Kashin Koji is Jiraya? – Jigen vs Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji is Jiraya? This is the question going on in many people’s mind right now as the Jigen vs Kashin Koji fight draws near.

From Boruto Chapter 46, the inevitable fight between the top two of the Kara will start and we will finally get to see which of them is stronger, even when we already know.

So coming back to our main point of discussion, fans seem to believe that Jiraya is Kashin Koji and there are many hints in the manga that point to that.

But is that true? Did Amado somehow retreive Jiraya’s body and re-engineer it to develop into Kashin Koji?

Kashin Koji is Jiraya

Recently a Youtuber named “Forneverworld” made a video on this topic on detail and we will be sharing the video at the end of the article, so make sure to check that.

Well, if we really take a second to think about it, there are many things hinting at Kashin Koji being Jiraya and we will be discussing them today in this article below.

Everything from Kashin’s physique to his powers hint at him being Jiraya or say re-enginnered form of Jiraya.

Many manga titles have been delayed because of the Corona Pandemic, but forutunately Boruto manga is not one of them. The chapter will be getting released on 20th of every month.

Boruto anime, on the other hand, have gone on an indefinite hiatus with no signs of returning any time soon. The Boruto Episode 155 has been delayed just like One Piece Episode 930 and we hope they get aired soon.

So let’s get started.

Kashin Koji’s powers are very similar to Jiraya

We all know that Kashin Koji is a former ninja and he believes that his fate his somehow linked to the Konoha village.

Just like Jiraya, Kashin is able to summon huge toads and even has the ability to form a rasengan.

Only few people in the history of Naruto has been able to master Rasengan, so how is Kashin Koji able to master and use it in battle?

Kashin Koji is Jiraya

Only Minato, Jiraya, Naruto, Boruto, Kakashi, and Konohamaru have been able to use this Jutsu in the past, so someone like Kashin Koji a cyborg using it makes no sense.

There is a chance that Kashin Koji might be using Ninja tools to wield a might jutsu such as the rasengan, but nothing explains him summoning a toad.

For summoning Jutsu you need to make a pact with the animal and not many people alive use the Toad summoning in the Naruto or say Boruto universe.

So even if it’s Jiraya, how did Amado get his body from deep underwater? We thought it was impossible right?

Well, Amado could have used other cyborgs to retreive Jiraya’s body and made him a cyborg that has machines all over the body. I don’t know how Amado was able to give him consciousness but as we all know, anything is possible in anime.

Did Jiraya even die? We never got to see his body and in anime unless you get to see the body, you cannot assume that the person has died for sure.

Just like Obito, Jiraya must have survived and this might be the reason his body was not found and told impossible to retrieve from the deep water and thus no need of reviving him or giving him an conscious.

So Jigen vs Kashin Koji fight has finally started in Boruto Chapter 45 and the fight is being live telecasted by the Toad available there.

Naruto is watching the fight and if Kashin Koji really is Jiraya, then Naruto will be the first to know it. By the way Kashin will fight will surely hint Naruto on him being his teacher Jiraya.

Who will win: Jigen vs Kashin Koji

So the fight between two of the most strongest people in Kara has started and fans are eagerly waiting to know who will come out as the victor in this fight.

Jigen vs Kashin Koji

Kashin is undoubtedly strong but we all know that Jigen is going to be the last villian of this arc. Jigen has access to the ten tails power and him being a vessel to the Otsutsuki gives him immense strength.

I think Jigen will be the last man standing and at the last moments of the fight Sasuke and Naruto will enter to finish off the injured Jigen.

So, what do you think? Kashin Koji is Jiraya or not? If yes then why do you think so and if not then why?

Personally, I don’t think Kashin Koji is Jiraya. He sure has the physical traits just like Jiraya, like his body shape, his silver hair, and his matching powers, but I don’t think Koji is Jiraya.

Anything can happen in manga and anime, that is why only the upcoming chapters will tell us if Kasin Koji really is Jiraya.

We keep sharing theories like this on our site, so stay tuned and read our theory on Luffy vs Kaido as well.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check our articles on One Piece and Black Clover while you wait for the upcoming Boruto chapters.

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