Read Solo Leveling Chapter 99 Spoilers, Raw scans and Release Date

Solo leveling has become one of the most read manhwa worldwide. Today we are here with Solo Leveling chapter 99 spoilers, Solo Leveling 99 raw scans and release date.

Solo Leveling is soon going to cross the hundred chapter milestone and users are very excited as the Solo Leveling manhwa enters its best arc yet.

The Jeju island raid has finally begun with S rank hunters from Japan joining the south Korean hunters to take down the evolved ants.

Solo Leveling manhwa is loved by millions of people worldwide and there have been requests of turning it into an anime as well. Very rarely we get to see Manhwa’s turned into anime and that is why everyone is a little bit disappointed.

We have not heard anything about Solo Leveling anime release but we are hoping that some studio picks this piece of art and turn it into an anime soon. So today we are going to read Solo Leveling 99 spoilers and raw scans.

Solo Leveling Story So Far (Summary)

A weak D rank hunter, Sung Jin-woo, mysteriously gains the power of continuously leveling up and get stronger. This allows him to clear dungeons to get rare items and also helps him to cure an incurable disease that had bedridden his mom. After the strong s rank hunters learned of his powers, they tried to recruit him for their clan but he doesn’t accept their invitations.

During this time, several ants from Jeju island fly over to a town in Japan and kills civilians as well as hunters. This kicks off the 4th raid to Jeju island. Which brings several S rank hunters from Japan like Goto. Goto detects that Sung Jin Woo is not some ordinary hunter and they get into a fight where Jinwoo almost kills him

All the Japanese hunters arrive on Jeju Island and they completely obliterate the ants, while the Korean hunters go towards the queen. They kill the royal guards after some efforts. Now only the queen survives, at this point the viewership increases by 80%.

Solo Leveling Chapter 98 Summary

Towards the end of the fight as Choi Jongin and Baek Yoonho put finishing moves on her, she lets out a scream. A cry of desperate help. As if calling someone. Suddenly they all feel a strong presence amongst themselves.

Read Solo Leveling chapter 99 spoilers

The final boss arrives. Can the S rank hunters eliminate this threat or will they perish? We’re about to find it out in solo leveling chapter 99

Read Solo Leveling 99

Read Solo Leveling Chapter 99 Spoilers [Not Confirmed, Fan Theory]

Solo leveling chapter 99 spoilers have already flooded the internet forums but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. The next chapter is going to be intense and we have shared some spoilers from the Internet. We will update the confirmed Solo leveling spoilers as soon as they get released.

In solo leveling chapter 99, we will see the main boss of this arc, Beru, in his full glory. His reveal is sure to send shivers down your spine and get you hyped for an awesome fight. He is the strongest ant on the island.

The queen’s greatest creation, the best ever, who kills all his siblings to gain this power. Beru was a magical beast with tremendous power, high enough to one slash Goto Ryuji and all his clan members.

Solo Leveling Chapter 99

The fight between hunters and Beru is going to be intense and fans are very hyped about the chapter. In Solo Leveling chapter 99 we might see some hunters dying, firstly the S rank healer Min byung gyu. This is quite obvious because if you want to kill them you have to kill their healer first.

So in the Solo leveling 99, we will see the greatest ant giving even the strongest heroes a hard time. Beru is hailed as the ant king and we will finally get to see what an Ant king is capable of in terms of fighting capabilities when he goes full force.

Solo leveling chapter 99 release date:

The translated version of Solo Leveling chapter 99 will available online by 26 December.

Since Jaminisbox has stopped doing scanlations (We are not sure about Solo Leveling) check out Jaminisbox alternatives to read the upcoming Solo Leveling manhwa chapter 99.

Read Solo Leveling 99 Raw Scans Here (Soon)

Fans are excitedly waiting for the release of next Solo Leveling manhwa and can’t wait for the translated raw scans of the manhwa. Initially, the manhwa chapters are available in the Korean language which are then translated to English.

It takes some time to do the translations so the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter 99 raw scans might get delayed this week. We will update this article with the Solo leveling 99 raw scans as soon as they get released on the internet. So Stay tuned!

Raws Coming Tomorrow

So this was our article on Solo leveling chapter 99 spoilers, raw scans, and release date. Let us know what you think about this and if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to write in comments and we will try to reply as soon as possible and don’t forget to check our articles on Reddit One Piece fan theories and best sites to read one piece manga.

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