to a public bath and all the men are captivated by their beauty. Also, Raizo desperately watches Luffy and meets a new character. His face is shadowed. Lastly, Luffy doesn’t look heartbroken due to shackles; in fact, he looks lively.

Who do you think this new character is? Why is Raizo talking to him? Will Raizo free him? Maybe this is the mysterious, dangerous prisoner who attacked the guard with a mere fishbone. Let’s hope he is an ally. And who is this character that Hyogoro referred to?

What was that Queen demonstrating but putting Luffy’s new shackle on a stone structure? What will be his sentence? Will it be certain death for Luffy? Maybe he will fight them and get training. That’s why he looks happy. Let us find out in One Piece Episode 931.

What is the current Opening?

The Wano arc has had the Opening Song named ‘Over The Top’. It is the 22nd opening theme of the series, following Whole Cake and Levely arc’s shared OP – ‘Super Powers’.

Here is the video:

Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming One Piece Episode and what do you think happened with Eustass Kid? Also, Plunderer Season 2 will be releasing soon so you should check it out.

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