Read Dragon Ball Super 56 Spoilers, Raw Scans And Release Date

The fans are excitedly waiting to read Dragon Ball super 56 spoilers and know the release date and that is why we are here with Dragon Ball Super 56 raw scans and release date for the upcoming chapter.

The last Dragon Ball super manga was an absolute banger and now fans are excitedly waiting to see the fight between Moro and Goku. Vegeta will soon return from Yardrat and will have a substantial power boost for sure and will be much stronger than before.

Many speculate that Vegeta might now equal Goku even in his ultra-instinct form. Goku has been training as well to perfect his ultra instinct form and to use it at will so that he can defeat Moro in a 1vs1.

Dragon Ball Super 56

One shocking truth was revealed in the last chapter and we got to know that Merus is an angel and the brother of Whis. We got too much new information in the last chapter 55, so before going through the upcoming Dragon ball super chapter 56 spoilers let’s see what happened in the last chapter and how will it impact Dragon ball 56.

Dragon Ball Super 55 Recap And Summary

Dragon ball summary started with the conversation between the Grand priest and Whis where the Grand priest says that he is the one that sent Merus to universe 7 and got listed him in Galactic patrol.

Angels need to be impartial always and not choose sides and that is the only Angel law and if you break it then there are going to sever consequences. Merus is training Goku and if he goes any further in helping Goku defeat Moro then he will be taking sides and that will be like breaking Angel code.

Dragon Ball Super 56 Spoilers

Merus vs Goku is in full form and they are not fighting, just training. As Merus was about to go full power Whis comes and stops the fight and reminds Merus that angels cannot fight mortals at full power.

We all got to know that Moro now knows about Earth and intends to destroy earth in the upcoming days. The news reaches Vegeta’s ears and he is currently training with Yardrat’s to work on his spiritual power.

Vegeta is already stronger than before and in Dragon Ball Super manga 56 we will get to see his full power. The fight between Moro and Vegeta will be epic and we can’t wait.

Read Dragon Ball Super 56 Spoilers And Predictions

The next Dragon ball super chapter 56 will be all about Goku and Vegeta fighting Moro and his underlings. Vegeta will come back multiple times stronger and we hope that Goku will return with ultra instinct mastered.

Moro is at full power now and the Lord of the Lords has lost his sealing power and can’t seal Moro’s magic powers. Moro will fight at his max power vs Goku and Vegeta.

There are many questions going in fan’s minds as to how the fight will be and will Goku and Vegeta be able to defeat Moro or they will need help from Beerus or other entities.

Dragon Ball Super 56 Predictions

  • I think Goku will reach Earth first and wait for Moro.
  • Moro can reach first but he will not invade Earth until he knows Goku and Vegeta have arrived.
  • Goku will come with mastered ultra-instinct power.
  • Merus will try to help but due to Angel’s laws he will be watching from sidelines only.
  • Vegeta will have a new power or we can presume that he may have a whole new Avatar or form.
  • Vegeta will arrive late and resume the fight with Moro when Goku is wasted.
  • The Dragon ball super 56 will maybe one of the last chapters of this arc.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 56 Raw Scans

Dragon ball super manga 56 raw scans will be released soon in the English version. The chapter is originally in Japanese, so the English translations take time.

All the Shonen mangas are on break this week and they will be released on the same day next week. One Piece 968, Black Clover 236 will be released together with Dragon Ball Super 56 and fans are very excitedly waiting to read all these on the same day.

One Piece is on break and will resume next week and the raw scans for both these mangas will be available by 17th January 2020.

Dragon Ball Super 56 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super 56 will be released on 20th January and the raw scans will be available by 17th January 2020. You can read the Dragon ball super chapter on Viz or check sites to read One Piece, or you can also check these Jaiminisbox alternatives.

We will be updating this article daily and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write in comments and keep visiting for more latest Manga news.


When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56 get released?

Dragon ball super chapter 56 will be released on 20th January 2020 and you can read the chapter on Viz.

Where to read Dragon Ball Super manga 56?

You can read the upcoming Dragon ball super manga chapter 56 on Viz and Mangaplus.

When will Dragon ball super raw scans get released?

Dragon ball super 56 raw scans will be released on 17th January 2020 and the raw scans will be posted on the Reddit thread and here.

Who will win: Vegeta Vs Moro?

Moro is more powerful but no one knows how powerful Vegeta will be after returning from Yardrat. So we cannot say anything just yet.

Will Merus help Goku fight Moro?

Merus wants to but since he is an Angel he cannot take sides and thus cannot help Goku in the fight.

The Dragon Ball Super 58 will be releasing soon as well, so make sure to check it and also our article on sites to watch anime online.

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