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Today we will be discussing the upcoming Attack on Titan 129 spoilers and Attack on Titan Chapter 129 raw scans and release date.

It’s a relentless massacre. Fans are running wild as the Attack on Titan world keeps getting darker and Eren’s plan forces everyone to up their game.

Attack on Titan, which is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, gets published in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Its long-run has been incredibly successful, with immense manga sales and a very popular anime adaptation.

Attack on Titan is set in a fantasy world where monsters name Titans prey on humans. Humanity is nearly at end and the remaining humans live inside a city surrounded by giant walls.

However, one day the walls got breached and the titans invaded. Having lost his family, Eren Yeager joins the military to fight against and finally eliminate the titans.

Attack on Titan 129

Currently, the series is in its final arc and Attack on Titan 129 will be the 5th last chapter. Even though the end is near, the situation is far from predictable.

The world is getting trampled by a giant army of titans and a small group of people are trying to save the world.

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So before we move on to the spoilers of the upcoming Attack on Titan Chapter, let us quickly take a look at the latest chapter:

Attack on Titan Chapter 128 Recap:

In Attack on Titan 128, the Marley-Eldia allies hide near the port. They plan to capture the airships but unfortunately, the Yeagerists have captured the port and have the Azumabitos captured.

It’s proposed to kill the enemies ahead indiscriminately using weapons and titans. However, the proposal is refuted as Azumabitos are required to pilot the airships.

They’re thrown into confusion about what to do since they can’t destroy ships, they can’t lose the Azumabitos and the Eldians are against harming Yeagerists since they’re former teammates.

They propose the eldians to sit back since its hard for them to kill fellow countrymen. Reiner realizes what Eren meant all along. However, the Eldians resolve to fight, since the the of humanity is at stake.

At a distance, they see the titans stomping Marley. Hange estimates that the North Marley is already destroyed and at the current pace, it won’t be long before the titans end everything.

Magath tries to torture Yelena to find Eren’s location but Yelena resists it easily. Magath finally realizes his fault.

He apologizes to the Eldians for lashing out earlier and makes peace. He accepts how they all were to blame and the fault of ancestors shouldn’t burden the future generations.

Magath urges everyone to let go of the past and unite to create a better future. However, Armin resists. He wants everyone to accept the past and properly overcome it, so that they can come out stronger.

On the island, Floch orders the Azumabitos to help them and in return, he promises the safety of Hizuru. However, Kiyomi rejects the idea and says that Eren’s plan will only make the world smaller, not save it.

Floch gets a call from Armin and Connie. The Yeagerists have no knowledge of their betrayal. They tell Floch to ask the Azumabitos to use the airships. Apparently, they plan to chase the Cart and Armor Titan, who’re fleeing south.

They fool Samuel and Daz at the port to deactivate the bombs on the airships. Floch gets suspicious and tries to kill the Azumabito engineers. However, he is incapacitated by Kiyomi and the guards in the room are defeated by Mikasa who arrive in the nick of time.

Floch uses the confusion to escape and warns everyone about the betrayal. Mikasa and the Marleyans rescue the Azumabitos and escapes to the basement. On the port, Armin is shot by Samuel and Daz tries to blow up the airship.

In the meantime, the Female Titan and Armor Titan appear and massacres the Yeagerists. Armin, owing to his regeneration, gets up and stops Daz from blowing up the airship. Connie, in the desperate situation, executes both Daz and Samuel and that is where the chapter ended.

Now fans can’t wait to read the upcoming AOT 129 chapter and we will be discussing its spoilers and raw scans details in this article.

Attack on Titan 129 Spoilers and theories:

Where is Eren? We are still unsure of his location. Even Yelena should be unaware of it. She just used the info to survive. However, we believe Eren is somewhere near the Founder Titan.

We expect the Yeagerists to lose in this situation owing to very weak leadership. In Attack on Titan Chapter 129, the Eldia-Marley allies will escape barely with one or two airships. However, we expect one or maybe two deaths in their group.

Attack On Titan Chapter 129

The Azumabitos will definitely help to fly the airships. Attack on Titan 129 will showcase their engineering skills as they move the airship towards the rumbling.

We do expect to see more fighting with the Yeagerists. Connie, who was against the idea of killing, resolved to kill first. We will get to see his further inner conflict.

The same can be expected of Floch, Jean, and Armin in Attack on Titan Manga 129. However, Hange and Mikasa are already clear about killing Yeagerists.

Mikasa’s conflict won’t arrive until we face Eren. Her challenge will be to overcome her loyalty to Eren. She has chosen to stand against him but that isn’t enough.

She is the only one capable of defeating him. That is her only purpose in this story, that is her destiny. We believe, Attack on Titan 129 or later chapters will portray Mikasa’s jump.

According to Hajime Isayama, it will be a tragic ending. So Eren, even though he has like a single year of lifespan left, will die sooner than that. Eren has been the absolute fan favorite for a long time now.

Even though everyone knows what he is doing is morally wrong, they support him and understand why he did what he did.

In fact, the fans have reacted adversely to the Eldia-Marley allies’ actions even though technically, these allies are doing the right thing.

Attack on Titan Manga 129 will surely bring a surge of new exciting revelations and we can’t wait till it is released.

Attack on Titan 129 Raw Scans:

Since this is a manga, the raws scans for Attack on Titan 129 will be in Japanese. Scanlators like mangastream will quickly translate them and present the English fansub version within 2 days.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our site as we are doing our best to upload the raw scans as soon as possible. As for more theories and discussions regarding Attack on Titan Chapter 129, please check out the subreddit ‘r/ShingekiNoKyojin’.

Attack on Titan 129 Release Date:

Attack on Titan 129 raw scans will be released during May since this is a monthly manga. We are expecting the 2nd week of May. The fansubs will be available soon enough.

They can be found the quickest on Manga4life and Manganelo site. However, multiple other websites gather the subs within 24 hours.

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Let us know what you think will happen in the upcoming AOT Chapter 129 in the comments below and keep visiting for more Manga related news.

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