Kingdom 639 Spoilers & Kingdom Chapter 639 Raw Scans

Kingdom 639 spoilers just got released on Reddit and we are here to share them with you today.

Kingdom Chapter 639 raw scans have been released as well, but they are undergoing translation and will be shared here for everyone to read.

In Kingdom Chapter 638, we saw that the food supplies have finally reached Gyou and no one will starve to death anymore.

All the food supplies sent by Qin were destroyed, Riboku had Zhao soldiers posted at land route as well as the sea route.

Riboku is being transported to Kantan where he will be put on a trial, but suddenly he realizes the error in his plan and suddenly realize that Qin still has a way to get the food supplies sent to them.

Kingdom 639

Just when soldiers inside Gyou started feeling that food will never arrive and they will die from starvation, they hear a loud knock at the door.

The Gyou gates open and multiple carriages enter and it looks like they are food supplies. All the soldiers take a breath of relief and start the preparations for cooking.

The only way for the food supplies to arrive at Gyou was through water route or land route via Zhao, and that is what everyone thought. But Ousen had another plans, he totally outsmarted Riboku.

The food supplies were coming from totally the opposite sides. The state of Qi shares border with Zhao and Ousen had plans to get food from them.

So now that soldiers in Gyou have food, they will be back to full strength again and might start their march forward.

The spoilers have just been released for the upcoming Kingdom Chapter 639 and we will be sharing them with you here today.

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Kingdom 638 Spoilers Released Online

The spoilers usually get released online every Monday but this week the spoilers got leaked early and we are going to be sharing them here for you today.

The raw scans are still being translated and that is why we don’t have the full spoilers yet. We will keep updating this article with the spoilers as the chapters get translated.

So here are the spoilers we have got by far.

Riboku has been imprisoned and is being taken to Kantan where he will maybe get put on trial.

Riboku asks Kakukai to pass on a message to other officers, that by reaching a peace agreement with Yan and Wei, they can still push Qin away from Retsubi and break their chain of conquest.

But the message never gets delivered and Qin will continue with their conquests while keeping command of the existing regions.

This is what we have got till now and we will update more once the chapter gets fully translated.

So what do you think will happen with Riboku? Will he get executed or imprisoned?

Reddit has different views on what would happen with Riboku, and we are sharing some with you here for you to check.


Kingdom Chapter 639 Release Date

The Korean raw scans have finally been released and the scanlators are working day and night to translate the chapter for us all.

The links to the English raw scans for the Kingdom Manga Chapter 639 will be shared here once the translations are fully done.

The Kingdom 639 will be officially released around 15th April 2020 and you can read the chapter on Sensescans website.

This chapter will be released on the pre-announced time, but there is no information about the Kingdom Chapter 640.

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