Attack on Titan Chapter 130 Spoilers & Raw Out Soon

Today we are here to discuss the upcoming Attack on Titan Chapter 130 spoilers and raw release date.

With great effort and intellect, the resistance team has managed to subdue the Yeagerists and are now on their way to staging a counterattack.

They have the plan and the equipment. What is left to do is simply utilize everything and succeed.

Fans are almost unanimously agreeing that Floch is not dead. And it is quite possible, since he was only hit in the hand. It also seems that Liberio is done for, which means Annie’s dad is as good as dead. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Attack on Titan Chapter 130

The meeting between Captains Pixis and Magath and their noble sacrifice was received with a lot of warmth. It was moving how these two great men put aside their differences at the critical moment and joined hands for a better future.

Attack on Titan is in its final arc, counting Attack on Titan Manga 130, only about 5 chapters remaining. This arc is considered to be one of the best, following the incredible Marley Arc.

Eren has started the rumbling, that is, a huge group of Colossal Titans is running across the continent, trampling everything in its path. We are faced with the ultimate question – Save Paradis by destroying the whole world or Save the world at the expense of Paradis?

Attack on Titan 129 Recap:

Chapter 129: Nostalgia

Armin and Connie just killed two countrymen. In the background, the Armor and Female Titans are destroying the enemies. The Azumabito engineers need half a day to mobilize the ships.

Hange and the rest realize that waiting for more will cost 600 km of damage. It will take 4 days to destroy the continent.

They all have to accept the fact that Liberio will be destroyed. Finally, they decide to go to Odiha, where the Azumabitos can work. They decide to leave by ship, in 15 minutes. Hange informs Mikasa, Jean gathers Levi and the rest, the Azumabitos go towards the ships.

Annie and Reiner, hearing the new plan, help the Azumabitos approach the ships. Annie is worried about her father in Liberio. The Yeagerists attempt to crush them but they failed due to the combined effort of the opposition.

Floch realizes a portion of the plan and rallies his troops. He urges them to fight harder and better. Their new target is the ship. Seeing Annie and Reiner in trouble, Falco decides to help them.

Elsewhere, the Yeagerist reinforcements are arriving but an unknown cause derails them, further benefitting the allied group.

The Armor and Female Titans are decapacitated. Mikasa, Connie, Jean and the rest protect them from getting killed. As the Yeagerists slowly start to overwhelm them, Falco turns into Jaw Titan and attacks.

He nearly manages to subdue them all but Floch manages out. He attempts to shoot a thunder spear at the ship but Gabi shoots him down.

As the allied force tries to escape, Jaw Titan attacks the Cart Titan – Falco has lost control. Magath cuts into his nape and personally rescues the kid. They all finally manage to board the ship and leave. However Magath alone stays back.

Magath meets Pixis, the one who stopped the Yeagerist reinforcements. They enter another ship, one which is capable of catching up and destroying the other.

The Yeagerists chase them but they lock themselves in. Pixis narrates how he saw his students have grown up and decided to help them. He is ready to die.

Magath regrets sending the kids to destroy Paradis and hopes he could have given them a sweeter future. They shake hands – Theo Magath and Keith Shadis. Then they use gunpowder to cause a huge blast. It is a suicide bombing that renders the ship useless.

The allied forces watch this scene in tears as they leave the island and move away to Odiha.

Attack on Titan Chapter 130 Raw Scans:

Since this is a manga, the raws scans for Attack on Titan Manga 130 will be in Japanese. Scanlators will translate them and present the fan translated versions – English, French, Korean, etc – within 2 days.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our site. We are doing our best to find the raw scans and will link them as soon as they’re here.

As for more theories and discussions regarding Attack on Titan 130, please check out the subreddit ‘r/ShingekiNoKyojin’. If you have anything to share with us, please do so in the comments section. We appreciate your feedback.

Attack on Titan Manga 130 Release Date:

Attack on Titan is a monthly manga. So we can expect the new chapter to arrive within the first 2 weeks of July. We will probably find some spoilers about it during the first week and will probably inform you if we do. Attack on Titan Chapter 130 Raw Scans is a great source of spoilers.

The fan translated versions will drop 1-2 days within the release of the raw scans. The current chapter has a great translation from a team named ‘Liberio Linguists’.

Attack on Titan 130 Spoilers:

Our predictions in the last article mostly came true. So here is what we think for the upcoming Attack on Titan Chapter 130.

The Azumabito engineers still have to show their skills. We expect the ship to reach Odhia without much trouble, but the time to reach will cost a lot of lives to the rumbling in the continent. However, once they reach the place, they will be able to act quickly on their plan and move on to the next phase.

Attack on Titan Chapter 130

This image shows that there is a pattern in the Aot storyline for a while now. Going by this pattern, Attack on Titan 130 will be another Eren-less chapter and focus on buildup and the allied group. After all, most of them got amazing development and they now have clear goals and resolutions.

After that, we might see the return of the fan favourite character, Eren Yeager. His presence has been missed by all. We believe Eren will keep up the rumbling, attempting to save his hometown. After that, the events will be extremely drastic and change everyone’s fate forever.

We already know that this story will have a tragic ending. Now that can mean two things – Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 130 and following will show the destruction of the world. Eren will win, which means nearly all the people living on Earth will die. This option is sad for the world but fans have chosen this plan and love it.

On the other hand, there is the option of killing Eren and stopping mass genocide. Fans are not actively supporting this plan but they do believe in its morality.

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