Boruto Chapter 48 Spoilers And Raw Scans: Isshiki vs Koji

Today we will be discussing Boruto Chapter 48 which will mark the end of another phase in this arc. Fans are very excited as we are gradually moving on to a new phase. The Kawaki arc gets more interesting with every new chapter.

A lot of fans predicted that Kashin Koji is Jiraiya – a similar fighting style, the usage of toads, the gait, the ability to get into Konoha undetected, the similarity Naruto found in him and so on.

It is a very satisfying revelation for everyone. Some fans thought bringing back Jiraiya will ruin his character while others simply wanted him back. Ukyo Kodachi made a fantastic move to fit into both groups’ expectations.

Boruto Chapter 48

Kashin Koji’s heated battle with the temporary Isshiki Ohtsutsuki coupled with the explanation of all plans by Amado – Konoha has all the intel it needs. What’s left is to see how the intellectuals form a counterattack plan and how Boruto and Kawaki fit into it. What do you think will happen?

There are a lot of questions going on in everyone’s mind and we hope to get the answers in the upcoming Chapter. Also, check our list of sites to watch anime online and our list of best anime 2020.

Boruto 47 Recap:

Isshiki is attacked using natural flame by Koji and he fails to absorb it. So he decides to shrink the fire using his ability – Sukuna-Hikona. Amado tells them that it can shrink anything but living things. Isshiki realizes that Jigen’s body has reached its limits and won’t hold much longer.

However it is not the end – Isshiki’s karma is implanted in Kawaki. Sasuke questions Amado whether they are serving Isshiki by leaving him with a single perfect vessel. Kawaki bursts into the room and attacks Amado.

Sasuke quickly foils it. Amado continues explaining. Jigen and Isshiki will burn to death soon. Isshiki’s death will lead to Karma spreading in the vessels. It slowly extracts itself – in Jigen, the extraction is complete but in Kawaki, it still needs time. So if Jigen dies, there will be some time until Kawaki is taken over.

Killing Kawaki ends Isshiki completely but Naruto will not allow that to happen. Amado asks them to watch the feed again. Jigen burns out and dies. Right then, Karma acts up and disappears completely from Kawaki’s body.

Isshiki Ohtsutsuki reincarnates in Jigen’s body as a last ditch effort to live. This makes all the Karma elsewhere to erase so that duplicates are not formed. So, with no other vessels available, it is possible to kill the immortal god once and for all.

Isshiki shows his true form and immediately weaponizes the pillars in his vicinity. He kills the transmission frog, cutting the live footage for Konoha. Amado reveals now that Isshiki is drawn out, Koji won’t live much longer. This bothers Naruto. He doesn’t understand it yet but subconsciously,  he wanted Koji to win.

Isshiki says that everything has a predestined fate. He destroys Koji’s mask and says that Amado wanted to bet on Koji, hoping it could bring change. But Koji’s fate is to die there. Kashin Koji is the clone of Jiraiya, one of the Three Great Sannins.

Boruto Chapter 48 Release Date:    

Boruto is a monthly manga published by Shueisha. Initially, it was published once a month in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine but from July, 2020, it has been moved to V Jump. Being a Naruto sequel spinoff, it has a large fanbase.

Boruto 48 official scans are supposed to release on July 20, 2020. It will be available for free on Viz, Mangaplus and Shonen Jump app. In 4th September, the 12th Volume of this manga will be released. Unfortunately, it won’t contain Boruto 48.

We are expecting the raw scans to be released somewhere along the third week of July when V Jump releases its newest issue. Do check out ‘r/Boruto’ subreddit for more content.

Boruto Manga Chapter 48 Spoilers:

As of now, no official spoilers have been leaked. Reddit is completely devoid of any leaks for Boruto 48. But this is just the first week. Please be patient and wait for the spoilers to drop. There will be some leaks within the next 2 weeks. We will definitely put it up on our website for you to read, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, if you want to participate in a free giveaway of Boruto volume 8, go to this link and follow their instruction here.

Do you think Kashin Koji will be defeated? Or do you side with the Kashin defeating Isshiki theory? Some of us are under the impression that Kashin will be aided by Konoha. Will other nations take part in this? How long and more importantly, how does this event link up with the one we saw in Chapter 1?

Boruto 48 Predictions and discussions:

Who will be the victor in Koji vs Isshiki? At this moment, both of them seem likely to win. Isshiki is extremely powerful and can beat anyone; he even predicted Koji’s death. Koji on the other hand has a real shot at killing the Ohtsutsuki and according to Naruto, he is genuinely trying to win.

We believe Koji will be defeated in Boruto 48. This prediction is based off what we saw in Chapter 1. Kawaki had the Karma there but we just saw Karma being erased from him. This means Isshiki was able to replant the Karma.

This brings us to the next part. Boruto Chapter 48 might show or at least hint at Isshiki meeting Kawaki. With the Karma gone, he can’t teleport directly but he must find some way to get to Kawaki, fight through the opponents, and plant his Karma.

Of course, he is extremely weak and might die before that. So there is a possibility of the Momoshiki incident repeating itself – the Konoha squad might go to check out the battleground and there, Isshiki will plant the Karma just how Momoshiki planted Karma in Boruto.

So this is what we have now on the upcoming Boruto Chapter and also, the Boruto Episode 155 will be returning soon as well for everyone to stream.

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