Read Black Clover 236 Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Release Date

The last chapter of Black clover manga was breathtaking and now fans are excitedly waiting for the release of the new chapter as they want to read Black Clover 236 spoilers, Black clover manga 236 raw scans and also want to know the release date of the next chapter.

Black clover manga was on a break because of New year celebrations but chapter 235 was leaked somehow on the Internet and everyone got to read Black Clover 235 early just like the One Piece 967 and now fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapters to be released, but unfortunately, there will be no Black clover manga 236 this week.

One Piece 968 has been delayed as well because of their leak this New Year’s and now they will be released on their official date just like Black Clover. Today we will see when the Black clover 236 get released and what we think about the Black clover manga 236 spoilers and raw scans.

Black Clover 236

Jaiminisbox has stopped doing Black clover scanlations as well so there will be no new Black clover chapters on Jaiminisbox. We have released Jaiminisbox alternatives which you can check to read all the upcoming Black clover chapters legally.

Before moving on to the Black clover manga 236 spoilers, let’s check what happened in the last Black clover chapter.

[Update] — Black Clover Chapter 236 Spoilers Will Be Released Tomorrow

Black Clover 235 Recap And Summary

In Black clover chapter 234, we got to know that Yuno is royalty and we also saw how the Spade kingdom wizards have attacked the Golden dawn in order to find the Arcane stage mage.

As soon as Yuno gets wind of this, he rushes to the Golden dawn headquarters in order to save his squad members as he is now the vice-captain of the Golden dawn.

Zeno with his partners have attacked the Golden dawn headquarters and the fight started and Golden dawn squad members are unable to deal with any damage to the Spade kingdom wizards.

William Vengeance, the captain of Golden dawn has joined in the battle against The Dark Triad. Zeno uses bone magic and William is using World tree magic. The next panel cuts to Yuno entering and seeing destruction everywhere with Dark Triads standing in middle.

This gets Yuno mad and now he is ready to fight at full power. We will get to see Yuno vs Dark Triad members in the Black Clover manga 236 and like everyone, we are excitedly waiting for Black clover 236 spoilers and raw scans.

Who Is The Arcane Stage Mage?

We all know that the Dark Triads are here to find the Arcane stage mage and we don’t know what they want from him. No one knows who this Arcane stage mage is.

Fans are predicting that it can be William and some are saying that Yuno is the Arcane stage mage. We all know it that neither of them is the Arcane stage mage and we all are going to get a new character soon.

Black Clover 236 Spoilers And Predictions

Black clover is going to be all about Yuno vs Zeno and we are going to see a whole new level of Yuno’s strength and we expect that William will be helping out as well in this fight.

We all know that Yuno is royalty but maybe the Dark Triads don’t know it yet and maybe their goal is not Yuno. Asta have been missing for few chapters and we can expect Asta to make an appearance in the next Black Clover manga 236.

Asta and Yuno vs Zeno will be an interesting battle and soon we will get to know about the Arcane stage mage. We still have to wait to read Black Clover 236 spoilers and we will post them here as soon as they released on the Internet.

Black Clover Manga 236 Raw Scans

Black clover manga is first leaked in the Japanese language which is then translated to other languages. After Mangastream and Jaiminisbox’s decision to stop Black Clover scanlations there are very few people translating the chapters and this is why sometimes the raw scans get delayed.

Black Clover 236 raw scans will be available by 12th January we believe and we will share them here as soon as they get released on the Internet. Keep checking Black Clover subreddit to get the latest details regarding Black Clover chapter 236.

Read Black Clover 236 Release Date Here!

Everyone is excitedly waiting to read Black clover 236 release date and according to the official sources, the Black clover chapter 236 will be released by 15th January 2020.

We expect it to be released by 13th January but if something happens and it gets delayed, the chapter will be released by 15th January. You can check our list of best manga sites to check where you can read the next chapter.

We will be updating this article continuously to make sure we provide all the latest information regarding the upcoming Black Clover manga 236. So make sure to follow us on all social media and don’t forget to check out Reddit One Piece fan theories.


Where can we read Black Clover manga 236?

You can read the upcoming Black clover chapter 236 on manga sites like Mangabox, Crunchyroll and Comic Walker.

What is the Black Clover 236 release date?

Black Clover manga 236 will be released on 15th January 2020.

Where can we read Black Clover 236 spoilers?

We will post the spoilers here as soon as they get released. You can also check the Black Clover subreddit for future spoilers.

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