Solo Leveling 109 Spoilers, Solo Leveling Chapter 109 Raw Scans

The Solo Leveling 109 raw scans and the translated version for Solo Leveling Chapter 109 will be releasing soon and we can’t wait to read what happens next.

In a legendary battle, Sung Jin-Woo singlehandedly defeated a huge number of ants and dominated the Ant King. The Ant King was a fearless being of unmatched power but in front of our protagonist, he fell flat.

Not only was he outclassed in every stat class, but Jin-Woo also instilled fear inside of him. After the battle, Jin-Woo extracted his shadow, and named him Beru!

With the Jeju Island arc over, Solo Leveling 109 will continue to portray the peace that is achieved by war. We have entered the Recruitment Arc and Chapter 108 shows the direct effect of the aftermath. We will discuss it in detail in a while.

Solo Leveling 109

Solo Leveling was originally a novel written by Chu-Gong, serialized in Papyrus. Artist Hyeon-Gun and Jang Sunk-rak have adapted it into the form of a webtoon, and it’s published in KakaoPage.

The popularity of this series has only gone uphill, and currently, fans are nudging Netflix in the way of making an anime. Since the anime adaptation of Tower of God and The God of Highschool was announced, fans are eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Anime news as well.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 108 Recap:

The successful raid at Jeju Island has led to a state of peace in Korea, people’s lives are not at stake anymore. And while there is a bigger picture of peace, there is chaos as well.

The internet, which experienced the battles firsthand, became extremely busy. It got flooded with people supporting Jin-Woo and the hunters. They were praised extensively, mainly Jin-Woo.

In Solo Leveling Chapter 108 everyone speculated about his powers and how important an asset he is. On the other hand, there was criticism as well, regarding the lives lost and Jin-Woo’s late appearance.

Solo Leveling Chapter 109

Jin-Woo visited Byung-Gyu’s funeral. There, Baek Yoon-Ho thanked him and asked him to be proud of himself. Jin-Woo caught a glimpse of Chae Hae-In. Since the casualty was very low, Jin-Woo got praise from the Chairman as well.

Jin-Woo asked him about forming a guild, hoping to find the perks of being an S-rank Hunter. The Chairman inquired about the Jeju Island ‘fainting’ incident from the previous chapter and Jin-Woo wondered if he missed some traps set by the Ants.

The Hunters who had fainted after their meeting with the 2 unknown individuals, retained no memory of that event.

In the parking lot, Agent White confronted Jin-Woo. He offered to provide highly confidential information. Jin-Woo became interested and went with him when he was told about Upgrader – an awakened person who upgrades the ability of the already awakened.

Jin-Woo met with Director Connor, who offered him to become a citizen of the United States. Jin-Woo demanded to meet the Upgrader and Connor called in Mrs. Shellner.

Solo Leveling 109 Spoilers and theories:

In the upcoming Solo Leveling 109, we are going to get answers to a lot of our questions.

Who is this mysterious Upgrader? How does she do it? Are there any special conditions? Will this ability work on Jin-Woo? How strong will Jin-Woo become?

We believe this American named Mrs. Shellner is the leverage of the United States to recruit Jin-Woo. However, her ability will not work on him, since his powers are not the regular kind.

The system, which Jin-Woo is yet to understand its complex and no ordinary hunter can tamper with that.

Our prediction is that, in Solo Leveling 109, this Upgrader will fail to increase Jin-Woo’s ability and instead, she will get a glimpse of the origin of the system and how powerful it can be. And since the US will lose its leverage, Jin-Woo will decline to join them.

Solo Leveling 109

In Solo Leveling Chapter 109 we expect to see Japan make its moves as well. How will Japan try to recruit Jin-Woo? What will be their leverage? Will Jin-Woo join them? Jin-Woo won’t join Japan either.

Korea was betrayed by them and they have no means to recruit. We believe Japan will get denied very harshly and the relations of Korea and Japan will reach its last thread.

Why was Jin-Woo questioning about forming a guild? Will he decide to create his guild instead of joining one? Who will he accept in that guild? Will Jin-Woo get more offers to join other guilds as well? Will the American guilds make any independent moves towards him?

We believe Jin-Woo will eventually decide not to make a guild and keep his promise to Ah-Jin. But it can go either way. Jin-Woo currently wants to taste the benefits of an S-ranker. Whatever he decides, we know Ah-Jin will be with him.

The Question of the mysterious individuals is still afoot. They will make more appearances gradually and we will get more information about them. But they won’t have a lot of spotlight in the current time. They are busy with their own missions.

We are also curious about Il-Hwan, who hasn’t made an appearance in many chapters. Now that he sees Jin-Woo’s fame, will he return home? Will he tell his son about the dangers he talked about? Maybe we can get more about that in the upcoming Solo Leveling Manga chapter 109.

Solo Leveling Chapter 109 Raw Scans

The raw scans for Solo Leveling are originally in Korean and it takes time to translate them into English versions. Please keep an eye on our site and Solo Leveling Subreddit to get more leaks of raw scans.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, or theories or even reactions, please put them in the comment section. We highly appreciate your feedback.

[Update] – The Solo Leveling Chapter 109 will be released in a few hours. So please have patience.

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 109 Release Date:

Solo Leveling Chapter 109 raws will be released after March 10, 2020. The fan translations will be available in less than 2 days. We expect to get the translated English version on 11 March 2020 on Fanclub.

Solo Leveling is translated by a lot of fan sites. But the fastest and efficient ones are mangadex and Fanclub. They have a better translation, cleaner typesetting and redraws and they do not miss any details. So, it’s best to read from their sites to get the complete effect.

Check out our subreddit as well and we will be sharing all the links there as soon as they get released.

We will be sharing the spoilers and raw scans as soon as the chapter releases. If you are an anime fan make sure to check out Dr. Stone season 2 and Luffy vs Kaido articles.

When can we read the Solo Leveling Chapter English translation?

The English scans will be available to read on 11th March 2020.

Is hunter Sung Jin-Woo going to start a guild?

Yes, It looks like so. More will be revealed in the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter.

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