One Piece Manga 981 Spoilers Released: Check Now!

One Piece Manga 981 spoilers have finally been released and we are here to share all of them with you here.

There was so much buzz around Kid punching Apoo to the ground and fans thought it must be over for Apoo but in the spoilers we got, it has been released that Apoo is alive and still standing strong.

The pre-spoilers have finally hit the Internet while the raw scans are still being translated. The full spoilers will be released when the raw scan translations will be complete.

For the One Piece 981, fans were eagerly waiting to know the conclusion for the Kid vs Apoo fight but we want to inform all our readers that something even bigger than that will be happening.

One Piece 981

New members will be joining the alliance and the spoilers have confirmed that the upcoming Chapter 981 will feature, Big Mom pirates, Beast Pirates and the Whitebeard pirates as well.

So as you all can hope, the upcoming chapter is going to be a big one where we see the crew of three Yonkos in Wano, and no one knows if Shanks and Blackbeard will be joining in.

If you are still confused by me mentioning the Whitebeard pirates, since the old whitebeard is dead, it’s Marco and the remnants arriving at Wano.

The official release date is coming closer and we can’t wait to read the full translated chapter, so until the official chapter is out, let’s focus on the spoilers.

As you all know One Piece Episode 930 has been delayed and no release date has been announced yet, but we think Toei will be releasing some news regarding One Piece anime soon.

One Piece Manga 981 Spoilers

Even though One Piece spoilers are not released till Thursday every week, this week is an exception and the spoilers got released early.

As we mentioned above, the full spoilers have not been released yet, so we will have to wait till Thursday for the full spoilers to be released.

So without wasting much time, let’s get on with One Piece Manga 981 Spoilers.

Apoo survives Kid’s punk gibson attack and Kid is pissed at Apoo for joining the beast pirates. Kid and Apoo continue their fight, while Killer reveals more information about how Apoo’s attack works.

One Piece Manga 981 Spoilers

It seems like Apoo’s attacks have a long range, they can reach any distance a sound can travel. So we can assume that Apoo’s attacks are sound based.

After the flying six were introduced, in the One Piece Chapter 981, finally one of the numbers will be revealed as well.

The name of the number is Hatcha and he has a weird laugh that sounds just like his name. Who’s who decides to head out and look for Yamato, nothing has been revealed on who Queen will fight.

Kinemon and his party are trying to invade Kaido’s castle and they try to pass by Black Maria’s castle un-noticed but somehow runs into Big mom.

Chopper and franky are nearby as well, Chopper is in a tank but somehow Big mom notices Chopper in the tank and their eyes meet.

We thought that the Big Mom pirates have already made up their way upstream and have arrived at the party but they are still stranded at the waterfall.

When they try to climb up again, Marco the phoenix of the whitbeard pirates is there to intercept them and stops them from climbing the mountains once again.

At the end of the chapter, we see Nekomamushi, Marco, and Izo. So we can safely assume that the Whitebeard pirates have arrived.

This is all we have for spoilers right now, the English raw scans are still not available yet and this is why we have half of the spoilers.

So what will happen next?

Will a fight break out between the whitebeard pirates and the big mom pirates? or Whitebeard pirates just move to Wano after knocking down Perospero and the team?

What about One Piece Chapter 982?

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming One Piece 982 but fortunately it has been announced that the upcoming Chapter will not be on break.

Finally after so many weeks, there will be a chapter next week without any breaks and we can’t wait for the raid to start.

More information about the Manga Chapter 981 will be published here soon, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on all our social media channels.

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