Kingdom 644 Spoilers & Kingdom Chapter 644 Raw Scans

Today we will be discussing the soon to be released Kingdom 644 spoilers and raw scans and also the official release date.

Fans are really excited as we are all facing a new war with new challenges. It will be on a different level as Shin is now a General. Everything will happen on a much grander scale!

Kingdom is wasting no time. The Zhao war finished only a few chapters ago and we are already seeing that another war is being set up. This shows the urgency of the situation.

By reducing the casual, lighthearted moments to extremely few chapters, the Author is showing us that Qin has no time to spare.

What will be the fate of RiBoku? By extension, what will be the fate of Zhao? Where will Qin attack next? How will Qin proceed towards Kantan if they do attack Zhao? Who will be the commander of this battle?

Kingdom 644

These are questions that Kingdom fans are asking and might be answered in Kingdom Chapter 644. Keep reading to find our answers to these.

Yasuhisa Hara is the writer and illustrator for Kingdom, a seinen war manga published in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

It provides a fictionalized account of the Warring States Period of China with General Li Xin (or Ri Shin) as the protagonist of the series. Currently, Studios Signpost and Pierrot are airing the third season of the Kingdom anime.

Right now Kingdom is in the process of transitioning between the Zhao Invasion arc and the new arc. With Kingdom Manga 644, we will be further immersed in the upcoming wars and know what the new story arc will be focused on.

Kingdom anime is still on break, just like One Piece Episode 930 and there is no update regarding when it will return.

Let’s do a recap of the last chapter.

Kingdom 643 Recap:

Chapter 643: Show of Resolve

Following Shin’s promotion, there was a great party at his mansion that went on for 3 days and 3 nights. But the time for indulgence did not last long. Shin being a General meant a new army for him with even greater numbers.

Hi Shin unit breakdown

General Shin had 10 thousand soldiers and his Lieutenant KyouKai had 5 thousand soldier, making the Hi Shin Unit, a 15 Thousand strong army. They spent their time battling and practicing for a while. After a month, ShouHeiKun sent them to Eastern Qin – Gyou for more warfare.

Along the way, BiHei realized that he is not ready to be a 100 man commander. He becomes nervous and starts acting out. He wants to be demoted to a 10 man leader! But then he realizes, Shin has become a General and is responsible for the lives of 15 thousand men.

They suddenly notice another similar sized army in front. It is the Gaku Ka unit. Shin meets up with Mouten and his new Lieutenant Aisen. They inform him that the Gyoko Hou unit has been mobilized as well. Together, they are a 35 thousand strong army and can wage war.

Shin is very happy about being General but his sights are already set at being one of the Great Generals of the Heavens. Mouten is torn between excitement and nervousness. He is constantly thinking about Zhao and Kantan. Since Zhao still has its armies, it continues to be a great threat to Qin.

To take Kantan, Qin will have to take Buan and Hango cities and it will be an extremely difficult ordeal. But with RiBoku imprisoned, the chance is great. Shin regrets the rumours of RiBoku’s execution as he wanted to defeat the man himself. But MouTen points out that executing him will save a lot of lives on both Qin and Zhao sides.

In Kantan, RiBoku’s supporters are trying to rescue him. ShunSuiJuu is leading the revolution; they are finding places where RiBoku could be imprisoned and are trying to free him. It is an open civil war against the State. But they are failing as all the places are turning out to be traps.

KaiNe gets injured at one of these traps – Hokuki Palace – laid by the King’s faction. But even though she is injured, she wants to move on to the next target – Tougo Palace.

Elsewhere, the King sits comfortably in his bath. His retainer KakuKai informs him how they are whittling down the rebels and how RiBoku will be executed soon. The Kings plans to do a public execution of RiBoku in Kantan as soon as possible. The fate of Zhao is hanging by a thread.

Kingdom 644 Spoilers & Predictions

Zhao is in the midst of another Civil War. We believe Kingdom Chapter 644 will dedicate some time to showing the fate of RiBoku and Zhao. With HouKen gone, Zhao only has 1 great general and that is RiBoku.

Pretty much all of Qin knows that RiBoku is the one who can actually put an end to the Unification of China.

So Zhao King eliminating RiBoku will be suicide for Zhao. Most people in Zhao know that and Qin is trying to exploit this. However, we believe the Zhao King will be overthrown and his son will become the new king. He is a sensible person who values RiBoku. So RiBoku will not be executed anytime soon.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 644 might also show us the newly formed Gyoko Hou unit and General OuHon. We will probably come to know what is ShouHeiKun’s new plan. We will get to see where Qin will attack next and who will be at the Helm of that battle. We believe General KanKi will be the one, but it can go in other directions.

Kingdom 644 might also take some time to show KyouKai and her new unit. Being a 5000 man Lietenant, she has great stature and maybe we will get to see her interactions with Ri Shin. Maybe we will get one of the beloved panels that captures the whole Hi Shin Unit of 15 thousand men.

Kingdom Manga 644 Release Date and Raw Scans:

Kingdom is a weekly manga. The raw scans of Kingdom 644 will likely release within 16th June, 2020. We will do our best to get these raw scans to you. Kingdom is a serious that is primarily read through scans. So we might not see an official release for it.

Kingdom Chapter 644 fan translated version will release within June 18, 2020. Fans mostly read it through the scans. Currently, Sense Scans are the primary translators.

There is a French official release though! You might want to check them out to support the creators.

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