Kingdom 637 Raw Scans & Kingdom Chapter 637 Spoilers

The Kingdom 637 spoilers and Spoilers have finally been released and today we are here to share what happens in the upcoming chapter.

Kingdom Chapter 637 spoilers have been released online but unfortunately, the raw scans are still in the Korean language and have not been translated yet.

The chapter translation is in progress and the English raw scans will be released online soon.

Ousen army and Kanki army are at Gyou but unfortunately, there is no food supply left at Gyou to feed anyone and that is why they must do something if they want to survive for long.

The rest of the Qin army has returned to Gyou and we see a heartwarming reunion between Shin, Denei and the rest of the members of the Hi Shin unit.

Kingdom 637

It looks like they were able to survive by eating their horse and still, they were not able to satisfy their hunger and unless they get to eat something soon, they will die just like their fallen comrades who died because of hunger.

Ousen and Kanki are discussing how there is no food left in Gyou to feed anyone but the higher-ups for only a few days.

Riboku and his army are still positioned outside and waiting for a chance to attack Gyou again and they know that the only way Ousen and Kannki are able to get in fighting shape again is by getting some food in their belly.

But there is no food in Gyou, so food supply is coming? If the food supply is coming, they must cross Retsubi to get to Gyou.

The news of Gyou has reached Qin and it seems like the food supply is already on the way to Gyou but the kingdom of Zhao, already anticipated this and attacked the food supply, but it seems like the food supply from the land was a fake and that is where last Kingdom Chapter 636 ended.

The upcoming Kingdom Chapter 637 will be released soon and fans are eagerly waiting for the spoilers and English raw scans to be released.

Kingdom 637 Spoilers Released On Reddit

The unofficial spoilers for Kingdom Manga Chapter 637 have finally been released and today we will be sharing them with you in this chapter.

The spoilers released on Reddit are still in Korean language and scanlation teams like mangastream are working to translate the chapter to English so that we can share them here.

Here are the spoilers we have got till now.

The food supplies from the land were fake, the real food supply is going through the water route. Even though Qin faked Zhao with their food supplies, Ousen was still fooled, he had an army ready to attack the food supply if it came through the water route and that is what exactly happened.

The food supplies are coming through the Yellow River and a full-on naval battle starts between the Army of Qin and Ousen’s army. Suddenly a messenger comes to summon Riboku to Kantan.

These spoilers have been released by a Vietnamese Facebook group and no images have been released yet.

We will be posting the full spoilers for the Kingdom Chapter 637 as soon as it’s released until then read our articles on My Hero Academia 267 and One Piece 976.

Fans even expect Shin to be promoted to the ranks of General in the upcoming chapter and we can’t wait for the official release online.

Kingdom Anime Season 3 Release Date And Details

So as you all know the Kingdom anime season 3 will be aired soon and fans are very excited that we get the Kingdom anime back and get to Shin in action once again on our tv and computer screen.

The release date for the Kingdom anime is set to April 2020 but can be delayed because of the Corona outbreak in the world.

Animes like One Punch Man season 3 and Dr. Stone season 2 might get delayed because of this reason as well.

Don’t forget to check my list of best sites to watch anime if you are looking for an anime site to watch Kingdom legally online.

We will keep you updated with all the Kingdom manga related news and the upcoming Kingdom Chapter 637 spoilers and raw scans in this article.

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