Vinland Saga Chapter 173 Spoilers & Release Date

Fans are very excited for Vinland Saga 173 because it brings us closer to the expedition that we all waited for, the expedition that made this story, possibly the ultimate journey. We will be discussing it in this article.

There have been disquiet in the fandom. Some followers are claiming that the new arc is bad and apparently, ‘Vinland Saga has become a shell of its former self’.

We assure you, this notion is absolutely false. The new arc has just started. If we consider the new arc to be a rocket, it is still on the launch pad; if it is a baby, it is still in the womb; if it is a flower, it has yet to bloom!

Vinland Saga Chapter 173

The possibilities are endless. What we have in front of us, how much we will see of Thorfinn, the future of Iceland and so, it is only known to the creators.

We believe this journey will be an absolute roller coaster and the challenges ahead will be endless. On the flip side, its success will definitely be worth the effort.

One Piece Manga 981 and Kingdom Chapter 642 will be releasing soon as well, and hopefully on the same day as the upcoming Vinland Chapter.

Vinland Saga 172 Recap:

Thorfinn is adamant about not bringing weapons to Vinland. The tattooed man, Eyvar, wants to join his group but he won’t part with his sword. According to Thorfinn, Vinland already has people living there, and they speak an unknown language. This will definitely create some friction between the two groups.

That is why, Eyvar plans to bring weapons. Even then, Thorfinn will not budge. He even admits on Eyvar’s questioning that the natives have stone weapons, as they have not discovered iron.

Evyar tells Thorfinn that the world needs balance. Without weapons, they will be at a disadvantage and the balance will cease to exist.

Thorfinn understands his point and even agrees to it. However, his decision to not bring swords will not be changed. Eyvar becomes exceedingly enraged and Thorfinn elucidates his standing to him.

Possession of a sword is like magic. It deceives men into wielding it, constantly poisoning their minds. Peace cannot be protected by a sword; whatever peace is achieved by fighting, it is not true peace.

One person drawing their sword, leads to a chain of drawing and eventually it leads to war, which is absolute hell. The cycle of hatred, vengeance and death continues – it is too hard to break. So, without weapons, the cycle will not be allowed to be born.

Vinland 173

Thorfinn further explains that if they get into conflict, he will try to solve it in other ways. Even he doesn’t know how to do that exactly, but he is willing to bet on the chance. Eyvar fails to accept this logic.

He sees that Thorfinn does not have any means of purging chaos. He deduces that Thorfinn is a naïve man, who is experimenting on his group.

Believing that the expedition is doomed, Eyvar decides to leave. However his followers Grangrati and Stork want to stay. They secretly wish to take over the group, after Thorfinn’s pacifist ways fall flat.

Hild is enraged at Thorfinn’s words. She dislikes how he blamed the sword for violence. She reminds Thorfinn that he must choose his words carefully, and bear responsibility for his past actions. If he ever slips up, she will execute him.

Gudrid doesn’t like Hild. She felt jealous of Hild’s expertise and resourcefulness. She also disliked how closely she followed Thorfinn. Gudrid embraced Thorfinn, as she would not let him get away, she won’t let another woman take him.

Vinland Saga Chapter 173 Spoilers:

Vinland Saga 173 spoilers will probably show Thorfinn demonstrating his skills in negotiation and his intellect. He might also show that he is physically capable of dominating strong men, even without weapons.

He needs to instill faith in his followers. After his talk with Eyvar, people might lose faith in him.

We believe, someone like Gudrid, or maybe Ylva will help Thorfinn rally his men. They will probably aid him. We might see Leif weighing in. This will probably boost their numbers and we might see how many people finally agree to this journey.

We believe, somewhere after Vinland Saga Chapter 173, Thorfinn will face the challenge of proving his ideals to his men. Maybe he will have to compromise, like abandon all weapons, but keep shields and armors for defense.

At this point, we need to see how many ships will leave for Vinland and how much of the preparation is complete. This voyage will need a lot of resources. It will be interesting to see how Thorfinn plans to fends of pirates if they do come across at sea.

Vinland Saga Chapter 173 Raw Scans:

Vinland Saga manga is made in Japanese and so the raw scans need to be translated. As soon as the raw scans are released, scanlators start translating them – translation, typesetting, cleaning, redrawing, proofreading – and within 30 hours, we get English versions.

These are the fan translations and are mostly found on Imgur and Reddit. The official scans of Vinland Saga 173 will be released along with the tankobon volumes. We are always working towards getting you the raw scans as soon as possible, so keep an eye on our site.

Chapter 173 Manga Release Date:

Manga Chapter 173 will release the raws in June 2020. The exact date is not known yet but we will keep you posted. Similarly, the translated version will be released within the next 2 days.

We do recommend buying the official volume when it is released, to support the creators and only read the chapter from official websites.

Fortunately, there is no long delay for the upcoming Vinland Chapter, unlike One Piece Episode 930 that got delayed.

Vinland Saga Premise:

Vinland Saga is a historical, seinen manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. It is published monthly by Kodansha, first in the Weekly Shonen Magazine and then moved to the seinen magazine Afternoon. It has a very successful anime adaptation, which was voted to be the Anime of the Year for 2019. Currently, it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Vinland Saga is based on Vikings. It primarily follows the journey of an Icelandic explorer Karlsefni Thorfinn, who followed the route of Leif Eriksson, another great explorer. The series also captures the rise and reign of King Cnut the Great.

After the assassination of his father Thors, a young Thorfinn became obsessed with revenge. He followed the killer Askeladd, who trained Thorfinn in warfare and in exchange, dueled him.

Their journey was tumultuous, filled with warfare. And on the battlefield, they met Prince Canute. What follows is history.

So this was our article on the upcoming Vinland Manga Chapter, let us know what you think in the comments below and also check our articles on Jujutsu Kaisen anime and Solo Leveling Manga.

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