Boruto Episode 106 English Subbed Release Date, Spoilers And Predictions

Boruto Episode 106 English Subbed is going to be released soon and in this article, we are going to talk about Boruto Episode 106 release date, predictions, and spoilers.

Boruto Episode 105 was released not too long ago and we got to see Miyuki visiting Orochimaru where they discuss various things. Miyuki visits Orochimaru and talks about the dreams he has been having and somehow he has gotten sick because of those dreams and because of this Orochimaru has agreed to analyze his brains and the dreams he’s been having.

Orochimaru dive into younger Miyuki’s mind with older Miyuki and they starting analyzing his dreams starting with when he first met Ohnoki. Miyuki is unsure of his will and talks with Ohnoki about this.

Boruto Episode 106

Then the whole flashbacks are shown where he is taken to Village of stone and the whole story unfolds, how he meets Kuu and confronts and defeat him in the battle and then all they return to Konoha.

Miyuki is still unsure about his will and Orochimaru thinks he should erase Miyuki’s memory but then leaves the decision to Miyuki himself. Miyuki refuses and the episode ends there and now people are eagerly waiting for Boruto Episode 106 English Subbed where they can see what happens after Miyuki returns back to Boruto and Sarada.

Boruto Episode 106 English Subbed Release Date

Boruto Episode 106 Eng Sub-release or air date is May 12, 2019. The episodes are released with Japanese audio only but then after those episodes are subbed by people online and they are released on various anime streaming websites where you can watch the English Subbed or Indo subbed version of those episodes.

Boruto Episode 106 Predictions And Spoilers

The Name of the Boruto Episode 106 is “The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission” and from the name, it seems that team 7 will be going on their first S-Rank mission with Konohamaru.

None of us knew what will be happening in the next Episode of Boruto but we think that mission will be in the Village of Mist. Team 7 will be given a mission to transport Ninja scrolls but like everytime, the job will turn for the worse and will turn into an S-Rank mission.

We are all excited and waiting for the Boruto Episode 106 English Subbed and we have included links to sites where you can watch the latest anime online so make sure you go and check that article.

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