Solo Leveling 107 Spoilers, Solo Leveling Chapter 107 Raw Scans

So the Ant arc is over and we can’t wait to read Solo Leveling 107 manhwa spoilers and raw scans.

Solo Leveling next Chapter will be the start of a new arc, we are currently in the epilogue of the Jeju Island Raid arc. Jin-Woo is alone at the Jeju Island, tying up loose threads. He is able to extract the shadow of the Ant-King after a mysterious blackout.

With the remaining hunters still not being safe from the remnants of the Ant-army, and Jin-Woo facing his new servant, we enter Solo Leveling manhwa Chapter 107.

Haikyuu 385 and Black Clover 241 raw scans will be releasing on the same day as Solo Leveling manhwa 107, so check them out as well.

Before we move on to the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter spoilers and raw scans, let’s have a look at Solo Leveling 106 recap and what happened in the last chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106 Recap:

Jin-Woo contemplates the power of the Ant-King’s shadow since it has the previously unseen, General Rank. He is further shocked when the shadow humbly requests a name since none of his shadows have ever had the ability to speak, not even his human shadows. He understands that it is due to that rank, that the new shadow is able to speak!

In a very humble, medieval way, the new shadow explains to Jin-Woo that even though he was defeated by him, he holds no grudge or enmity; it was reborn by its Leige’s(meaning King, referring to Jin-Woo) power and simply wants to be bestowed with a name.

Jin-Woo names it Beru, after a famous author of a novel titled ‘The Ants’.

Solo Leveling Chapter 107

Jin-Woo proceeds to extract the Ant-Queen’s shadow and obtains another S-rank servant. To his surprise, the connection between the ants weakened. Beru explains that the Ant-Queen has the power to control the ants and it does not possess much magical power. The Ant-Queen is a non-fighter whose only purpose is the reproduction of ants.

Jin-Woo cancels the summon of the Ant-Queen since he didn’t need two leaders of ants. He instructs his other shadows, who have automatically started to collect crystals, to drop those.

He says that those crystals will be useful for the rebuilding of Jeju island so that people can inhabit it again. However, he keeps one black-colored crystal for himself, since he obtains it from the carcass of the dead Ant-King.

Beru offers some intel to Jin-Woo, saying that the ants that are alive have no leader and are scattering; out of the 8700 ants, 4000 are still alive. Jin-Woo orders him to eliminate the remaining ants.

Over the ocean, the humans are trying to fend off the ants, as they head north and attack the Knight’s Guild. Reapers and Fame Guilds join the battle to eliminate all ants, with each ant being equal to a B-rank hunter.

As the ants reach the shore, Beru arrives and starts slaughtering them with incredible speeds. The hunters can’t even get a proper glimpse of him, as he massacres the remaining ants.

Solo Leveling 107 Spoilers

This chapter is a part of the epilogue of this arc. From Solo Leveling Chapter 107, we will get to see the transition from this arc to the next. Many of the questions we asked in the previous article are still unanswered. Let’s take a look at them.

Now that we know that General rank shadows can talk, we are curious to see which will be the next shadow to reach that unique rank. We believe it will be Igris, given that Igris is currently the one with the second-highest rank and abilities.

Why did the darkness clad Jin-Woo during the extraction? Is it a new feature from the system or is it foreshadowing something bigger? In Solo Leveling Chapter 107, during the Queen’s extraction, it did not occur.

Solo Leveling 107

But, that can be explained by the Queen’s low strength. What about the black crystal Jin-Woo took from Beru’s corpse? How strong will it be? We already know how incredibly useful the flame orb is and if the black crystal is even stronger, it can potentially make a character equal to the lower tiers of S-rank!

We saw how Jin-Woo flew away on his shadow dragon. What did he name the shadow? Is the dragon capable of fighting? If the dragon has been extracted, what about the Shadow of the Demon King Baran, was it extracted as well?

If yes, then Jin-Woo will have 3 General class shadows! Now we see that International Associations are trying to recruit Jin-Woo even though it hampers diplomatic relations. So will Jin-Woo join them or will he turn them down to be the best in Korea?

We think he will stay in Korea, based on his previous pattern of actions. Even if he does, will he now form a new guild or join an already existing guild? Whose guild will he join?

However, the bigger issue is, will this all develop into an international conflict? Korea and Japan’s relations are already strained and in Solo Leveling 107, we will probably see Korea facing more heat from other countries as well.

How is this issue going to be handled now that most of Korea’s S-rank hunters are tired from the recent battle?

How does Jin-Woo’s father factor into this mess? What is the mystery behind him? What is the danger he spoke of? Who saved him? Did he face some new, more threating power during his disappearance?

When will he meet his family? Why is he laying low? All of these might be answered in Solo Leveling Chapter 107.

Solo Leveling Chapter 107 Raw scans:

Since it’s a Korean, the manhwa is initially made in Korean and after getting the raw scans, various scanlation groups translate them to English. It can take several hours to several days to get the raw scans done and this is why Solo Leveling 107 raw scans might get released late.

If you have any queries or reactions regarding the Solo Leveling manhwa 107 please share them in the comment section and check out our article on Kingdom 633 as well.

There are talks of Solo Leveling anime release going on as well and the petition has exceeded 80,000 votes and once it reaches 150,000 votes, the petition will be forwarded to higher officials at Netflix and make sure to check the upcoming Solo Leveling 108.

What is the Solo Leveling 107 official release date?

Solo Leveling Chapter 107 will be released on February 27, 2020.

What will be the name of the new Solo Leveling arc?

The name of the new arc has still not been released, we will keep you updated.

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