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Today we will be talking about the upcoming Attack on Titan 128 raw and Shingeki no Kyojin 128 spoilers and Attack on Titan Chapter 128 release date.

The Rumbling on Paradis Island!! The walls have collapsed and all the hardening has been undone.

Titans formed by Zeke’s spinal fluid has made another commotion devouring anyone who is crossing their paths. Thousands of casualties including deaths and injuries have occurred due to the rumbling and the broken walls.

Written and illustrated by Hjime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series which is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

Attack on Titan 128

Finally, this popular series is coming to its climax. Eren Yeager has activated the rumbling using the power of the Founding Titan and the power of The Royal Blood.

Now he is going to destroy every nation outside of Paradise island because he believes that the Eldians on Paradis Island can finally live in peace if all the enemies outside the world are eliminated.

Struck by the fear of mass destruction, the Scouts have finally joined hands with few marleyans to save the world. All the pieces of play are finally falling into place and the legendary climax is in the making.

Attack on Titan Chapter 128 will bring it further towards the surface, but before that let’s take a quick peek at the last chapter 127.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 127 Recap:

Attack on Titan 127: The Night of The End

Jean is imagining about his ideal life which he had dreamt of, living on the Central District with his wife and child when suddenly Hange calls him and urges him to join her in a meeting with Mikasa to make a plan to stop Eren from mass slaughter.

Later they join with the Marleyan soldiers and other scouts to share a meal all together. They kept talking about ‘Justice’ when Jean gets heated and shouts about living under the threats of Titans which Marley kept sending and also if Eren’s mom hadn’t been devoured by Titans, none of the present situations would’ve arrived.

Hange stops the argument between Jean and the Marleyan General when Annie questions about killing Eren as a last resort, whereas Armin and Mikasa insist on talking with Eren to avoid the Genocide. Angering Mikasa, Annie assures her to assist in stopping Eren either by talking to him or fighting him.

All of them start to eat and Hange starts putting up a plan of using a flying boat to observe the Rumbling and getting close to the Founding Titan. Being clueless about Eren’s position, they turn towards Yelena asking if she knows about anything and Yelena refuses.

The Cart Titans tell about Yelena to everyone saying she came up with a story of saving the world while hiding the truth about her after meeting Zeke.

Then Yelena started talking about the previous incidents which took place starting with the breaking of the Wall Maria, infiltrating the Scouts, deaths of the Scout Soldiers by Annie, Armin destroying the Military Port of Marley using the Colossal Titan’s ability, mass murder in Liberio, Gabi killing Sasha, also reminding about the incident of Marco, when Annie confessed of confiscating Marco’s 3d Gear on Reiner’s order because Marco had heard their conversation and later was eaten by a Titan.

Boiled by Marco’s last words saying “We still haven’t talked”, Jean suddenly punched Reiner and kept on punching till Reiner became unrecognized. Gabi kept begging for their assistance to stop the Genocide and Levi wakes up from the noise.

The next day they started to head for the port when The Cart Titan came and said that the harbor was occupied by Yelena Faction including a great number of soldiers guarding the harbor with their 3DMG.

Attack on Titan 128 Spoilers and Theories:

From the last chapter of Attack on Titan, it can be predicted that there will be a fight between the Yelena Faction and the joint Scout-Marleyan group in the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 128. Probably they will use Reiner and Annie to fight the Faction while the rest heads for the flying boat.

 Many possibilities come up for the next chapter of Attack on Titan 128, maybe Yelena will betray the Scout-Marleyan group and launch a surprise attack using her Faction, or maybe she is already leading the group to trap so that they can confiscate the Armoured, Female and the Cart Titan.

Maybe Zeke will finally show up, either he’ll fight them or form an alliance since he was also desperately trying to free the Eldians but without Genocide. Maybe from the next chapter of Attack on Titan, we can see how Marley is preparing for the war or maybe we will get to Eren’s whereabouts.

Shingeki no Kyojin 128

 We think Armin might give us some heavy fist battles using his Titan form, or Levi might possess someone’s Titan form since he is in no position to fight Titans or soldiers or Mikasa might be able to talk with Eren.

Many theories have started to come up for Shingeki no Kyojin 128 as the climax is gradually nearing. Attack on Titan has kept giving unimaginable surprises to the audience and no one can actually predict the next move which will be taken.

Fans have always been speculating about the ending. If it will be happy or tragic if Eren lives or dies since he has one year left of his life. Will Attack on Titan come up with a perfect conclusion?

Will the war between Eldia and the World comes to an end or is Eren’s plan of Genocide is right? Feel free to comment on your questions and theories. Your comment would be duly respected.

Attack on Titan Chapter 128 Release Date:

Shingeki no Kyojin is a manga that releases monthly. We can expect Attack on Titan chapter 128 to arrive on the first week and the issue to arrive on April 9th.

The Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 128 raw scans will be available by 2nd April 2020 and we will be sharing the links here when they get released.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Attack on Titan Season 4 anime, according to recent news the anime will be aired in Winter 2020.

Talking of anime, One Punch Man Season 3 and Dr. Stone Season 2 will be airing soon as well and if you are a big fan of anime, you should check my list of best anime streaming websites.

Please keep an eye on our site to see if the new Attack on Titan chapter has arrived or not. We will be updating this article with all the latest news as it gets released.

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