[News] Solo Leveling Chapter 103 Delayed Due To Author’s Health Issues

Solo Leveling Chapter 103 has been delayed due to its author’s health issues and the chapter will be released next week. Chapter 103 was supposed to be released on 23rd January but now it has been delayed for a week and now will be released next week.

Solo Leveling just got intense and just when Jin-woo was about to get serious against the Ant king, the chapter goes on a one week break.

Jang Sun-rak has been working day and night not taking any breaks and giving us one of the best manhwa’s of all time and we appreciate it and that is why fans are hoping for him to recover and patiently waiting for the release of upcoming Solo Leveling chapter 103.

When all the hunters are in a disarray, Jin-Woo stepped up and showed the Ant king just who is the boss here. Everyone’s in surprise to see Jin-Woo going against the Ant king and we all know that they in for a hell of a surprise.

Solo Leveling Chapter 103

The news of break was first shared on Reddit and then shared around the Internet but still, some people waiting for the release of the chapter and that is why we are here with this article to let everyone know that Solo Leveling 103 is on break.

The new release date has been released and since the chapter has been delayed, the spoilers will be released next week as well. If you were excitedly waiting to read Solo Leveling 103, you should check out One Piece 969 and Black Clover 237 to pass the time.

Solo Leveling Chapter 103 New Release Date

The chapter was not released this week due to the author’s health issues and the new release date has been announced. The new release date has been announced, Solo Leveling Chapter 103 will be released on 27th January 2020.

The next chapter will have the intense battle between Jin-Woo and the Ant king and we hope that Jin-Woo ends the fight for good in the next chapter.

We will post more details regarding the upcoming chapter as soon as we get something new from the author. Till then, feel free to browse our site for more Manga news and Solo Leveling release dates.

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