The God of High School Anime Release Date, Characters, Plot Announced

The God of High School fans, it’s time to rejoice and mark the date, The God Of High School anime has finally been announced.

Crunchyroll made it official with the teaser for the anime on their YouTube channel.

The teaser said heaven’s gonna rumble, and fans can’t be more excited to finally see those action sequences come to life.

The God of High School made its debut on Webtoon in April, 2011. Throughout the years, it has achieved a rating of 9.72 on the Webtoon, with around 1.2 million subscribers.

The God of High School is going to be the second Webtoon to get its anime adaptation after the Tower of God. Seeing how Tower of God anime has been soaring up in popularity, fans have the same expectations for The God of High School too.

God Of High school anime

The original Webtoon is created by Yongje Park, and has more than 400 chapters released, which is again the same as the Tower of God by Siu. The Webtoon has a new chapter released every Friday.

No new news regarding the Solo Leveling anime and Jujutsu Kaisen anime has been revealed, so we will have to keep an eye out for more upcoming anime like these.

The Premise of The God of High School


Jin Mori, a 17-year-old high school student from Seoul, is invited to participate in a Martial Arts tournament called “The God of High School”. The event is sponsored by a shady corporation.

The tournament brings high school students from all over South Korea to compete on a regional and then, national level to select three representatives to compete in the World Tournament. The prize promises winner fulfillment of his wish without any questions asked.

Being a fighting lover, Mori participates in the tournament to fight against all kinds of martial arts practitioners. To his surprise, not only martial arts, but fighters also used a mystical energy which they borrowed from supernatural entities such as gods, demons, creatures from myths, and even dead martial artists. This energy is called Borrowed Power or Charyeok.

During the opening rounds he meets two other martial artists, Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra. Later they become friends, and form a team to participate in further rounds.

As the tournament proceeds with different rounds, plans of different organizations motions against them. The real reason behind the tournament starts to unveil.


In GOH, the story takes place and involves the inhabitants from three different reams: The Human Real, The Demon Realm aka The Sage Realm, and The Heavenly Realm.

The Demon Realm is immensely populated by various mythical creatures, spirits, and monsters which are collectively known as demons.

Considering the hierarchy, the Human Realm ranks lowest, while Heavenly Realm ranks the highest. Nearly 1000 years ago, the Demon Realm and Heavenly Realm went to war, which the Demon Realm eventually lost.

The Heavenly Realm is home to many powerful gods from various mythologies and legends like Satan, Michael the Archangel, and the All-father Odin.


God Of High School Anime Release Date

1) Jin Mori, a 17-year-old self-proclaimed “strong guy”. He is carefree and friendly. He is a martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. He practices a fictional version of the Korean Taekwondo called Renewal Taekwondo aka Re-Taekwondo.

Mori participated in the tournament for the sole reason to fight strong martial artists. After the concept of Borrowed Power is introduced, Mori is termed as a genuine fighter, since he fights using only martial arts.

Later his true identity is revealed which is the mythical Sun Wukong inspired by the Ancient Chinese Novel Journey to the West. This explains the source of his power.

2) Han Dae-Wi, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. He practices Kyokushin Karate aka Full-Contact Karate. He was taught by the creator of the fighting style himself Mas Oyama.

Dae-Wi is a hard-working man who works hard to pay off his best friend’s hospital bill, who is suffering from terminal cancer. He joins the tournament to cure his friend of the disease.

His borrowed power is from Haetae, a mythical creature who can control water for defense as well as for attacks.  

3) Yu Mi-Ra, a 17-year-old swordsman from Seoul, South Korea. She is the 25th master of a fictitious sword style called the Moonlight Sword. Moonlight Sword style focuses on strong yet fluid sword attacks.

She joins the tournament to find a suitable husband to carry on the school bloodline. Her borrowed power is of an Ancient Chinese general named Lu Bu, which is based on the historical figure of the same name. Her power enhances her strength as well as gives her the ability to summon a red horse.  

The God of High School Anime Adaption

The studio for The God of High School Anime is MAPPA animation, and the anime is under production at present. The anime is scheduled to release this July 2020 on Crunchyroll who is also the producer.

GOH is going to be a part of Crunchyroll’s first wave of Original series like Tower of God (Spring 2020) and In/Spectre (Winter 2020). The anime is directed by Sunghoo Park, with scripts by Kiyoko Yoshimura, and Arisa Okehazama is the music composer.

There haven’t been any news about the number of chapters yet, however, we can expect at least 24 episodes as part of Season 1. The first 24 episodes will be covering the Preliminaries arc, and the Regional arc.

According to MyAnimeList, the following have been cast in the roles of main characters.

  • Tachibana Tatsumaru, known for Kabukichou Sherlock, will be playing the protagonist Jin Mori.
  • Kumagai Kentarou, known for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, will be playing Han Dae-Wi.
  • Ohashi Ayaka, known for Akame ga Kill, will be playing Yu Mi-Ra.

A Short Review of the God of High School Manga

GOH takes inspiration from myths of every culture and presents us with the idea of a world, where Gods and Demons exist. It presents us the idea of Humans being suppressed by the Gods in a manner that it becomes part of their gene over generations.

Plot: 9.2/10

The story progresses smoothly. With each arc, new allies and enemies are introduced. Initially Mori is introduced as an overpowered character, which eventually changes throughout the arc. He is faced with challenges and decisions, which leads to him being vulnerable compared to his overpowered self.

We get to see the backstory of various characters, and how they team up with Mori to face imminent dangers. The manhwa keeps the reader constantly engaged with its immersive plot and smooth transition.

Characters: 9/10

The protagonist is an overpowered character from the beginning, who eventually loses his power throughout the arcs. His character focuses on his bond with his friends, and how he struggles to return to his true self.

We have Dae-Wi, who starts as a normal human martial artist. We eventually get to see him grow in power and influence throughout the arcs. He and Mira are the closest friends Mori have,

Mira’s character doesn’t receive much development and focus in the beginning arcs. But later on, we see her growing as one of the strongest presence in the Human Realm, along with Han.  

Other than our main characters, we have lots of antagonists, and allies who are based on myths from various cultures.

Art: 8/10

The manga provides a lot of details on the backgrounds as well as the expressions of characters. The fight scenes are well-drawn, and the representation of Borrowed Power looks astonishing.

The movements are easily understandable, and the transformations amidst fights are beautifully done.

Overall: 9/10

The manga starts with a normal fight between high school students, which later on converts into a fight between Humans, Gods, and Demons.

The manga will take you throughout a thrilling ride. With well-written dialogues, and fine story-telling, it’s going to keep you immersed.

With each passing arc, you get to see more astonishing fight scenes, as well as interesting plots and storylines which are beautifully adapted from various myths.

With its ever-growing potential, GOH has been leading on the top charts of Webtoon along with the Tower of God. We can hope to see the same with the anime.

So that was our article on The God of High School anime release date, cast, characters, and plot. We will keep you updated with all the latest information regarding the anime.

Let us know your thoughts about the anime adaption in the comments below and also check our articles on Dr. Stone Season 2 and Darwin’s Game Season 2.

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