Berserk 362 Release Date, Berserk Manga 362 Spoilers

Berserk 362 is going to be absolutely amazing. The latest chapter has hyped us up for so many more possibilities. Fans are overjoyed about the continuation of the journey, but then again, they are somewhat annoyed that the story goes on.

Chapter 360 raised the question – will Berserk end? Is Guts’ journey over? It seems like there is more to go and Miura is going to execute it.

The 50-year-old author is going to continue his work at the same pace probably. Even if we get only 6 manga chapters per year, which is quite low, the story won’t progress very fast with these 20-page chapters.

Berserk 362

The artwork has been great. We’re hoping to see some stunning art in Berserk 362 – when Guts trains in his Berserker armor. The spirit inside, the fox, the rough and tough design, it all leads to amazing panels. Sadly, Guts will be struggling.

It seems that this Fairy arc will be dedicated to training – Guts using the armor, Isidro getting stronger, Farnese and Schierke honing thei r magic, Casca controlling her psyche and more. If all goes well, Guts’ travelling party will come out stronger than ever!

Fans can’t wait for the Berserk Chapter 362 spoilers to be released and don’t forget to check our Boruto Chapter 49 as it will be released soon as well.

Berserk 362 Recap:

The Skull Knight and Guts are at the cliff. Guts points out that he is still in one piece but the Knight asks him to be careful – causality hasn’t converged yet. They’re interrupted by Gedfryn, who addresses Skull Knight as ‘King’.

Gedfryn gets a hang on the relationship between Guts and Skull Knight – he offers to take them to Hanarr. Hanarr is the dwarf who forged the Berserker armor. He is also the one who made the Skull Knight’s state possible.

As the three men head down a cliff, Morda notices them. She returns to the village. Farnese is with the Queen. Schierke is learning to fly on brooms. Morda joins Schierke and they fly away. Morda is talented with brooms. The two fly high up and Morda confesses about being a delinquent. They notice Guts’ group again and decide to follow.

Down the ravine, the outcasts live. They can’t live in the light of the elf queen. The place is a lot different, like Qliphoth. The wicker men live there – they’re actually soldiers sacrificed for experiment. They visit Morda’s teacher Volvapa, a master in curses and spirits. She recognizes Schieke as Flora’s pupil. Vol muses that the old men’s prophesy is coming true.

Vol points out that Guts is headed towards the stone forest, where the Dwarves dwell. Guts reaches the Dwarves hideout and finds Hanarr. Hanarr recognizes Skull Knight as king, who in turn thanks Hanarr. Hanarr is surprised that both his creations have come to meet him together.

Hanarr explains that the Armor belongs to Guts and he can indeed use it well. But he hasn’t mastered it yet. The armor can consume it’s host. He strikes the armor hard and it activates – the fox head starts to cover Guts and our hero is consumed with pain.

Berserk Manga 362 Release Date:

By now, we all know that Berserk doesn’t have a steady release. It hardly drops two chapters per year. That said, this year’s both chapters have been published. This month’s Young Animal has published the chapter too.

Berserk 362 will probably release in the second half of September. Young Animal is a bi-monthly magazine. Now there has been no talk of an official release date. But if the chapter drops, it will drop in September. If not, then it’s another hiatus for us.

Berserk 362 Spoilers:

This is where we will post the Spoilers for Berserk Manga 362. If they’re released in September, there will be leaks and releases before time. That is what we will try to find for you, so keep an eye on our site.

Discussion And Predictions

Last time, the Skull Knight hinted that Guts’ journey is coming to an end. But now we have a clearer idea about the future events. Let us get to it.

Let’s take a few pieces of information. Vol notes that a prophecy is coming true. Skull Knight is getting repaired. Guts is training to master his armor. Schierke and Farnese are training their magic.

Casca is recuperating. So Berserk 362 will show this Elfhelm arc being used to rest and train. By the end, the group will be stronger than ever.

Now, the Skull Knight said that causality is yet to converge. This means a new arc is coming. Guts will face a new challenge. We can guess that he will assist Skull Knight in some sort of mission. In fact, this mission can be very important for the world. Berserk Chapter 362 might shed light on it.

Right now, we believe Guts and Casca will be separated for a while. Casca might stay at Elfhelm to recover herself properly. In the meantime, Guts will leave for his task. Maybe this task involves Griffith. A meeting between the two will be phenomenal. Guts will probably ignore him since he decided to protect Casca and not seek revenge.

Berserk 362 will shed more light on these upcoming mysteries. The fact that Schierke is near Guts when he trains is a major help for him – she has dragged him back from death before., she protected Guts’ mind. Having her near, when mastering the armor can be very beneficial.

Lastly, we would like to point out a minor detail. We talked about Daemon and its possibility of being related to spirits and curses. And now we have Volvapa, someone who excels in that field. Berserk 362 might delve deeper into this detail and unravel surprises for us.

So this was our article on the upcoming Berserk chapter and also check our articles on Jujutsu Kaisen Anime and Solo Leveling Anime.

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