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Haikyuu’s last chapter was intense and we can’t wait to read the upcoming Haikyuu 383 raw scans and spoilers. We are sharing the upcoming spoilers and the official release date in this post.

With his last spike, Hinata has caught everyone’s eyes and now everyone is talking about Hinata. People all around the stadium are astonished by how high Hinata can jump and he is proving himself as a worthy member of the Jackals.

The match between Schweidan Alders and Black Jackals is picking its pace. Everyone’s warmed up now and ready to get into it.

The last Haikyuu Chapter 382 started with people praising Hinata for his quick and high jumps and now people have started comparing him with Ace strikers like Ushiwaja and Asahi from Karasuno.

Now it’s the time for Bokuto’s serve and he is exciting people with his clap serve. Bokuto and Hinata are the types of guys who get the whole audience on their side when they are playing. They make the whole arena cheer for them which results in their morale boost.

Bokuto serves but somehow the serve gets intercepted and raised up and now comes the lead Adler’s cannon Ushiwaka who uses his left to hit a straight shot past the blockers.

Haikyuu 383

Ushiwaka’s shot is fast and sharp and Inuaki is unable to raise the shot up and the point goes to Adlers. Adlers has Ushiwaka but Black Jackals also has Kiyoomi Sakusa.

Sakusa was the college MVP and he is here showing the full extent of his skills. Sakusa is able to hit fast and sharp just because of his unbelievable flexible wrists.

The chapter ends there but we all know there’s more to this fight. Kageyama and Shortie will be going against each other soon and that is when the real fight will begin.

All five on both the teams are real monsters and we all know how strong both the teams are. No one knows who will come on top in the game and that is why can’t stop waiting to read Haikyuu Chapter 383 spoilers

Haikyuu 383 has been released and now fans are waiting to read Haikyuu 384. We will be updating the article to include more information about the upcoming article soon.

Haikyuu 383 Spoilers And Predictions

Haikyuu Manga Chapter 383 spoilers are going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read the upcoming chapter and that is why we are here today with the spoilers and predictions for the next chapter.

The Spoilers for Haikyuu Chapter 383 will be out soon and we will be posting them as soon as they get released. The Haikyuu spoilers first appear on the Haikyuu subreddit.

Hinata will be showing his full potential in the next chapter and we might get to see how much Kageyama has improved as well. We have only seen one serve from Kageyama, we still have to see how much he has improved in receiving and spiking.

The match will be over soon and I know we all are rooting for Black Jackals as Hinata plays from that team.

The spoilers pics will be released here as soon as they get released. Till then check our articles on One Piece 971 and Solo Leveling 104.

Haikyuu Manga Chapter 383 Raw Scans English

Mangastream and Jaiminisbox scanlation teams have stopped working on Haikyuu as well as any other manga. It means that only third-party scanlation teams are doing translation for the upcoming chapter.

Haikyuu English raw scans will be released once the chapter has been scanned and translated from the Japanese version. We will share the raw scan images as soon as they get released online.

Where to read the upcoming official Haikyuu Chapter?

The official Haikyuu chapters get released on Viz and Mangaplus. You can download the Shonen Manga app to read Haikyuu Manga chapter.

[Major Update] – Due to Haruichi Furudate sensei suddenly falling ill, the chapter has been delayed. The Haikyuu Chapter 383 will now release on 16th February 2020.

What is the Official Haikyuu 383 Release Date?

The official release date of Haikyuu’s upcoming chapter was 9th February 2020 but now it will be released on 16th Feb.

Haikyuu 383 Spoilers Releasing Tomorrow

The time for the spoilers have arrived and soon we will be getting the Haikyuu 383 spoilers and we will see Hinata going against the duo of kageyama and Hoshiumi.

The fight is going to get intense from the next chapter with manga only focusing on the game and nothing else. We will add the official spoilers as soon as they get released. So stay tuned!

So this was our article on the upcoming Haikyuu Manga chapter, I can’t wait to read Haikyuu 383 just as you all and the spoilers and raw scans will be shared as soon as they get released and check out our articles on Black Clover and Kingdom Manga.

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