Read One Piece 973 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 973 Raw Scans

Sadly Oden is dead and the current timeline resumes in the upcoming chapter and we can’t read One Piece 973 spoilers and raw scans.

The last One Piece chapter was very sad with the way Oden died and nearly everyone who read the chapter was in tears and it was the same for me.

Many believed Kaido will keep his promise but he turned out to be a scumbag like we thought and shot Oden mid-sentence. Characters like Oden are very hard to come by and fans are excitedly waiting to watch Oden in One Piece anime.

In the next One Piece manga 973 the current timeline will resume and we can’t wait to find out who the traitor is. There are many questions moving forward when will Ino and Nekomamushi join the team and what happened with the ships?

One Piece 973

We all know that Orochi is behind the ships disappearing but we don’t know how he got to know about it. Who informed Orochi about the rebel team regrouping and will Orochi inform Kaido about it or just let it pass.

Check our articles on sites to read One Piece and sites to watch One Piece episodes as move on to the upcoming chapter spoilers and raw scans.

Before we start talking about One Piece 973 raw scans and spoilers, let’s see what happened in the previous chapter first.

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One Piece 973 Spoilers Released

So the official spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming One Piece manga 973 has finally been released. Go check out the spoilers at the given link.

Many new things were revealed in the spoilers and we got a slight glimpse of one of the numbers as well. Kawamatsu runs off with Hiyori and Denjiro decides to stay behind as Kyoshiro.

The reason behind Inurashi and Nekomamushi fued gets revealed as well and finally, Toki takes her last breath in the Oden castle.

One Piece Manga 973 Spoilers

Is One Piece Chapter 973 On A Break?

Shonen Jump just announced that One Piece is going on an unexpected break this week. The reasons behind the break have not been released yet and it seems like a normal break after every two chapters.

Oda has been working hard for us over the last twenty years and we all believe he needs some break. We want Oda to publish the highest quality content possible and that is why going for breaks every two weeks is a good thing for him and the publication.

We will keep you updated with all the One Piece manga latest news and soon as they get released. So Have fun reading the spoilers and raw scans below of Chapter 973.

Update On Oda’s Health

The One Piece Chapter 973 has been delayed because of Oda’s bad health. We just got an update from Oda’s editor saying that Oda is fine now and the chapter will be released this Sunday.

The One Piece spoilers are going to be released soon and we will be sharing the spoilers as soon as the chapters get translated.

One Piece 972 recap and summary

Shinobu is among the public letting them know how Oden is the one that saved their lives and they should be grateful. The execution of Oden has already started and all he needs to do is survive the next sixty minutes.

Oden is carrying each of the scabbards on a wooden plank and it seems like he will last the decided sixty minutes.

Everyone started thinking Oden might survive but Orochi had other plans for him. Oden suddenly changes the execution to shooting and a band of shooters surround the boiling pot with guns in their hand.

Oden always knew that he is not going to get out of his alive and so he uses all of his last strength to toss the scabbards as far as possible.

Oden last wish was to get the red scabbards out of there alive which he finally achieved. Kinemon and others have escaped and reached lady Toki at Oden castle.

Toki gets a letter where Oden asks her to send all of the scabbards twenty years in the future. We also got a flashback of Oden giving his two swords to Toki to give to Mononosuke and Hiyori when they get older.

Toki being loyal and a good wife does what Oden wanted and sent the ones that wanted to the future. It seems like Ahura Doji, Ino, Neko stays back because of some reason.

Oden starts talking about how in the next twenty years a chosen one will come to Wano and he will be the end of Kaido. Oden asks Kaido to get stronger in the next twenty years as he will be defeated when the chosen one arrives.

As Oden was talking, Kaido shoots Oden and Oden is dies with a “D” like smile on his face. Fans are going crazy over that D shaped smile and are coming with theories and predictions as to how it’s connected with the void century.

At the end of the chapter, Oda mentioned that the current timeline will resume from One Piece 973 and we can’t wait to what happens in the upcoming One Piece chapter.

One Piece 973 Spoilers releasing soon

The One Piece manga chapter 973 is releasing soon and we will get to see what happened with the rebel team ships and where’s everyone disappeared to.

Kinemon and others are standing on the shore finding no ships there and are now worried for what happened to the ships and the rebel army.

Luffy and Zoro are busy training and the date of the raid is coming sooner and unless Kinemon makes everything right, they will not be able to meet up with Luffy at Onigashima.

One Piece chapter will show more on how the rebels will re-unite and what will be the meeting point, now that everything is in disarray.

There is no new news on the traitor as well, so maybe the traitor will inform Orochi of their future plans. Kinemon needs to find who the traitor is soon otherwise the raid plan can go wrong.

Inuarashi and Neko still have not arrived at Wano and there are no signs of Whitebeard remnants on wano as well. The numbers on Luffy side seem thick and if they want to go against Kaido and Big Mom they need help.

One Piece 973 spoilers will be released soon and we will share the spoilers as soon as they get released. Make sure to join Strawhat subreddit to read the raw scans as soon as they get released.

One Piece Manga 973 Raw Scans Release

Since Mangastream has stopped One Piece scanlations, the raw scans are getting released late and many times with errors.

Many new scanlation teams are forming up and we hope to read One Piece 973 English raw scans soon. We will be sharing the links to raw scans as soon as they get released, so make sure to check daily.

Check out our Reddit One Piece fan theories while you wait for the One Piece manga chapter 973 raw scans and check out our review on Solo Leveling as well.

When Will Whitebeard Remnants And Zou soldiers join Luffy?

The whole plan is in chaos and there seems to be no sign of the Whitebeard remnants and the fighters from Zou.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi have not reached Wano yet and if they don’t make it in time, the whole plan can go wrong.

One Piece Manga 973

Fans believe that Marco and the team will be arriving as the war starts and they will be the ones fighting Big Mom’s army.

The Zou army will go against the beast pirates and we will get to see the full strength of the Zou soldiers in the Sulong form.

When will the traitor get revealed?

Everyone has different theories on who the traitor is and we though the traitor will be revealed in chapter 973, but Oda had other intentions.

Some believe Shinobu to be the traitor and some believe it’s Kanjuro. Nothing has been confirmed yet and we hope One Piece manga 973 will shed some new light on who the traitor is.

Fans are sharing their own theories on Reddit and here’s a theory on why Kanjuro is the traitor.

The Traitor is… (Spoilers) from r/OnePiece
What is the One Piece 973 release date?

The One Piece chapter 973 will be officially released on 2nd March 2020.

When will the traitor get revealed?

We have no idea about the exact One Piece chapter but we expect it before the final raid on Onigashima.

Who is the chosen one that Wano mentioned?

We believe it to be Luffy and he will be the one to take down Kaido.

Why did One Piece Manga 973 get delayed?

This week’s One Piece Chapter got delayed because Oda felt ill. He is fine now and the chapter will be released this week.

Let us know what you think will happen in the upcoming chapter and make sure to check our list of sites to watch anime online.

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