One Piece 966 Raw Scans, One Piece 966 Spoilers And Release Date

One Piece 966 raw scans and One Piece manga chapter 966 spoilers are going to be leaked online soon and we thought of as using this opportunity to share our views on what is going to happen in the next chapter and what can we expect from the second last chapter of this year.

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One Piece has been going on for over 20 years and it has been the most selling manga for over a decade now. No other manga is even close, One Piece is continuously breaking selling records all over the world.

One Piece manga 965 was released few days ago and we got to see Roger in action and at the end we saw Whitebeard’s ship anchoring the island and people are expecting a full on clash between Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard.

We all know that Roger and Whitebeard were eternal rivals and fought many times in the past and that is how Whitebeard got his scar. But we never got to see any of those fights as ODA keeps teasing us with flashbacks and never shows any good fights.

It seems like ODA is saving everything for last but according to the rumours we can see a Whitebeard Vs Roger fight in the next chapter. One Piece fans expect that Roger and Whitebeard will have a Davy back fight and thus Roger will get Oden on his side and they will start sailing in pursuit of “Raftel”.

One Piece 966 Raw Scans

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One Piece Manga 965 Manga Recap

One Piece 965 manga cleared a lots of doubts from people’s mind. We got to see who previously was the second division commander of the Whitebeard’s, how teach joined the crew and most of all, where Hiyori and Momonosuke were born.

One Piece 966

Lady toki revealed that her parents were from Wano but she had never been to Wano herself and always wanted to visit Wano in order to see her parent’s land.

Oden refuses to go to Wano again and Toki decides that she will stay with Oden. We got to see that Hiyori and Momonosuke were born on the sea and not in Wano.

Many people speculated that Momonosuke was born on sea but Hiyori was born when Oden visited Wano. But we got to see that Oden never visit Wano and Hiyori was born on the ship as well.

We also got to see that Daimyo Sukiyaki Kozuki is ill and on his deathbed and since Oden is not there he has appointed Korozumi Orochi as the temporary Daimyo of Wano.

Later we got to see that Whitebeard divided all his crew in five divisions and made Oden the second division commander.

Later we move on to Roger and he is seen getting pursued by the Marines and then we got see that Roger beat the marines and is dissapointed that Garp or Sengoku are not there.

Then Roger is told that Whitebeard’s ship is anchoring the same island and they get ready for confrontation. That’s when the chapter ends.

One Piece Manga 965 Raw Scans

One Piece 966 Spoilers For This Week

Many leaks are circulating all over the Internet and even Reddit One Piece has nothing new to offer. The One Piece manga 966 raw will be available on 19th December and till then we must wait.

We thought of sharing some speculated One Piece 966 spoilers from the Internet. The biggest spoiler for the next chapter is: Whitebeard Vs Roger Clash.

The details are still unclear as to what type of fight it will be and how it will end but one thing is sure that Roger will set sail with Oden. Which means Oden will bid goodbye to Whitebeard to go on the journey with Roger.

Many people speculate that it will be a davy back fight where members of Whitebeard pirates will go against Roger pirates. This will not be a full head on brawl, it will be a casual fight at most with Oden in the center.

We can also expect to see Teach vs Shanks and we will get to see how Shanks will get his eye scar. There are too many spoilers going on online but we will update this article when we get something concrete.

One Piece 966 Manga Chapter Release Date

The One Piece chapter 966 will be released on 21st December 2019 and we expect that the One Piece 966 raw scans will be available by December 19, 2019.

One Piece Manga 966 Raw Released Above!

One Piece upcoming manga chapters are first released in Japanese language which is then translated to various languages and then circulated over the web.

Check Above

You can expect the One piece scans in English by December 19th midnight and we will update them here as soon as they are released. You can also join the One Piece subreddit if you wish to read the upcoming One Piece chapter 966 raw scans and spoilers.

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