Attack On Titan 126 Spoilers, Attack On Titan Chapter 126 Raw Scans

Attack on Titan 126 spoilers are going to be released soon and today we will be discussing Shingeki no Kyojin 126 raw scans and release date.

The rumbling has been activated, the walls are down and Annie is out of the crystal!! So much has happened and this has gotten fans all over the world excited for Shingeki no kyojin chapter 126.

Shonen Jump was on break last week and it caused a break for publications like Black Clover and One Piece and these will finally be released this week. Attack on Titan was released last week and as it’s a monthly released manga we will have to wait for some time before reading it.

Before further discussing Attack on Titan Chapter 126 spoilers and raw scans let’s go through the recap of Attack On Titan chapter 125 first.

Attack on Titan chapter 125 summary and recap

The titans breaking the walls and coming out has caused a lot of destruction to the city. Many people have lost their lives in the rubble. This creates a rift between the Yeagerists and the common people.

Annie has been decrystallized and found by Hitch, her friend. It seems like she hasn’t aged at all inside the crystal. But she could hear all that was said by Armin and Hitch, so she knows what’s going on.

Here we also learn her backstory, where she was abandoned by her parents and was taken into the camp. There she was trained to become a warrior. But all this training makes her unapologetic of her actions and she sort of loses her humanity.

Attack On Titan 126

Back in Marley, the Eldians are requesting the officers to let them out of the camps as they’re aware of the Titans coming their way. But the officers don’t believe them and this leads to a scuffle.

Armin and Mikasa have a chat where Armin decides to take back Falco from Connie who in turn wants to get his mother back. He thinks it’s the only way to get the help of Reiner and the Cart titan. Gabi goes along with Armin.

Floch who acts as the representative of the Yeagerists is talking to the volunteers, asking them to join. As one disagrees he’s killed instantly. At the same time, he also tries to recruit Jean to his cause.

We also see Connie who has apparently kidnapped Falco to bring back his mother but Falco doesn’t have any memories and is unaware of Connie’s intentions.

Finally, we see the Cart titan as they’re contemplating their options they’re confronted by Hange and Levi! The chapter ended there and now we are going to talk about the upcoming Attack on Titan 126.

Update- The Chapters will be out soon and we will share the links as soon as they get released.

Read Attack on Titan 126 spoilers

So now we know that both Hange and Levi have survived. Everything is in chaos and it all feels like the beginning of the series where it all felt lost.

We haven’t seen or heard of Historia in a few chapters so in Attack on Titan chapter 126 we might see something related to her. Where is she?

In this chapter we missed Eren, he heading towards the ocean along with the colossal titans. So we might get a few pages as to what’s happening to him in chapter 126.

About Levi, it is unclear as to how bad his situation is. He is alive, but can he engage in combat? Also now that Pieck, Magath, and Hange have met, what will they do? Hange said “a completely harmless man who failed to die” while describing Levi. Could this be something related to him being an Ackerman. We will see that in Attack on Titan chapter 126.

On top of the Military fortress, Floch has given Jean a choice. He might not agree with him and a fight can break out where Jean rescues all the volunteers.

Gabi and Armin will soon catch up with Connie and Falco. Gabi might have to kill Connie in order to save Falco. This will be an interesting fight.

Attack On Titan Chapter 126 Raw Scans

Attack On Titan chapter 125 was released on January 9th and now fans are eagerly waiting for the Attack on Titan manga 126 release date and according to sources, the chapter will be released on February 9th, 2020.

Jaiminisbox has stopped scanlations and that is why the raw scans for popular manga chapters are getting released late. We expect the Attack on Titan chapter 126 raw scans to be released by 4th February 2020 and don’t forget to check Jaiminisbox alternatives to read the upcoming Attack on Titan chapter online.

The chapter is first scanned in the Japanese language which is then translated to other languages like English and Indo. We will post the latest updates regarding the Shingeki no Kyojin 126 raw scans soon as they get released.

The article will be updated soon so make sure to follow us on all social media sites to get the latest Attack on titan related updates. Don’t forget to check our article on Reddit One Piece fan theories and best high school romance anime.

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