Black Clover 259 Spoilers and Black Clover Chapter 259 Raw

Asta and Yami against Dante is what fans wanted to see the most and we can’t wait to see how Asta uses his newfound Devil strength in the upcoming Black Clover 258 spoilers and the English raw scans.

Yami has given his best against Dante but was still not able to beat him and that is why he needed Asta’s strength and we finally got to see Asta come back and fight Dante.

Even though Asta returned with his Anti Magic sword, he has not been able to do much in terms of helping Yami and from the last chapter we clearly read that Asta’s anti magic sword is the key to defeating Dante.

Black Clover 259

Yami has high hopes for Asta and the power that Asta has right now will not be enough to help Yami in the battle and that is why he needs to surpass his limits and get even stronger and this is where we see the devil residing behind the five clover grimoire agreeing to lend his power to Asta.

In order to get stronger, Asta needs more strength and that is where his devil comes in the play. His devil agrees to lend him the true strength of a devil but in return he asks for a part of Asta’s body to which he agrees.

Now finally we will be seeing the true strength of Asta’s devil and if he will be able to defeat Dante and his devil.

Even though Dante is using only 70% of his devil’s strength, he is very very strong because of his body magic and forbidden spells and even in past we have read Dante calling Asta’s demon a lowly ranked devil.

So it will be fun to see how Asta fares against Dante and his devil. The upcoming Black Clover Chapter 259 spoilers will tell us more about what will happen in the upcoming chapter and will Yami and Asta be able to finally finish Dante off for good or not.

The upcoming Black Clover chapter is going to be very exciting for sure when Asta will unleash his devil magic and we will also get to know which body part of Asta got taken by the devil and how it will affect Asta in the long run.

With the passing of time and Asta using more and more of the devil’s powers, will Asta get consumed by his devil or make devil’s magic his own just like Naruto did with Kurama.

There are a lot of questions going on in fans minds and we can’t wait to get answers for all of those.

Today we will be discussing the official release date of Black Clover 259 and the spoilers and raw scans release. There is no break this week so the chapter will be released as usual and we advise you to check out One Piece 986 Spoilers and My Hero Academia 279 as well.

Black Clover 259 Official Release Date

As we mentioned earlier, there are no official breaks this week so the chapter will be releasing as usual.

Black Clover manga chapter 259 will be officially released online on 26th July 2020 and will be available to read on Viz official website and Shonen jump smartphone app on your devices.

The spoilers will be released once the raw scans get translated and while we wait for the official spoilers to get released, let’s see some fan predictions and discussions about the upcoming chapter from the Internet.

Black Clover Chapter 259 Spoilers And Predictions

Spoilers only get released once the raw scans get leaked and translated and since the raw scans are not out yet, the spoilers are nowhere to be seen and that is why everyone should wait for a while.

We will be sharing all the spoilers here once they get released here. So stay tuned and let’s take a look at some of the fan speculations about the upcoming Black Clover Chapter.

Asta is in now control of his devil’s true power and now one knows what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

Will Dante finally get defeated by Asta’s new devil power or even the new found power will not be enough to finish Dante?

Asta has now gained his devil’s power, will this be a physical boost like before or will Asta be able to use magic for the first time?

If Asta somehow becomes able to use magic then the upcoming chapter is going to have a huge effect on the fandom and fans are excited to read what happens next.

With Asta’s new power and Yami’s new strength,it is certainly possible to take down a monster like Dante but will it happen?

The whole reason behind the Dark triads introduction is the rise of the devils and if Dante is unable to take Yami with him, then all of the plans of the Dark triad will go to waste.

So somehow they must capture Yami and them him with them and that is why we know that somehow Yami is going to be captured for sure.

What if Zeno appears to help out Dante? Two of the dark triads appearing will certainly be a serious issue and we will only get to know what happen in the Black Clover 259 chapter once the spoilers get released.

So stay tuned and check our articles on best anime 2020 and best sites to watch anime online free while you wait for the Black Clover spoilers to be released on our website.

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