Black Clover 258 Spoilers & Black Clover Chapter 258 Raw

Today we want to discuss the upcoming Black Clover 258 spoilers and the official release date. Fans are going wild and we all are having a hard time waiting a week for another chapter to drop.

Asta is back again. And to sweeten the pot, he is fighting alongside Yami. The two most beloved characters will join swords to defeat the seemingly undefeatable Dante.

This fight might as well be one of the biggest, most hyped ones so far. It’s been a while since the master and student stood shoulder to shoulder.

Black Clover 258

How is Dante so powerful? His luck is amazing. Just when the fans thought he is done for, he comes back for more. Not to mention, now he looks creepy with that hideous body magic.

How do you think Dante can be defeated? Will Asta and Yami joining forces be enough? Let’s find out in Black Clover Chapter 258.

And before we move on to the spoilers and raw scans release, let’s do a recap of the last chapter, and don’t forget to check our articles on One Piece 985 and Kingdom 648.

Black Clover 257 Recap:

Yami’s Death Thrust obliterates Dante’s torso. Dante is extremely surprised by this – to see a human match his full power. However, he thanks Yami for more malice and starts regenerating.

He isn’t human anymore. Dante’s original magic is body magic and it prevents him from death or age. But he seldom uses it, because its ugly. But it helped him live.

Dante attacks once more and Yami blasts his body again with Death Thrust. But Dante isn’t worried. He says that the world is unfair and people with years of training fail. In front of Dante, no amount of hard work can succeed. In the end, Dante wins. That is his supreme pleasure.

Dante attacks and injures Yami. Meanwhile Asta is lying, unable to move. He curses himself for not getting up. Yami realizes it too. He admits that he can’t defeat Dante alone. Dante has too much mana and energy for Yami to defeat him alone. Yami says that he can’t win without Asta’s help.

As soon as Yami says this, Asta remembers the countless times Yami stood by him and tutored him. Asta realizes that he need to help his master and gets up. He picks up his grimoire, summons his sword and stands beside Yami. They will face Dante together.

Black Clover Chapter 258 Release Date:

On July 15, 2020, the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will contain the Japanese version of Black Clover 258. The leaks will start around that time and will serve as spoilers to the next chapter.

Scanlators will pick up the raw scans and get to translating. They generally deliver the fan translated English version within 2/3 days. We are expecting them within July 17, 2020.

Black Clover Manga 258 official English scans will be published on July 19, 2020. You can find them in the Viz website, the Mangaplus website and the Shonen Jump app.

Black Clover Manga 258 Raw Scans:

Since Black Clover is a manga, most fans need the scans to be translated from Japanese to English. So scanlation teams require the raw scans to work on. That is when some panels are leaked, sort of like a teaser.

These leaks are prime sources of spoilers. We are trying our best to get these raw scans for you and we ask you to be patient. Black Clover 258 raw scans can be found before 17th July.

We will find them and upload them for you to read. Meanwhile, consider visiting the Black Clover subreddit ‘r/BlackClover’ for a lot of content related to Black Clover Chapter 258 – discussions, theories, volume talk, and so on.

Black Clover 258 Spoilers:

This tweet embodies the love for Asta-Yami duo. Their pairing is one of the best parts of the series. Black Clover 258 will show them in a fantastic action sequence. We might actually see Asta surpassing his limits once more.

Black Clover 258 might be grave of Dante. None of us have trouble believing that if Yami can push Dante to the absolute edge, help from Asta will seal the deal. But we believe Asta needs to be stronger and faster than Dante’s body magic.

Let us see the methods. Body magic is like regenerating and joining the cut parts. So if Yami obliterates the torso and Asta can cut the parts down before they can join, Dante loses. Or, if Asta separates the body parts by a sizable distance, Dante might not be able to rejoin.

What is the state of Heart Kingdom? We must not forget the problems in the other battlefields. Vanica has left Heart Kingdom in its knees and without Lolopechka’s power, they can barely scrape ahead.

Fans are interested in seeing what the future hold for these people. We are all hoping Noelle is one of the leaders, despite being from the Clover Kingdom.

We might get another glimpse of Yuno in Black Clover Chapter 258. We haven’t seen our deuteragonist for months! Ever since Zenon decimated half the squad and left Yuno nearly dead, we have not seen him. Given that he is another beloved character, we might get to see if he is doing all right.

Lastly, Asta’s fatigue. Black Clover 258 might show us how Asta recovers from his fatigue. He did jump up so assist Yami but that doesn’t mean all his pain is gone.

From this fight with Dante, we have gotten several new questions about Asta and we will get our answers as the arc progresses.

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