Kingdom 647 Spoilers & Kingdom Chapter 647 Raw Scans

Riboku has finally been saved but will he survive for long? This is the question going on in everyone’s mind and everyone is waiting for the Kingdom 647 spoilers to be released so that they can read what happens next.

Just when we thought Zhao vs Qin war will be starting once again and we will get to see some action at the border of these two, a civil war started in the city of Kantan.

After the king of Zhao’s death, Princa Ka was supposed to succeed and everyone was happy in the capital of Zhao that now a worthy king will succeed the throne and the golden era of Zhao will once again arrive with Prince Ka and Riboku will lead Zhao to greatness.

Kingdom 647

Just when Ka was about to succeed the tower, his younger brother Sen arrived with the dead Zhao’s king decree which stated that Sen will succeed the throne as the new king and not Ka.

This sent all of the capital in a disarray, Riboku was released on the orders of Ka but now that Sen has became the king, Riboku is not going to be free for long and see this, Ka and Riboku get worried about the future of Zhao.

A civil war is about to erupt in Kantan and the news of it even reaches the ears of Ousen and Shin. Qin will now be moving forward with their plan of invading Kantan now that they know that Kantan is having a civil war.

Ka and Riboku decide to leave Kantan for Houshou because they feel they will be more safer there. Just when Ka and Riboku are about to leave, assasins arrive and try to kill them and thus starts Riboku’s escape from kantan.

Many small battles are fought in mid but somehow Both Ka and Riboku reach Houshou safely but Riboku decides to go to Bananji and find a way to stabilize the condition of Zhao, because if he fails to regain everything back, Zhao will be lost.

Kingdom Chapter 647 will show us what Riboku can do to get Zhao back and will Qin be attacking Kantan now that they know Zhao is weak?

There are many speculations going online and fans don’t know what to expect next and that is why they are eagerly waiting for Kingdom spoilers to be released.

Also, the Kingdom anime will be returning soon. The release date has not been announced for now but we finally know that One Piece Episode 931 and Black Clover Episode 133 will be out this week.

There are so many speculations being discussed online and here are some of them for you while you wait for the official spoilers to be released.

Kingdom 647 Spoilers & Predictions

For the spoilers to be released online, the Kingdom raw scans need to be leaked online and translated first and this is why there’s some time before the spoilers are officially shared online.

The English raw scans are available to read for everyone by Sunday every week and thus the Kingdom Chapter 647 will be available soon.

We will be sharing all the spoilers here once they get released, so stay tuned and read our predictions for the upcoming chapter while you wait.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 647 Release Date

As we all know, Kingdom is a weekly released manga and thus the new chapter 647 will be releasing this week on 9th July 2020.

For now, all the chapters can be read on Sense scans, make sure you check the Reddit for all the latest news regarding the release date, spoilers and the English raw scans.

So here are some fan speculations and possible spoilers for the Kingdom 647 manga chapter.

Fans are making comparisons between Ka and Sei and we all know how Sei was strong when he was surrounded, but Ka broke down when the same happened to me.

So Ka is obviously not a strong leader as Sei, fans believe that the first state to be conquered by Sei will be Zhao and we might see the fall of Zhao soon.

Even though Riboku is alive, it will take him months before he plans a coup against Sen and gain the military power of Zhao back.

Forces of Qin are ready to swarm kantan and completely win Zhao. We don’t know what role Riboku will play in this but we are sure that Riboku will not shake hands with Qin.

From the history chapters of ancient China, we know that Riboku dies, so there is no chance that Qin will defeat Zhao and hire Riboku as one of their Generals.

If it were to happen, Qin forces will definitely grow stronger but its impossible.

The next Kingdom Manga Chapter 647 will mostly be about Qin marching towards Qin and maybe Riboku sending a request to Sen to let him join the battle.

If Zhao doesn’t have Riboku as their General, they are sure to lose and there will be no one to stop Ousen and the new Generals.

The Kingdom spoilers have not yet been released so nothing has been confirmed yet, so we will have to wait for the English raw scans to get released.

We will keep you updated on all Kingdom anime news, meanwhile you should check our article on Darwin’s game Season 2 and sites to watch anime online.

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