Boku no My Hero Academia 274 Manga Chapter Spoilers & Raw Releasing Soon

My Hero Academia 274 Chapter spoilers and Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 274 raw scans are going to be released soon.

Shigaraki finally makes his move. Gigantomachia is in action, Toga has lost her mind after Twice’s death and is going all out against the heroes.

Shigaraki has given his ultimatum to destroy everything, and has summoned the league along with Machia. Along with Toga, Gigantomachia was seen going against Gang Orca and the rest of the heroes at Gunga Mountain Villa.

My Hero Academia 274

In the last panel, we see Endeavor approaching Shigaraki. So, the fight between the no. 1 hero and villain is about to begin? Who are you expecting to win? What will be the outcome for Endeavor?

Sadly, we will have to wait for some time before those questions are answered.

The Bnha 274 spoilers will reveal what will happen in the upcoming chapter, and fortunately the chapter has not been delayed.

One Piece Chapter 981 and Kingdom Chapter 642 will be releasing soon, so make sure to check them out as well.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 274 Raw Scans Releasing Soon

For now, we haven’t heard anything about the raw scans, so it is safe to say that they have not been released yet. The raw scans will be out by June 4.

It takes effort and time for the scanlations team to translate from Japanese. So, we will have to wait for some hours before the translations are out. But worry not, all details will be shared with you as soon as they are out, so stay tuned!!

My Hero Academia 274 Spoilers

If you are here before June 5th, then we regret to inform you that the Hero Academia 274 spoilers have not been released yet.

The spoilers usually get released after the raw scans get translated, and we can expect Bnha spoilers by Thursday this week.

While you wait for the spoilers to be released, check our predictions and we would like to inform you that if you are a One Piece fan, One Piece Episode 930 will be released soon.

Here’s all that can go down in the next chapter. Two coming battles can get panel time in the next chapter. One is the battle between Gigantomachia-Toga and the heroes. Other is the battle between Shigaraki and Endeavor.

Although we don’t expect the battle between Shigaraki and Endeavor to be shown so soon, because the inevitable fall of Endeavor will be a major point in the story.

The fall of current rank 1 will erase hope from the world, and will be Shigaraki’s announcement to the world of the coming destruction he will bring.

We don’t think Horikoshi-sensei would share that along with the battle of Toga and other heroes. So the next chapter would focus more on the battle between Toga and others.

Till now, we haven’t seen Toga lose her composure. We don’t know how threatening she can be now. Also, she is backed by Gigantomachia, who can’t wait to finish the heroes and get back to his new master, Shigaraki.

We don’t think Dabi and the rest of the league would jump in the fight for now. They might let Toga and Machia deal with the heroes.  

We could be seeing the demise of many pro-heroes in the next chapter, such as Gang Orca, Wash, and Cementoss. We could get to see some of Deku and the others meeting the hospital team.

What do you think will happen? How much damage will Toga cause? Will Dabi and Compress intervene?

All will be revealed in the My Hero Academia Chapter 274 spoilers and all will be shared here when released.

Shigaraki vs Endeavor: The Outcome

Come on, we all know that Endeavor is no match for Shigaraki. But what we still don’t know what the outcome will be of the match.

With All For One’s power, Shigaraki has become the ultimate overpowered boss character, like a video game. After his awakening, the first battle he gets to fight is with the no. 1 Hero.

He is going to break Endeavor as much as he can. Two scenarios might happen.

The first scenario would be using All For One’s power to take Endeavor’s quirk after defeating him. And using him as an example, let the world know that there is no hope.

The impact of this could be drastic. This would make Endeavor the fourth hero in the story so far to go quirkless. This seems to be the most brutal way to break Endeavor as well as the world’s hope.

Just imagine the world seeing live telecast of the no. 1 hero left powerless against Shigaraki. He would leave Endeavor alive to witness the world’s destruction, while he can’t do anything to stop it.  

The second scenario would be to defeat Endeavor and kill him in on live telecast. While, this scenario serves to Shigaraki’s motives. We could see the world losing hope, but Endeavor would die as a hero, which will only make him a martyr.

We believe Shigaraki would go with the first scenario. Break your enemy’s hope, and see a world in despair.

We don’t think other heroes such as Gran Torino and Eraser head would be able to help out Endeavor. Endeavor was the last to come out from the hospital, while others managed to escape quite early.

They might be seen meeting up with Deku and others. What are your thoughts about this fight? What approach do you think Shigaraki will use?

Bnha 274 Official Release Date

Thanks to the team working hard from the home, My Hero Academia is not going to be on the list of the delayed mangas.

The new My Hero Academia 274 chapter will be released on the coming Sunday, June 7. You can read it for free on the Viz official website and Shonen Jump official app and website.

To read interesting fan theories and discussions, you can follow the sub-Reddit ‘r/BokuNoHeroAcademia’. We will keep you updated with all the latest news on manga and anime on our website so stay tuned!

So this was our article on the spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 274.

What do you think will happen in the upcoming Bnha chapter? Let us know your theories in the comments down below.

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