[News] One Piece Manga 967 On Break This Week

Fans were eagerly waiting for One Piece manga 967 to be released but unfortunately, One Piece is on break this week because of new years and Japanese celebrations and we are here with the new release date of One Piece manga 967.

Last week, One Piece manga 966 was released and the fans went bonkers on the last chapter as we got to see glimpses of the epic fight between Roger pirates and Whitebeard pirates.

The last chapter exceeded our expectations and Oda gave us more than we asked for and it’s safe to say that we all are happy with whatever Oda gave us. In the last chapter, we saw Oden charging Roger pirates and initiating the fight and we all got to see kid Shanks and Buggy and it sure was a treat for our eyes.

One Piece Manga 967

We also got to see how Teach joined the Whitebeard pirates and how the rivalry between Shanks and Blackbeard started. Roger begging Whitebeard for Oden was great as well and at last, we saw Oden going on the journey to Laughtale with Roger and the crew.

We also saw how Roger reached Skypiea and Oden was the one who deciphered the Poneglyph. Oden transcribed Roger’s word on the poneglyph for the next generation and it was all very moving.

One Piece Chapter 967 Countdown

One Piece Manga 967 Release Date

So as we stated above, the One Piece 967 manga is on break this week and will be released on 5th January 2020 and then will go again on break for one week.

We will soon be releasing an article that will contain all the official One Piece 2020 manga release dates. Make sure you share this article with your friends so that they don’t start looking for One Piece chapter 967 this week.

Jaiminisbox last week announced that they have stopped scanlations and that is why we published a list of Jaiminisbox alternatives where you can read the next upcoming One Piece manga.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions and don’t forget to check our articles on sites to read One Piece and sites to watch One Piece episodes.

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