Kingdom 638 Raw Scans & Kingdom Chapter 638 Spoilers

Kingdom 638 spoilers just got leaked together with Kingdom Chapter 638 raw scans and today we will be sharing them with you in this article.

In the last Kingdom Chapter 637, we saw that the Qin army is somehow trying to get the food supply to Gyou but Zhao soldiers and Riboku had already anticipated that and that is why they get intercepted as they reached Zhao borders.

But the food supplies going through the land route was a fake and it turned out that the real food supply was going through the Yellow river.

Qin soldiers thought that they had successfully tricked Zhao and Riboku but again it turned out that Riboku had anticipated everything and already had the naval ships on standby for the battle.

Kingdom 638

The battle in the Yellow river started in the last Kingdom Chapter, but the Qin’s naval army is at an disadvantage because Zhao outnumber Qin’s naval forces and the number of ships.

Zhao ships are upstream while Qin’s ships are downstream, thus Qin is at another disadvantage.

Zhao naval forces is being lead by Kou Ki OU and it seems like he has brought all the ships under his command to fight Qin’s naval army and destroy all the food supplies.

Then we saw a sneak peek of Gyou where Shin is worried about the food supplies. Riboku is stationed somewhere outside of Gyou waiting for them to starve and meet this doomed fate but suddenly royal soldiers appear from Kantan and ask Riboku to go with them.

Riboku asks if it’s a Royal decree to which they say yes and Riboku gets apprehended for his loss at the Shukai plains and goes with them.

Riboku wanted to know what happended at the fight at Yellow rivers but still he leaves with the soldiers knowing that his army will be victorious and that is what exactly happens.

Now there’s no hope for Gyou as both of the food supply units got attacked and all the food has been destroyed.

So is this the end for Gyou and Shin? Will no one come to help? All has been answered in the Kingdom 638 spoilers mentioned below.

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So let’s check what happens in the upcoming Kingdom Chapter 638 and will a food supply reach Gyou or not in the spoilers below.

Kingdom 638 Spoilers Released On Reddit

The spoilers have been released by a Vietnamese Facebook group and since their spoilers will correct the last time, we assume that these spoilers are correct as well.

The translations are still going on and that is why official Kingdom spoilers have not been released online.

These are the spoilers we have till now and we are sharing them with you here in the Kingdom Chapter 638 spoilers article.

Here are the spoilers.

The first food supply caravan on land was fake and it seems like the food supply through the Yellow river was a fake as well.

There’s a third food supply heading to Gyou and that is through a second branch of river that goes through Qi.

The food supplies has finally reached Gyou and it was all because Riboku was not in command. Zhao army was unable to predict a third route and finally Gyou has been saved.

The war will be restarting for sure once Ousen and shin are at full capacity and we don’t have any information on who Ousen will be raiding next.

So these were the unofficial spoilers we got from Reddit and we will be sharing more spoilers as they get released.

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Kingdom Manga Chapter 368 Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans for the upcoming Kingdom Manga has already been released but unfortunately the English translations have not been done yet.

The chapter is still in Korean and the translation team is working on it to get it translated.

We will be sharing the link to the Kingdom 638 raw scans as soon as they get released and the official chapter release date is coming near as well.

The Kingdom Chapter 638 official chapter will be released on 9th April 2020 and it seems like there is no break next week.

The Kingdom Chapters will be releasing like usual even in this Covid outbreak and we have Yasuhisa Hara to thank for it.

So stay tuned and while you wait, make sure to check our One Piece theory on Luffy vs Kaido and our list of mangastream alternatives.

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