Boruto Chapter 47 Spoilers, Boruto Manga 47 Raw Scans Release Date

The Boruto Chapter 47 Spoilers and translated raw scans are going to be released soon and fans can’t wait to read what happens next.

When we thought, we couldn’t get more surprised, Boruto manga did it again. The latest chapter 46 has left fans in awe. Jigen’s origin and revelation about the new threat have set a new space for fans to assume, what could possibly happen next?

The latest chapter Zenith was Isshiki and truth about the Karma. We also witnessed a glimpse of the brawl between Kashin Koji and Jigen. The chapter classified Karma as ohtsutsuki compressed file and brings light upon boruto’s grimy fate and destiny he share with Kawaki.

Boruto Chapter 47

How will naruto save both kawaki and Boruto? Is fashion koji jiraya or a clone. Who will end up being victorious in the battle between Kashin koji and Jigen?

Here, today we will discuss all the questions above, possible predictions, release date and upcoming spoiler on chapter 47.

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Boruto Manga Chapter 46 Recap

The chapter was titled “True Identity” and began with Koji and Jigen having their small talk, while other Konoha members are confused and surprised over their brawl. Amado explains that both of them were playing members and their true motive was to take down Jigen.

Next, Jigen mock Koji and mentions that he is nothing more than a tool used by Amado,  to which he responds that he’s fine with it as that’s what shinobi are. Both Jigen and Koji crosses blows with each other.

After witnessing the fight, Naruto believes, the fighting style of Koji was similar. In the end, Jigen says that it seemed Koji was serious about turning against him and mentioned that he hoped, he is prepared to die. Kashin replies as “That’s My Line, Lord Jigen” and calls him by a peculiar name Isshiki Ohtsutsuki.

The moment they heard about Isshiki, Naruto and others are waffled. Later, Amado clarifies that, Isshiki is Jigen’s True identity. As he came on earth long ago, along with Kaguya-with their objective to plant the divine tree but Kaguya suddenly turned against him.

She caught Isshiki and damage him to be on verge of death, but unfortunately, he manages to take over a novice monk, and the monk itself was Jigen.

Later Amado remarks that, first he needs Naruto’s response on whether they will give him asylum or not. He says, he’s versed with laws and reminds about Naruto’s authority.  

Primarily, he demands the decision to be in writing. Naruto agrees mentions that paperwork has to wait. Soon, Amado mentions about Truth behind karma.

He with Boruto’s example explains that during the battle Momoshiki, converted himself into data and implanted that into Boruto’s body. He then calls Karma as a highly compressed Ohtsutsuki backup file.

The compressed file slowly extracts over time and when the extraction is complete, Boruto’s body will be overwritten by Momoshiki’s data and he himself will cease to exist.

This leaves everyone surprised, Naruto questions on how could they stop the process or save Boruto. While Amado replies there isn’t a way, other than killing Boruto right now.

Sasuke puts another question on the table over what happens to the Karma and after extraction, Amado explains that Karma disappear right after the process is completed.

Sasuke then, in turn, using above statement asks how Jigen have karma, even after Ohtsutsuki Isshiki took over, Amado laughs in response and later explain that Isshiki did take over, but it was not using as Karma.

As He was weakened to the point, Karma implant was pretty undertaking, He took over Jigen through his secret Jutsu ‘Suikana Hikona’ and with that shrink body, infiltrated Jigen’s body through the ear. Eventually, he came to control Jigen’s brain and embedded Karma to be reborn in True form.

Naruto then asks why Isshiki have not reborn until now. Amado mentions that it was due to inefficiency of the vessel, as Jigen could not handle the vast amount of chakra. Thus Jigen began preparing a new Vessel. Naruto comments that the new vessel is kawaki.

At last, Both Jigen and Koji prevail their fight. Koji traps Jigen and with his summoning, summons real flames and tries to ravage him. While Amado states that Isshiki should not reborn within kawaki, as he’s powerful and they wouldn’t be able to stop him.

In the last panel, he mentions that it’s not like impossible, that he will teach them, how to kill an Ohtsutsuki and we can’t wait for the Boruto 47 release.

Boruto Chapter 47 Spoilers & Predictions

As for now, there are no spoilers available for Boruto manga Chapter 47. The spoilers and raw scans both will be available prior to 2-3 days of set official release date i.e. 15-17 June, 2020. We will update you as soon as they drop.

The previous chapter focused on Isshiki and karma. The revelations have open doors to many theories and predictions.let’s discuss some common predictions, that may turn out to be true in the next chapter

Amado elucidates about his statement

Amado in the last panel mentioned about how to kill an ohtsutsuki. It’s possible we might have much more classification on the statement. It’s possible, Amado through Isshiki, is awarded about an important weakness of ohtsutsuki.

Ohtsutsuki has emerged as inevitable creatures, who even after death, have devised a way to reborn again and become stronger.

It’s possible, as the series tends to highlight the use of technology, the weakness could be a scientific weapon that could probably kill them. We will get more clarification, once the chapter comes out.

The conclusion to the big battle between Kashin koji and jigen.

Koji has already exhibited, his brilliance and strength, in his battle against Jigen(Isshiki) itself. The battle may end up with a conclusion in the next chapter, it is likely that either koji will die or he would escape Jigen’s clutches.

He has proven himself and even devised ways to trouble the mighty Jigen. But it’s probably too soon for Jigen to lose, he may get help from boro in the end. Though, it’s highly possible that in the next chapter the battle will reach a conclusion.

Kashin koji’s real identity

who is Kashin Koji? This thing has been in mind for a long time. Many believe it’s Jiraya while many don’t. It’s unlikely to confirm before the chapter drops, one aspect that’s substantiated is him not being human.

He himself has quoted hints on several instances, which prove he is not human and probably is a cyborg. It could be possible the cyborg was made in accordance with Jiraiya’s data, that would explain why they have lots of similarities.  

He remarks that he is a creation- in turn, a man-made element, which gets solid when Jigen calls him a tool used by Amado. So likely its possible Amado might have created him.

Naruto figuring out Koji and Jiraya’s link

In the previous chapter, naruto witnessed Koji fighting style and Jutsu which rang a bell in his mind. It’s possible, that he also might have realised, that the abilities and style belongs to Jiraya.

Kashin Koji is Jiraya

Jiraya was naruto’s sensei- he was the closest character to him and knew about him more than others. It would be tremendous to see, what type of reaction will naruto bear, when theory and predictions come out to be true.

It’s possible that Amado might have used Jiraya’s data, genes as a base to create Kashin Koji or there are theories circulating of Amado retrieving Jiraya’s body and reengineering him, so maybe Kashin Koji is Jiraya for sure.

Boruto 47 Manga Chapter release date and where to read

Boruto Chapter 47 is scheduled to be released on June 18, 2020. Though many mangas were on break or chapters were re-scheduled due to the Corona Pandemic. It doesn’t seem Chapter 47 will be affected and will be out on the Scheduled date.

You can read the official translation of the chapter on the viz official website or shonen jump app which is available on the play store.

If you have any possible theory regarding this or any boruto theory in general, feel free to comment below.

As we all know Boruto Episode 155 has been delayed together with One Piece Episode 930, and no future release dates have been announced.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the anime to return and we will keep you updated if we get any news regarding that.

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