Black Clover 247 Raw & Black Clover Chapter 247 Spoilers Date

The Black Clover 247 raw scans in English and Black Clover Manga Chapter 247 spoilers will be released soon and we can’t wait for it to get released.

We will be sharing the spoilers for the upcoming chapter in this article, so close this page if you don’t want to read spoilers.

The fight between Dante and Yami is reaching its peak and just when we thought Dante has been taken care of, he uses his devil magic to regenerate and heal himself.

It looks like Dante is much stronger and Yami needs to try much harder if he wants to get rid of him.

Black Clover 247

Vanegance has already been taken, if Dante defeats Yami then he will have everything that he needs to bring the devils from the underworld to the realm of humans.

If Yami is somehow unable to defeat Dante, then it would become a major problem for all the humans, elves, and all the other races.

So what will happen in the next chapter? Will other captains come in for rescue or Yami will take care of Dante alone?

All will be revealed in the upcoming Black Clover 247 spoilers and raw scans and all will be shared as they get released.

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Before we move on to the spoilers, let’s do a recap for the last chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 246 Review

The Black Clover 246 chapter starts with Asta on the ground and he is seeing visuals of his demon while he is unconscious.

The demon is threatening Asta, but suddenly Asta wakes up and it looks like he is not injured gravely but he is unable to move.

Yami is confident that he cut Dante with his Iai slash, but Dante uses an unique devil magic power that he has not used yet and regenerates his cells and heal himself.

Dante is impressed by Yami’s skill and is acting like a freak. We see a flashback of Dante’s past where is looks like a regular citizen.

Dante was bored and there was nothing to satisfy his malice, we see him killing the king as well.

Then Yami asks Dante why he wants to open the gate to the underworld and this is when the dark triads plan gets revealed.

They are trying to create the tree of Qliphoth that requires an arcane stage dark magic user and a world tree magic user.

They have already got Vanegance and all they need now is Yami. Once they create the tree, it will open a gate between the two worlds and demons will come pouring in.

Yami is now hell-bent on defeating Dante and taking care of him for good. Then the scene gets cut to the spade kingdom and it seems like they have been infiltrated by a spy.

And It looks like the spy is from the Black Bulls. So who is this spy? Why is he in the spade kingdom?

The answers to all these questions will be released in the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 247 spoilers and raw scans.

Black Clover 247 Spoilers & Predictions

The official spoilers will be released on 10th April 2020. So come back on 10 for the all the spoilers, till then we are releasing predictions and fan theories regarding the upcoming Black Clover chapter.

Who is this spy? When will we get to see him? Maybe in the next Black Clover Chapter 248?

Dante vs Yami fight will be moving to the next stage and we will to see some now devil powers from Dante.

Will he start using 100% of his devil’s powers now? Will he turn into a demon or stay in his human form?

When will other members of the Black bulls arrive? Will other captains come into help? What will be the outcome of the fight between Yami and Dante?

We all know Yami is strong but we all are familiar with how Shonen works, Yami is going to be defeated and captured by Dante and this when more of the captains will get involved.

Black Bulls will rally to save Yami and that is how the war against the dark triad and the demons start.

The spoilers will be releasing soon and we will be sharing the links to the spoilers of Black Clover 247 when they get released.

Black Clover Chapter 247 Raw Scans

Since mangastream stopped doing Black Clover scanlations, new groups have joined in but they are still new and that is why the translations are taking time.

The English raw scans for the Black Clover Manga Chapter 247 will be released on 10 April for everyone to read and you can check them out on Black Clover subreddit or here when we share all the links.

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What is the official Black Clover 247 release date?

The chapter will be officially released on 12th April 2020.

Where can you read the upcoming Black Clover Chapter?

You can read the upcoming Black Clover Manga 247 on Viz and Mangaplus.

Let us know what you think will happen in the upcoming chapter in the comments below.

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