Solo Leveling 106 Spoilers, Solo Leveling Chapter 106 Raw Scans

The ant king is dead and Cha Hai-In has been healed by Min Byung-Gu and fans can’t wait to read what happens in the upcoming Solo Leveling 106 spoilers and raw scans..

Solo Leveling Chapter 106 is going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read what transpired between the Ant king shadow and Jin-woo on the island.

In the last chapter many things transcribed and before moving on to the upcoming chapter spoilers and raw scans, let’s discuss what happened in the last chapter.

Jin-Woo summoned the soul of Byun-Gu who heals Cha Hae-In and after he healed her, Jin-Woo canceled the summon to let Byung-Gu rest in peace as he has hated battle all his life and would not want to indulge in battle after his death.

Cha Hae-in has finally been healed but she has not gained consciousness yet. A helicopter from the hunter association arrives and everyone together with Cha Hae-in boards the helicopter, but Jin-Woo decides to stay behind.

Jin-Woo summons a dragon shadow soldier that looks terrifying and all the hunters are astonished and terrified of his abilities.

Solo Leveling 106

Jin-Woo goes back and starts destroying the remaining ants and gaining experience while he does it. He is astonished that he is even getting experience for the ants who have not even hatched.

Now that all of the ants are dead, Jin-woo moves towards the Ant king body and the atmosphere all around it is dark. Jin-Woo orders the soul to arise and the whole place around him go dark.

This is the first time this has happened during a Summoning. The ant king has been turned into a shadow soldier now and that’s where the chapter ended and now we are all waiting to read Solo Leveling 106.

Solo Leveling 106 Spoilers

The spoilers for Solo Leveling manhwa 106 will be released soon and we are here to share the spoilers as soon as they get released.

The helicopter association has landed on the Hunter association island and the director Goh Gun-hi is already there waiting with two A rank healers.

As he opens the helicopter gates, the healers start their work and are astonished and looking at each other when the director asks what is going on and why are they not healing Chae Hae-in.

The healers respond that there is nothing wrong with Cha Hae-in and she needs no healing. Goh Gun-hi asks what really happened after the camera went off. Cha Hae-in wakes up and asks about Jin-woo and where is he, to which they respond that Jin-woo stayed behind on the island.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106

Then the panel shows Jin-woo on the Jeju island where he stayed behind with the ant king shadow soldier. Jin-woo hears a voice and looks back to see who said but finds no one behind him.

That is when he notices the Ant king shadow asking him to give him a name. This is the first time Jin-woo has heard any of its shadow soldiers talking.

This is when he comes to the conclusion that the Ant king shadow soldier can talk because he is of Commander level and if he levels up all his soldiers, they can talk as well.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106 will show us Jin-woo giving the new soldier a name. Jin-woo has no idea what to name the solider and after a brief moment he smiles and names the Ant king shadow soldier “Beru”.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106 Raw Scans Release Date

Solo Leveling manhwa is released in Korean which is then translated to Japanese and then other languages like English. Solo Leveling 106 English raw scans will be released soon and we will be sharing all the raw scans as soon as they get released.

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When will Solo Leveling 106 officially get released?

The Solo leveling manhwa 106 will be released on 19th February 2020.

Where to read the upcoming Solo leveling Chapter?

We will be sharing the links as soon as the chapter gets released online. Check out our Subreddit for the latest news on the upcoming chapter.

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