Black Clover 261 Spoilers and Black Clover Chapter 261 Raw

Dante has been defeated but still, Yami got taken away and now fans are eager to know more about what will next happen and can’t wait for Black Clover 261 spoilers to be released.

The Black Clover raw scans are in the process of translations, so the spoilers will be hitting the internet very soon so we ask you to have patience and must go through the whole article because once the spoilers are out, we will be posting them below.

Also, spoiler alert for everyone who wants to stay away from spoilers before the official release. So don’t share this article with your friends who hate Black Clover Spoilers.

Black Clover 261

Chapter 260 was a very sad one as we see Yami being taken away by Zeno even after going through so many hardships while defeating Dante.

The chapter was very sad for every Black clover fan out there and now that Yami has been taken away, it’s hundred percent guaranteed that the devils will now be summoned on the earth.

The key ingredients for the tree of Qliphoth is arcane stage dark magic and the world tree magic and now that Zeno has both with Vangeance and Yami, nothing can stop him.

The only way to stop Zeno is to attack him but since Black bulls and Golden dawn are both in disarray and maybe the rest of squads are unaware of the situation, they will not be able to make it in time.

For the longest period of time I had the doubt that Yami will surely be captured and that is what happened. The tree of Qliphoth will link this world to the world of devils and then they will be able to make their way onto the earth.

If this is allowed to happen then it will mean the end of earth and human beings all over and I am sure the Clover kingdom and the Heart kingdom will not let that happen.

A fight, let me rephrase, a war is going to start. War between all the countries vs the devils and fans can’t wait to see it in action.

All the kingdoms will come together to stop this atrocity and we will have to wait if they will strike before the tree is linked to the devil world or afters the devils have made their way on the surface.

Black Clover Chapter 261 raw scans and spoilers will release what action Clover kingdom takes next in order to save their two best captains.

We will be sharing the spoilers details below for you to read, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to check our article on One Piece Manga 988.

Read Black Clover 261 Spoilers & Predictions

Firstly, if you are here before 21st August then there are high chances that the spoilers have not been released yet.

All the spoilers will be shared here for fans to read so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

So while we wait for the spoilers to release, let’s talk a bit about what might happen in the upcoming chapter.

So now we know that the rise of devils is inevitable, unless Zeno and Vanica are stopped, the devils will be able to make their way to surface and as we mentioned, it will be the end of human world.

So how will it go?

According to me, Clover kingdom, Heart kingdom, and even Diamond kingdom will help in the fight. But the initial war with start with Clover and Heart kingdom only.

Since Vanica took Lolopechka, the guardians of heart kingdom will strike back as well and Noelle will rally troops from the clover kingdom.

But to launch a big attack, both the kingdoms will have to gather the troops and that will take time. This is why they will get late and only reach once the devils are about to be summoned.

I don’t think all the devils from the underworld will make through to the surface, but before the Black clover kingdom is able to do something, some devils will make their way up for sure.

A big war is brewing and once again all eyes will be on Asta. Also once this war ends, Black clover will end? There is a high chance for that.

There are a lot of questions in everyone’s minds and only the upcoming chapter will provide answers to those questions.

Black Clover Chapter 261 Official Release Date

Black Clover Manga Chapter 261 will be officialy released this Sunday on the Viz website. Chapter will get released on 23rd August 2020 and fans can read it online when it comes out.

As we mentioned earlier, raw scans are already in the translation process and the spoilers will be releasing soon online for everyone to read.

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