Boruto Chapter 49 Spoilers and Release Date- Isshiki’s Invasion

The Boruto chapter 49 is going to be released soon and it looks the manga is ready to deliver some big surprises and twist, with its latest developments.

The chapter’s last page hinted toward, Isshiki’s big battle against both Naruto and Sasuke. Isshiki appears prepared to rampage Konoha and take Kawaki from clutches of Naruto, to successfully make him his vessel.

Will Naruto and Sasuke possibly die in the next chapter? What is amado planning- what will kawaki do- Read ahead to know further?

Boruto Chapter 49

Before, we answer all those questions. Let’s, first have a short recap of what exactly happened in the Boruto manga chapter 48.

Boruto 48 Recap

The chapter is titled “Time Limit” and begins amidst the battle between. koji and Jigen (Isshiki). Koji utilizing his best skills to hold against Jigen, but fails miserably as Jigen(Isshiki) proves to be far superior.

Brimming with power, Jigen(Isshiki) remarks i.e. he only has 2-3 days of life left. Koji retorts to Isshiki’s statement, that Isshiki cannot resurrect if he dies now and that he’s settings things here and now.

Isshiki mocks Koji for his stupidity and elucidates that Amado had fled and defected to Konoha, and seeks Naruto and Sasuke’s help- because he is aware Koji Lacks the power to defeat him and he already has fulfilled his mission.

Next, we are brought to Konoha, where Amado has been transferred most civilian rights of Konoha. Furthermore, Shikamaru asks him to remove the bomb around Shikidai’s neck- but Amado clarifies that it was fake from the beginning and he used it for negotiations.

Koji remarks that Isshiki is the hard part and mentions that, only Naruto and Sasuke have a chance against him. He remarks that, Isshiki will prioritize kawaki over anything and they should protect and guard Kawaki and that all’s lost if Kawaki gets implanted with another Karma.

Next, Koji gives his final shot against Isshiki with Sage mode but even after nearly succeeding – Isshiki triumphs with “Dai Kokuten”- which allows him to store anything in a dimension where time doesn’t flow. Mocking the miserable Koji, he takes out a glass of wine and drinks it admits their battle.

Isshiki comments that with his skills, koji would have easily understood who was superior and wonders that he continued due to his shinobi pride, though shortly learns that it was koji’s denial to acknowledge Amado’s betrayal.

Furthermore, Isshiki states that he eventually plans to kill Amado, and mentions he will relay Koji’s last message as a former comrade. While koji murmurs in response, Isshiki bends to hear his murmurs but it turns out to be summoning Jutsu.

Using the Jutsu, Koji flee the battlefield, leaving Isshiki in wonder about what he is planning to do- in that ruthless condition. Isshki then using his karma, reach Konoha-where kawaki hides.

Later, we observe Boruto arguing to let him participate. Naruto straight up rejects that- clarifying the enemy is a monster, unlike any villain they have faced.

Boruto mentions, he is worried as both Naruto and sasuke already lost against him. Sasuke then intertwines telling Boruto, that he and Naruto are prepared to die for the village and asks whether “could he( boruto) die for the village”.

In the end, before Boruto could answer, Isshiki invades the skies of Konoha.

Boruto Chapter 49 Spoilers and Raw scans

At present, there are no possible spoilers or leak raws available for chapter 49 of Boruto manga series. Both spoilers and raws will probably available 2-3 days prior to the official release. We will notify as soon as they are available.

Discussion and Predictions

The previous chapter hinted about a lot of sinister things and even reminded Naruto fans of Pain invasion- its likely that Isshiki’s rampage could be even on a larger scale- as he’s far superior to pain in terms of strength and abilities. Well, let’s discuss some possible predictions that might come true in the next chapter.

Naruto and Sasuke Vs Isshiki 2.0.

Last time, both Naruto and sasuke got crushed under the might of Isshiki, as he single-handedly defeated them. But this time, the battle may turn out different, as they have more information on him.

Naruto and Sasuke will go all out and as Sasuke mentioned- they are ready to lay their life for the sake of the village. It will be great, to see different developments, unlike their first battle.

Reveal about Amado’s True Character

With a couple of chapters, it’s pretty clear how clever and sly, Amado is- not only he established a well-thought plan to exhaust Isshiki- he also In some expects succeeded in manipulating Konoha and even Kashin koji- his comrade, to his desires.

It won’t be new if in the end he is planned ahead in case- Isshiki gets defeated or both Naruto and Sasuke get defeated. We already know, that there’s a wish, he desires to be granted. It’s possible, that he may betray Konoha or use Konoha to fulfill his narrative and desires.

Kawaki sacrificing himself in exchange for their lives

One possible prediction which could be true is, Kawaki accepting his fate and sacrificing towards the climax of the arc. Kawaki has developed not just respect but a mutual love for both Naruto and his family. Thus, you would often see him prioritizing Naruto and his loved ones over himself.

Easily after witnessing, Naruto-(whom he respect the most) close to death doors, he may end up accepting Isshiki’s deal and might finally accept his fate as a vessel. It would be interesting to see, how the climax folds, but it’s likely that Kawaki may end up becoming the MVP and yet lost him as a price.

Boruto 49 release date and where to read

Boruto Manga Chapter 49 scheduled to be released on August 20, 2020. The chapter will most likely be one of the big highlights of series and feature Naruto and Sasuke’s second time-fighting Isshiki.

You can read the official translation of the chapter on the viz official website or shonen jump app which is available on the play store.

In case you have any possible theory regarding this or any Boruto theory in general, feel free to comment below and also check our Berserk 362 article.

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