Vinland Saga Chapter 174 Spoilers, Raw Releasing Soon

A brilliant idea has struck Thorfinn and the journey to Vinland seems like a much safer option now. Fans are really excited about Vinland Saga Chapter 174 as the sailing out is just around the corner.

Violence only breeds more violence. So Thorfinn decided not to bring even a sliver of it into their journey. Doing so keeps the hope of peace alive. Do you agree to this theory? Or do you agree to Eyvar’s logic of protection? Let us know.

Thorfinn has found a great answer. Interdependence through trade! This allows a real possibility to breed, maybe in the end, the Icelanders will be able to establish peace with the natives.

Vinland Saga Chapter 174

However, it is nothing short of a great challenge. No one likes parasitism and competition bring harm to both sides. We will discuss this in detail soon so please keep reading.

It seems Vinland Saga Chapter 174 will be the final chapter on Iceland and following it, will be sailing chapters where we explore the vast seas into Vinland. This arc will move onto a new part with new challenges. Are you all excited as Yukimura finally takes us to the long awaited Utopia?

Vinland Saga 174 Release Date:

Being a monthly series, Vinland Saga Manga 174 will be publishing in July. From the looks of it, we won’t see the chapters until late July, say 20th or later. The raw scans will be published in July’s issue of Monthly Afternoon under Kodansha.

It is released in English as well due to NA Kodansha. Vinland Saga 174 will be named “Sailing for the West (8)”. That means Volume 24 will contains all the Sailing for the West chapters.

Although, before the release of Volume 24, we are expecting the release of English Volume 23. It should be released around June or July 2020.

One Piece Manga 984 and Boruto Chapter 48 will be releasing soon so you should check them as well.

Vinland Saga 173 Recap:

As the day of departure comes close, Thorfinn trades with Halfdan. He rides a great horse and takes a liking. Halfdan offers to prepare a couple of Stallions and Mares to breed in Vinland. Thorfinn relays that they are quickly reaching maximum capacity.

He pays for 2 horses and 24 sheep in Silver currency. Halfdan tells him that he has been searching Iceland for Silver and Gold but it is a barren land. Thorfinn hopes Vinland will have reserves of those. Halfdan has trust in Thorfinn’s wisdom.

He then offers to sell weapons and armors to Thorfinn. Halfdan days that he is investing in Vinland and wants to protect his wares. He acknowledges Thorfinn’s dislike of war but retorts that without violence, the enemy can control him and use him.

Thorfinn tells him about Eyvar and asks for his opinion. Halfdan agrees as what Thorfinn is doing is truly an experiment. Disarming oneself only takes away his control. Halfdan further points out that he can kill Thorfinn anytime – but the law holds him back. The Thing is an authority that keeps people in check. It exercises controlled violence for the people, by the people.

If the Thing had military might, no one will be able to oppose it and there will be peace. However, the army should be put under a King and the King should follow the law as well. This means that people will be ruled by thing, who uses army, who is under the King, who follows the law.

And it is then, when Thorfinn has an epiphany. He realized Halfdan cannot kill him – because of the Thing, but also because of the trade relations they have. They depend on each other and will profit off each other.

Dependence to the point where one cannot live without the other – that is the key to peace. They will provide the natives with things they need in exchange for taking what the natives have to offer them. Commerce will be the key to Vinland’s stability.

Other than products, they have knowledge and technology to offer, Soon, they can intermarry and create a singular population entity. Thorfinn is overjoyed and sets off. Cordelia arrives and informs him that Halfdan has allowed her to go to Vinland.

Halfdan arrives and offers a strange proposal. He wants Thorfinn to become his heir and inherit his island!

Vinland Saga Manga 174 Spoilers:

With the new chapter barely released, we do not have spoilers yet. But worry not, the leaks and spoiler panels of Vinland Saga 174 will hit the internet within a few weeks. As soon as they arrive, we will put them up for you to browse. So we urge you to keep an eye on our website.

The Raw Scans will release soon and various scanlators will get to translating them. The latest chapter ended along the lines of “Pre-Departure Troubles Begin”. If you have any theories, you can put them in our comments section. Also, visit ‘r/VinlandSaga’ for great content.

Vinland Saga Chapter 174 Discussion:

A chapter without Hild! What a relief indeed. Without her, we are not held back by the past. We got a glimpse of a free Thorfinn, who seems like a true tradesman and explorer. His epiphany came at the best time and now, Thorfinn has a great method to bring Peace.

Vinland Saga 174 will have another discussion between Eyvar and Thorfinn. While Thorfinn’s interdependence plan works very well when they reach Vinland, it is not flawless. There is the language barrier and the fact that they are invaders. So, trade relations might take time. Here, Eyvar might be useful.

But there is another issue as well – pirates in the sea. They have nothing to trade and if they decide to loot, it will be a great problem. Maybe Thorfinn will have to tackle this in Vinland Saga 174.

In the upcoming chapter 174, Thorfinn might elucidate his dependence plan to others. It is indeed a very sound one. Parasitism harms one party and benefits another – like Pirates. Competition harms both parties – War between Kingdoms.

But Mutualism is beneficial to all – both parties will profit off each other. So that means, they will not harm each other either and thus, there can be natural peace.

However, Humans are not that simple and tend to cut corners. That might lead to violence erupting. Maybe Thorfinn will have to come up with a plan where he fuses Law along with Trade, thus establishing an authority for all.

Vinland Saga Chapter 174 will also solve Halfdan’s inheritance problem. We all know that Thorfinn is not driven by greed. This means his obvious response to Halfdan is negative. Going to Vinland, he will have no time to take the island, not to mention it belongs to Sigurd.

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