Haikyuu 388 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 388 Release Date

This article will be all about Haikyuu 388 raw scans in English and Haikyuu Chapter 388 release date and spoilers.

The first set of Adlers vs Jackals is over and now the second set will be starting soon. All thanks to Hinata Shoyo, Jackals have won the first set without much difficulty and now their eyes are set on winning the second set of the game.

It’s a 2018-19 regular-season game of Men’s V League Division 1. Schweidan Adlers vs MSBY Black Jackals set 1 is over with the score of 25-20 in the favor of the Jackals.

The second set of the match will be starting soon and this time it will be Adlers who will go on the offensive.

Hinata Shoyo has been the cornerstone of all the attacks till now and the whole arena is applauding how Hinata has performed in the first set and even his old teammates are astonished by how far Hinata has come in terms of Volleyball skill and strength.

Haikyuu 388

Shoyo has completely dominated Adlers in the first half with his Spikes, Receives, Setting and Serves and it seems like he can do everything now.

Hinata’s training in Brazil has paid off at last and he has surpassed his past achievements and gained new strength. Hinata is now capable of going one vs one against Kageyama and not lose.

Kageyama has always been the one who liked winning and being handed defeat in the first set by his former teammate must have hurt Kageyama.

Kageyama is hell-bent on going on the offensive and is now calling it the turning back time. The last Haikyuu chapter 387 showed us flashbacks from Tobio Kageyama and how he came to love Volleyball.

Haikyuu has come a long way in the last few years and has become a mainstream name besides One Piece and Black Clover.

In the flashback of the last Haikyuu chapter, we see Tobio’s grandfather Kazuyo Kageyama and he was a coach for a girls volleyball team and he was the one who introduced Tobio to the Volleyball world.

We see flashbacks of Hinata in junior high, senior high and also his childhood memories on how he learned to serve and why he wanted to be a setter.

We all know Kageyama’s love for volleyball and we also know that Kageyama is not the one to take defeat lying down.

The next Haikyuu Chapter 388 will be all about Kageyama and the Adlers going on the offensive and taking a set back.

The second set will be very important for both the teams as it will decide if Jackals will be the winner or will Adlers make a come back.

Kageyama, Ushijima, and Romero will be the key players to look out for in this set and if Jackals want to hold them back again, Hinata needs to shine more and get some crucial points for the Jackals.

The upcoming Haikyuu 388 spoilers and raw scans will tell us more about what will be happening next in the second set and we will be talking about Haikyuu manga chapter 388 official release on Viz as well.

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Haikyuu 388 Spoilers Releasing Soon

Haikyuu Chapter 388 spoilers will be releasing soon and today we will be discussing what will happen in the chapter and when the spoilers will be released.

So the first set of the match is over and in Chapter 388 the second set of the match will be starting.

Kageyama will play to turn the game back by winning the second set with the help of Ushijima and Romero.

Haikyuu Chapter 388

It seems like we have seen the extent of Hinata’s full powers in the last few chapters and we already know what he can do in Volleyball. He can serve, hit, receive and even set for his teammates.

The fight between Kageyama and Shoyo will decide who will win the second set and this is why Kageyama somehow needs to beat Hinata in the second set of the game.

We like everyone are waiting for the release of Chapter 388 Haikyuu manga and we can’t wait for the spoilers to be released.

We will be sharing the links to the Haikyuu spoilers as soon as it gets released, so make sure to visit daily or the latest content.

Haikyuu Chapter 388 Raw Scans & Release Date

Haikyuu raw scans often get released around Friday and we believe this week the raw scans for Chapter 388 will be released on 27th March 2020, on the same day as Kimetsu no yaiba 200.

We will be sharing the links to the raw scans as soon as they get released. The Haikyuu English raw scans first appear on Reddit and then get circulated all over the web, so make sure to follow our subreddit.

What is the Haikyuu Chapter 388 official release date?

The upcoming Haikyuu 388 chapter will be officially released on 29th March 2020.

Where can we read the upcoming Haikyuu Manga Chapter?

You can read the upcoming chapter on Mangaplus and Viz official website.

Stay tuned for all our upcoming Haikyuu related news and make sure to check our articles on One Punch Man Season 3 and our list of best anime streaming websites.

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