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Reddit’s One Piece subreddit is home to more than 350k One Piece fans and the numbers are rapidly growing every day. At the time of manga releases and major events, you will find more than 30k users online on the subreddit. Today we are sharing best Reddit One Piece fan theories that we have come to recognise in the last decade.

If you are a One Piece fan then this subreddit is a must place to join. You can join One Piece subreddit by going to One Piece subreddit gets loads of new submissions everyday and those submission includes fan theories, One Piece spoilers, upcoming release dates, manga discussion, anime discussion and One Piece movie discussion.

The mods of the subreddit are fairly strict so make sure you go through the rules first people posting anything there. One Piece has grown to be the best selling manga and we all adore One Piece because of its ever-growing plot and the suspense it creates in every chapter.

Reddit One Piece

In short, One Piece is something we like to debate on, do fan theories, predict what is going to happen next and the most asked question is how One Piece will end.

If you like to do the above-given tasks, you can join the Reddit One Piece subreddit and share your thoughts. As I mentioned above, before posting there make sure you go through the subreddit rules.

Reddit One Piece Subreddit Rules To Follow:

So now that you have gone through the One Piece subreddit rules, and know where to and how to join this subreddit, let’s get started on some of the best One Piece fan theories ever posted on Reddit.

Before we move further:

All the fan theories shared here are the property of the subreddit or the person who posted them, we don’t own or have rights to any of these.

Best One Piece Subreddit Fan Theories Online

1) Eneru, Roger And Shanks Theory

Top 3 One Piece Theories from r/OnePiece

2) What Is One Piece

What is One Piece from r/OnePiece

3) The Gol D. Roger Theory

[Manga Spoilers] The Gol D. Roger / Calico Jack Theory from r/OnePiece

4) Big Mom And Kaido Had Kids

Found any similarity?

5) How Blackbeard Steals Devil Fruits

[One Piece] How Blackbeard steals Devil Fruits (with proof) from r/FanTheories

One Piece Is A Devil Fruit Theory

My Onepiece Theory from r/OnePiece

Void Century Theory And The Origin Of Fishman Island

Void Century Theory (Fishman Island Spoiler) from r/OnePiece

Rumbar Pirates Captain Yorki Theory

Captain Yorki of the Rumbar Pirates Theory from r/OnePiece

Why Blackbeard Attacked Drum Island Theory

Blackbeard Theory and why he attacked Drum Island from r/OnePiece

So these were some of the best Reddit One Piece fan theories from the subreddit. We have a lot more but the post was getting long so we thought of cutting it short.

If you want to read more, don’t forget to comment below and we will try adding more One Piece fan theories from the Internet.

Don’t forget to read our articles on sites to read One Piece manga and websites to watch One Piece anime. We will be posting more articles on One Piece soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi there. I am a fan of one piece for a long time. I started watching it on TV when I was about 6 years old, so probably about 19 years ago. I never knew as I grew up that one piece never actually ended yet. It was on my high school years when I learned about manga, but I never really had interest in it. I think I only got hooked up with reading when I became a college student, when my life started to get boring. I read a lot of series then, but I only started reading the one piece when I graduated. I was vexed waiting for the episodes of the whole cake island arc, and that’s when I actually started understanding one piece. The story is so great, I started doing and reading alot of theories on how the story of one piece would end. I never really had a theory that I could call ‘mine’ until now. So, after this very long introduction, let’s to the point.

    I just read the spoilers of chapter 983, and it is very interesting and vexing how Yamato knows about Luffy, and how he had been waiting for Luffy. I did a lot of research regarding they might have met, and I ended up concluding that Yamato is interested on how Luffy attacked Kaido when they first met, and that might have boosted Yamato’s fighting spirit whatsoever to take on Luffy himself. I decided to wait if I were right as chapters go by, but something clicked in my mind about 10 minutes ago (haha), and decided to do this post. So here’s what I now think: maybe, Yamato had been waiting for Luffy since during or before the Paramount Marineford War of the Best! (LOL) .. it’s just a thought, but I think the reason why Shanks was able to reach Marineford earlier than anyone would expect, has something to do with Yamato. I don’t know nor care about however it ended that way, but if I am correct, then it should be by that time when Shanks introduced Luffy (impersonally, of course) to Yamato. Shanks may have convinced Yamato that the one whom Roger is waiting for is Luffy, and thus Shanks predicted that Luffy would go to Wano Kuni sooner or later. In my guess, Shanks instructed Yamato to wait for some scheme I don’t know of course. If this were true, maybe Shanks will arrive at Wano too, and well the Marine too maybe, because of X-drake. If that were the case, well this should be the real ‘War of the Best.’ If that comes true, then fine, but that’s not my point here.

    Luffy is now considered the fifth yonko. It happened because of the great Whole Cake Island arc. But for me, I think Oda made Luffy a yonko because he now has access to the red poneglyphs (maybe that’s obvious .. or not? Haha). Now, thinking about the yonko, I believe that Oda appointed them as such not only because of their ridiculous strength, but also because of their possession of info or access to the red poneglyphs. Irrelevelantly, maybe that’s why Oda killed off Whitebeard, and used Blackbeard to kill him off, because they never will have any of the red poneglyphs at all (LOL). Back to my point, if my theory of Oda’s qualifications to a Yonko regards to their red poneglyphs, then I believe Shanks is hiding the fourth red poneglyph. I do not know if Shanks has his own island(s) as his headquarters, but if he does have one, the fourth red poneglyph .. IT’S IN MARY GEOISE! Where in Mary Geoise you say? Under the big straw hat in the dark whatever basement that Oda hinted during the Reverie arc. Right? Right?! I think that underneath the extraordinarily large straw hat hidden in Mary Geoise lies the Final Red Poneglyph! If this were true, no wonder the World Government respects Shanks. Shanks is the reason why nobody until now has ever reached Laugh Tale, because he went out of his way to hide it away in the safest place in the world of One Piece! But why would Shanks do that? Simple .. TO WAIT FOR “LUFFY”, the guy whom Roger had been waiting for, who for this reason had ignited the Golden Age of Pirates.

    Now, following this theory, the SHs should finally meet Shanks soon enough. Maybe they will fight, or maybe they will just play, whatever. The SHs shall overcome their adventure in Wano, and when the time comes, Luffy and Shanks and whoever will then go to war with the World Government, to take back Shanks’ red poneglyph, and find the One Piece once and for all. They’ll win of course, but there should be a twist regarding Blackbeard, like some sudden arrival or whatever to kill off some weird character .. or not. Ultimately, I believe that Blackbeard is the Big Boss. Whether Blackbeard stirs up something before or during or after the said war or not, I’ll let Oda decide that of course. But one way or another, this “war” might result to the destruction of the Fishman Island, or maybe Raftel was actually near it after all this time (haha). Long story short, SH finds the One Piece, finds out whatever about everything, and ends with Luffy having his head cut-off (LOL).

    If you liked my theory, then good for you.

      1. Thanks .. I am a Filipino. .. I guess I could write for your site if you want me to, and if you’re not racist (haha).

  2. No idea, haha. It’s just a joke I picked up on a show I watch, sorry about that. Anyways, if your offer still stands, just let me know. I have nothing better to do anyways.

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