Top 5 Most Strongest Characters In One Punch Man

One Punch Man is one of the best anime ever and has millions of viewers and fans all around the globe and today we are going to list the Top 5 strongest characters in One Punch Man.

One Punch Man is the story of Saitama who is now the strongest being in the universe and can kill or defeat anyone with just one punch and that’s what makes him special in the whole anime world, people are comparing him to the likes of Goku and Superman as their equals or even better.

Saitama trained so hard that he went bald and has been a hero for fun but after registering with the Hero Organisation he has been climbing in ranks defeating strong monsters from all over the universe.

strongest characters in One Punch Man.

Hero Association still doesn’t know the true power of Saitama and they think that he is a fake who has been hogging all the credit, but Saitama has been helping the Earth all along by defeating monsters who no person on Earth has a chance of defeating.

In this post, we are including the names of 5 strongest characters in One Piece and we are including names from Heroes, Monsters and even villains on the basis of their strength.

5 Most Strongest Characters In One Punch Man

1) Saitama

Saitama is the protagonist in One Punch Man, he trained so hard that he went bald and is now able to defeat any monster with his just one punch and thus the name of the Anime.

No matter what kind of challenge or enemy he faces he easily defeats and destroys them without even breaking any sweat and this is something that is driving him crazy as he can’t find any enemy worthy of pushing him to his limits.

2) Lord Boros

Boros is a cyclopean alien who leads a band of pirates and they destroy every planet that comes in their path and doing so Boros has grown so strong that he is undefeated now and like Saitama, he craves for a fight as well.

Once an alien Alien seer told him that in a distant planet lives a being that can give that fight he always wanted and thus he sets off his path to Earth where he finds Saitama who defeats him, but still I can’t think of anyone who could have killed Boros except Saitama thus making him the second strongest in the One Punch man universe.

3) Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is the Class S Rank 2 and the strongest esper in the world and we have clearly seen her abilities in the anime, she brought a meteor from space that instantly killed a dinosaur, if that doesn’t say powerful then I don’t know what does.

Tatsumaki is an esper having psychic powers, she can control everything and even bend the laws of even physics and can do what no other being can ever do, thus earning her a list in our most powerful characters in One Punch man.

4) Garou

Garou also known as Monster Garou is a former student of Bang and now after destroying countless Dojos he is now targetting Class S heroes one by one and has decided to join Monster Association and declared war on Hero Association.

We have to see what happens next when Hero Association fights back and Saitama goes against Garou, but it’s safe to say that he is one of the strongest characters in One Punch Man.

5) Superalloy Darkshine

Darkshine is the Class S rank 11 hero with the strongest and muscular body in One Punch man, he is even stronger than puri puri prisoner and that proves it because he was even able to take hits from Monster Garou.

So these are some of the strongest characters in One Punch Man and later we will be releasing an article on the strongest characters in One Piece as well so keep reading and visiting our blog for more information on Anime and manga.

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