Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 266 Spoilers Releasing Soon

Today we will be discussing Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 266 spoilers, raw scans, and release date.

Fans are extremely excited by this hero vs villain war and can’t wait to see more of the Hawks vs Twice encounter.

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi is a Shonen manga serialized in Shieisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It follows the journey of Izuku Midoriya as he becomes the Nuber 1 Hero.

Midoriya, aka, Deku was born quirkless in a world full of quirks. Quirks are special abilities possessed by the people and they have varying strengths and weaknesses. Deku receives a new quirk from his idol and mentor All Might and enrolls in UA Academy to become a great Hero.

Currently, Deku is able to control upto 20% of his power One for All and also is rapidly gaining access to six new quirks. His power is a unique one, passed down from hero to hero for 6 generations. It is very closely related to All for One, the power of the series’ main Antagonist.

My Hero Academia 266

My Hero Academia is in the Paranormal Front Liberation Arc. The heroes are dominating the villains on multiple fronts and more fights are ensuing by the minute.

Before we start discussing the upcoming My Hero Academia manga Chapter 266 let’s have a short recap of the last chapter.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 265 Recap:

My Hero Academia 265: Villains and Heroes

Tokoyami, Suneater and a few other heroes assist Cementoss. They are working on blocking a path to the underground Santuary of the villains. Tokoyami is called because his quirk is very useful in darkness.

Suneater uses Centaur Chimera to defeat the villains outside the passage. In the dark passage, Tokoyami uses Dark Shadow to create a gigantic shadow called Ragnarok. Re Destro takes the full brunt of this attack but he’s defeated due to a leg dislocation.

Dark Shadow finds a hidden passage. The shadow has noticed Gigantomachia sitting in the path but Cementoss reassures that even though it is too strong it won’t attack without the boss’ order and the boss is not present.

Cementoss informs that all the intel has been provided by Hawks. Tokoyami remembers his time with Hawks, when he was mentored. Hawks had advised him on how to cover his weaknesses and amplify his offense. He wishes Hawks could see his improvement.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Hawks fights and easily cuts down the hoards of clones of Twice. Twice realizes Hawks is too strong and too fast. Hawks asks him to surrender once more just because Twice seems like a good person. However Twice doesn’t care and keeps attacking. He remembers how the league has been kind to him.

Not wanting to betray his friends, Twice charges in and Hawks cuts his real body down with ease. Hawks says that Twice is a villain with a strong will and that kind of villain always end up being a problem for the Heroes.

Just as Hawks tries to execute him, a giant flame attacks throws his away. Dabi arrives to Twice’s rescue. He has sneaked up on Hawks and injured him from behind, declaring that Hawks’ emotions nulled his senses.

This is where the last chapter ended and now we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia 266 spoilers and raw scans.

My Hero Academia Chapter 266 Release Date

The raws scans of My Hero Academia 266 will be available on 25 March 2020. We will upload them as soon as they are available. We will also make sure to upload any leaks of the manga so keep an eye on our site. Check out twitter and My Hero Academia subreddit for more leaks, spoilers and discussions about this topic.

Since its in Japanese, the raws have to be translated, typeset, redrawn and proofread before the English scans are out. This takes more than a day. We are expecting the fan translations for the chapter on March 27, 2020.

The links will be available mainly on reddit under ‘r/BokuNoHeroAcademia’. The official scans will be available on websites of Viz and Mangaplus. They will also arrive on the newly made Shonen Jump App, available on playstore and Appstore. My Hero Academia Chapter 266 official scans will arrive on March 29, 2020.

My Hero Academia 266 Spoilers and Predictions:

As predicted in an early article of ours, we got to see why Tokoyami is included in the frontlines. But the question remains, what is his real purpose? To block an escape route? To fight Redestro? To fight Gigantomachia?

We believe Tokoyami serves the purpose of capturing all underground villains since his power is amplified by darkness.

What has happened to ReDestro? We believe ReDestro is currently incapacitated and will be captured unless some healing type villain will help him. In all this chaos, he can escape but Cementoss is on him and it will be tough for him.

boku no hero academia chapter 266

We believe Gigantomachia has a huge role in this arc, when Shigaraki arrives. Some of the top tier Heroes will have to fight him, given his unsurmountable prowess. And it will have to be a Strength type hero to take him down because he is extremely durable.

Twice has been severely injured in My Hero Academia Chapter 265. It is improbable that he will fight further. Dabi will probably take him away and go to Shigaraki’s lab to get Doctor Garaki to heal him up.

The fate of Hawks hangs by a thread. He is tired from his fight with Twice and is extremely injured because Dabi sneaked up behind him. His glasses have been shattered and knowing Dabi, he will leave Hawks to die.

There is a huge chance that Hawks will die in this arc. Tokoyami has been searching for him and it depends on how fast they find Hawks. There are 4 routes now: Hawks is killed.

Hawks is left to die and he passes before Tokoymi arrives. Hawks is found nearly dead by Tokoyami and he succumbs to his injures before the medics arrive. Hawks is found nearly dead but he is saved by his peers.

There is always the chance of Hawks getting put and beating Dabi but it is not the probable option. He is weak to fire and Dabi probably burned all his feathers. It is unlike that Hawks can turn the table.

We believe in My Hero Academia Chapter 266 and following, Shigaraki will arrive soon and shift the tides of this giant war. We will also get to see different battlefronts and how each of them are being handled by our heroes. Deku has yet to make an appearance in this arc and all the fans are waiting for his arrival.

So this was our article on the upcoming Chapter 266 of Boku no Hero Academia chapter. The Boku no Hero Academia anime is going strong and if you are looking for sites to watch anime, check our list of best anime streaming websites.

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